PS4 and Playstation Release Dates

The PS4 was released on November 15, 2013 in the US. Global release dates listed below:

Playstation Release Dates

PS1 - Released December 3, 1994 - Sold 102.49 million units
PS2 - Released March 4, 2000 - Sold 155 million units
PS3 - Released November 11, 2006 - Sold over 80 million units
PS4 - Released November 15, 2013 - Millions and counting
PS4 Pro Release Date
PS5 - Release Date! - (The PS5 is confirmed and in development)

Japan PS4 Release
February 22, 2014
The PS4 was deleayed in Japan, Sony cited the lack of Japan-oriented games available in November as the reason.

Philippines & Thailand
January 14, 2014

January 9, 2014

January 6, 2014

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea.
December 17, 2013

Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and South Africa
December 13, 2013

Europe, Latin America, Australia
November 29, 2013

United States
November 15, 2013

Other Regions

Release Date History

Both the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2, which dominated their generations of the console wars, came to market at the same time or earlier than their competition. The PlayStation 1 was launched just after the Sega Saturn, and well before the Nintendo 64, while the PlayStation 2 was released before both the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube.

This enabled Sony to get a head start on the competition and gave developers time to build their skills at developing games for the console, to the point that even as more powerful consoles came after, games released on the older system were just as good technically, providing no real incentive for players to move to the new consoles.

This same effect has worked against the PlayStation 3 to some extent, as though considered to be far more powerful than the Xbox 360, the one year head start the 360 received has allowed developers to more quickly maximize the system's potential, resulting in games that rivaled games on the PS3 when it released. Only as the system's life spans come to an end will we likely see the PlayStation 3 come out with games that clearly trump what the 360 can do graphically.

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PlayStation 4 set for Holiday 2013 Release
(On February 20th 2013 at 6PM EST) Sony officially announced the Playstation 4 to the cheer of millions of gamer's worldwide. The PS4 news conference was packed with features, games and more about the PS4. Most importantly it ended with one very important message "Holiday 2013". Start saving money now (See PS4 Price), the PS4 is coming!

Playstation 4 Release Date News

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Happy Fans Receiving their PS4's

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Older Release Date PS4 News

August 20th - Official PS4 Release Date Announcement:
On August 20th, 2013 @ Gamescom Sony announced the official PS4 Release Date which is November 15th, 2013 in the United States and November 29th, 2013 in Europe! Gamers around the world rejoiced! What do you think, post your comments below.

August 5th, 2013 Update - Will the PS4 Release In December 2013?
According to BT, yes! The website is claiming to have the inside scoop on the PlayStation 4 release date, claiming that the system will land on:

December 13th, 2013
BT claims that after a Toys R Us website listing in the UK announced this date, a customer service representative for the company confirmed this date with them personally.

But slow down: BT has now contacted the leading toy retailer a second time only to hear that the release date is in fact not official, only that it's the company's best guess.

What do you think? December 2013? Earlier? Let us know in the comments!

June 20th, 2013 Update - Our Best Release Date Guess
E3 2013 has come and gone and while we now know pretty much all the PlayStation 4's technical specifications, the look of the system, the cost, and most of the games, we still don't know the most important part: the release date, or do we?

A photo has appeared, courtesy of NeoGAF User Cyborg, that shows signage from a Media Markt store in Amsterdam, Netherlands with an actual release date printed on it: November 13, 2013. Could we see the system hit the United States at around the same time as Europe? Possibly! This date, or anything close to it, would seem to make sense as it puts the release date before the infamous "Black Friday" (November 29th), which is the busiest day of the year for retail stores, and is followed by "Cyber Monday" (December 2nd), the busiest day of the year for online stores.

Even though the system is available to preorder, an official announcement about the release date still eludes us. What is Sony waiting for?

We at PS4 Experts have had enough of waiting so here is our own idea of when the release is happening: late October / early November.

We already know that Watch Dogs will be available at the system's launch, and the game officially comes out November 19th, 2013 for past generation systems. Expect to see the PS4 a few weeks before this date, possibly at the end of October. We are all looking forward to when the PS4 comes out, our gaming lives will be changed forever!

Better start saving up now!

April 30th, 2013 Update -- More Rumors Point To October 2013

First the Assassin's Creed IV team, now Naughty Dog possibly spills the beans in regards to an October 2013 release date.

Unlike Jean Guesdon, who was direct in his approach, Naughty Dog takes a different approach by what could be a subtle reference to the PS4 release date. This hint is found in their newest game The Last Of Us, one of the last titles to be released for the PlayStation 3.

In a recent trailer for the game, Joel and Ellie come across a sign that states "Mandatory Evacuation Notice: 10/17/2013." While many might think this was just a date chosen at random, could this in fact be Naughty Dog releasing the PS4 date in secret to its fans? After all, Naughty Dog is one of Sony's top developers so it's likely they are privy to such knowledge.

We've put the image below for your viewing pleasure! Let us know in the comments if you think this date is for real or just a joke by Naughty Dog.

PS4 Release Date

April 5th, 2013 Update -- PlayStation 4 In October 2013?
According to British newspaper The Sun, the PlayStation 4 could be out sooner than we all think.

Our first clue for an October 2013 release date was from members of the Assassin's Creed IV team, namely Jean Guesdon, who stated that the game will ship out on the PS4 at the same time as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions: November 1st. This infers the system would need to be out before the game releases. However, The Sun claims to have heard from Sony CEO Andrew House himself that the system will definitely be hitting in October for 300 pounds, which translates to $450 -- another number we've heard come up again and again in regards to price.

Keep in mind that The Sun wasn't directly quoting Andrew House, only that he had made these comments to them. There is always the possibility of The Sun interpreting broad statements House made or misinterpreting the information altogether (or, to be a bit more cynical, fabricating data to sell papers), so we'll still have to wait for an official Sony statement for the actual release date.

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Bull shit

guess you haven't heard . Gears of War 3 will be released on xbox360,ps3 and PC , and Bungie are developing 2 ps3 titles at the moment , one of which is a FPS which hasn't been named yet , Halo's days are numbered.

Yeah bungie is out of contract with Micro.

Yeah microsoft has lost its hold on Bungie. Their 10 year contract is up and that allows Halo or any Bungie game to be put on all or any console made so you are right and that other guy is totally wrong they cant be sue'd or liad or whatever he is on about XD

who cares about halo

I've played it so much i've gotten worse at it because i's so boring. the reach beta wasn't even fun. ps3 rules.

Microsoft owns Halo, what

Microsoft owns Halo, what Bungie are developing now is with Activision, Microsoft will keep making Halo games with 343 studios after Bungie finishes Reach.

ps 1+ps2=ps3=ps4

are you saying that the ps3 is just the ps1 and ps2 put together, and that the ps4 is going to be the same idk but it just doesnt make sense to me that you would say that


what i like about playstations is their survivabillity ive had my ps2 for years now it's still brand new working fine and my ps3 is just a few months old and those with xboxes has it for 3 months then it's broken playstations ftw

playstation Rock

keep doing call of duty games and devilMay cry thing and metal gear and other games that is fun and dont forget lord of the ring but not coneqest a stratgy one ^^ hope u like it ps u rock keep the good work keep the good games remove some loseing game that is looked silly ^^ and try lowing the prices of the CDs they all very epensive and the one with the map have more mony why becouse it has new featuer put the maps for free u just want mony mony just try listing to the player comment u may get improve ^^ and more ppl buy ps thing :D


ok, ps3 is the best system in the world idc who likes Xbox BC the suck a huge monster penis

Insider leak , hope i don't get sue'd ....

PS4 -9Ghz single cell processor 5 x secondary processors 4.5Ghz -6GB core graphics cards 3GBx3 secondary graphics cards upto 5878 HyperMemory each, intel make -9.1 surround sound -50-80TB hardrives , 1 extra slot -30TB 3D Holo High Definition Generic DISK -Full motion controllers ,wireless,solar powered/hyrogen hybrid cell rechargable batteries -Support for 3D 4.3 High Definition QuadISK Imaging TV's -Wireless Boardband ,supports upto 250 mb's fibrewire Support for future processor and graphics cards upgrades under intel and sony brand name Free online gaming ,with a online currrency that can be earned by gaming achievements or bought using credit card or gift card transactions. Intergrated Voice chat and HD web cam into the controllers with a optional headset Online Gaming Leagues subscription based Improved Community Support Region Free software support Global Annoucement 2011 E3Conference , Window of Release 11.12.2012-7.5.2013


Nice fantasy, but that's all most of that is. Come on, 80 TB HD? 9 gig processor? 30 TB discs? I don't think so...


ok. I love my ps3. but the person who posted this is a douche. why would anyone ever run a 9ghz SINGLE CORE. the Xbox360 has a triple core. and the current PS3 processor is the Cell 9 processor CPU. Having anything over a tb for a HDD would be expensive and unecessary, also considering Sony would probably switch to SSD. Nobody has 9.1 surround sound. With current video card companies competing, mainly Nvidia and ATI, the PS4 would likely have one of those, not Intel. SO basically most of what you said makes you a douche.


ahahahha, yeh they do =)

xbox 720 VS ps4

ps4 sucks , xbox 720 will be better than ps4

heck no

the ps4 might be ur servent :D


actually i know for fact that with dantes inferno you can play your own music with the game, and during animated cut scenes it will pause it and start back up when you continue playing. now i do wish that you could do that with all games, it gives the consumer more of an opinion or choice if you will. i like the consepts that sony has came up with for the ps4 i like it alot. the 720 looks like a f 'ed up pair of reebok sneekers. lol. GO SONY

ps4 release date

i do hope it comes out soon. i want iy soooooo bad!!!


I want to see some REAL pictures of the New PS4 as soon as possible!

360 can suk on ps3

y ppl say the 360 is so much better than the ps3...well the only thing that the 360 is better than ps3 is just the price different. in all ps is always better than xbox. it has a better control, cums wireless with its own battery pack, not that xbox dont have it but u have to buy all that stuff for the xbox witch sucks ass. and for network ply. ps rocks cuz u dont have to pay for it. if u have internet its free and for xbox u still have to pay for online gaming even if u got internet already....but yea u get the idea PS3 will dominate and 360 will always suck

Two things Microsoft has over

Two things Microsoft has over Sony: Price, and an intelligent, literate, consumer base.

go ps3

when u look at it though, a ps3 is much less expensive cuz with an xbox u have 2 pay 4 batteries 4 da controller, and online, and repairs (like RROD), and new controllers when u get mad cuz u realize u should've gotten a ps3 and throw them at the tv

ps3 all dai

360 will always suck no matter what ps3 is the better system.

Oh please...

Don't try starting a console war :P 360 = Good FPS-console Ps3 = RPG-console It's as simple as that... Don't hate Xbox. Love them both :D


>.< wtf do xbox losers come on a ps forum to say "huuuhhh xbox owns ps3 sux" i guess they hav loads of spare time on their hands with all the RROD they get xD honestly though PS4 will only make an appearance when they market starts to dwindle on the current generation of games, i reckon it will have a built in optional 3D mode for all of its games movies xmb so sony will probs hold back on it till more people can afford full 3D tvs so the market has to catch up with the advances in tech before sony push the limits again look at hd tv's before ps3 and xbox they were expensive as hell and months after ps3 release we see 50inch 63 inch tvs for less than 500gpb so im reckoning when they dev cheap parts for 3d we will see next gen consoles and any projexted dates atm for 2010 are just bs or wishful thinking id say even 2011 is to early




is the PS3 worth the money or should just save up my money to buy a cell phone instead pleeese respond...

Its awsome!!!!

buy buy buy!!! Phones are for made for calling not playin :D YAAA

the ps3 is the best 2 choose

the ps3 is the best 2 choose of course cause it has more feature than a cell phone!!


i personally think u should go 4 the ps3 because even though u can't carry it everywhere, ive had mine for 2 years and its good as new, the only problem i ever have is freezing, which happens maybe 1 time every 3 months. a ps3 is als much stronger than say, an i phone, and the playstation move is coming out soon which will give u more of a workout than turning ur phone upside down


Ps3 is definitely worth the money, With blue ray, free online and the playstation store, ITS AMAZING! But , if you want a cellphone, you could always buy one of those. Besides, you cant play MODERN WARFARE 2 ON A PHONE!


i myself have a ps3 and a 360... there are both pros and cons to each console... 360 has less lag on their online play im sorry to say... while ps3 has slightly sharper detail in graphics... ps3 is also a much better entertainment system all-round, which can also play blu-ray dvds while 360 cannot... 360 also has some much more renowned titles such as halo and gears of war... the top 360 model sells at RRP $399 whilke ps3 slim is RRP $449... Over all i think the ps3 wins for its value for money :) ... dont get me wrong xbox fans... i still love you console

Yay :D

Yay a P-box (Play'station'-box) lover :D

Im Just Saying...

why be worry about the ps4? enjoy your ps3 know! have fun, twick on it... about xjunk 360... well microshiit is a failure.... ppl when is gona be enogh .... windows suck, bill gates is rip us off all the time with virus, patches, and all that shit.... xjunk users pay if they wanna play online... thats for retards.... fuk that!! use ur braine... and get a PLAYSTATION 3 (SONY)... DUMBASSES!!! ATTE. BILL GATES!!!


You couldnt spell, if your life depended on it :)

Im Just Saying... response

#1If you're going to rant about the xbox and bill gates, use correct spelling for christ sake. You sound like a thirteen year old... #2 Don't rant unless you actually have some real facts, instead of just bitching. #3 I'm not a Microsoft fanboy, so if you start that crap, don't even try. #4 PS3 is almost the same compared to the Xbox360, but the xbox has more features, including game room, avatars, facebook, the music thing, and all around better games. The PS3 only has Blue Ray, home, internet browsing and some mildly fun games. #5 Microsoft is a legidimate company, and so is Sony

and your saying he cant spell? LOL

its spelled legitimate not legidimate ! geez..........PS3 RULES!! oh and mildly entertaining games what are your retarded? GOD OF FRIGGIN WAR 3 NUMB NUTS!!

PS3 has facebook too..and

PS3 has facebook too..and it's 200times better, why? BECAUSE WE CAN ACTUALLY USE FB as of the 360, all they can do is look at status updates, and do status updates, they can't msg, or comment on anything except post an update ps3>360..why you ask? ps3 has porn

Got that right

Got that right

Actually ;P

Actually, if you're able to use a computer... Why use FB on Xbox or Ps3? The internet features on Ps3 sucks and the FB application for Xbox is just a waste of time. USE A COMPUTER INSTEAD OF STARTING CONSOLE WARS D:

Good point, but...

Hey, that's offensive, I'm thirteen and I don't type like that. >:/

own both

i unfortunately own both a ps3 and a xbox 360 and must say i regret buying a 360 since i bought it start of the year i had it returned 4 times for a once for a faulty hdd and 3 times for a faulty dvd drive their customer service was shocking couldn't even understand the guy half the time while i had a ps3 since it came out and had it repaired once and that was only because my little son siled a drink onto it and went inside the blue ray drive. Oh and even tho i had warranty on my 360 i still had to pay for fking currier to and from their repair center while with ps3 got charged $50 for transfer, parts and labor without having warranty


this is a freaking lie ...if you spill liquid in it their is no warranty and then its 170 $ and if their is a warrantie its no cost they ship you a prepaid box !


no unfortunately he isnt lieing about the cost on the shipping lol my ps3 got the yellow light of death witch then cost me £120 when the man came to pick it up in that yellow box lol i then got rid of the ps3 and got an xbox because everyone is on it and i actually prefer it to the playstation . however i cant wait for the ps4 it should be amazin

bad luck =P

i own a ps3 and a xbox360 , i need to replace the ps3 with the new slim versian because i had it since launch and its performance is kind of decaying , as for the xbox360 , i've had it repaired 7 times in 18 months on 2 occasians they had to ship me a new console .... so i totally agree ps3 over long term is alot cheaper than the xbox .New figures show in the last 2 years xbox360 console had 63.96% breakdown rate the Xbox360 elite has a 43.27% breakdown rate over the last 5 months as for the ps3 , it has only 19.67% per 100,000 breakdown rate over 18 months

dont get a slim dude they

dont get a slim dude they maybe smaller but that comes at price of less usb ports and no sd card readers and they play less media as have little codecs than the 60 gig models i have a 60 gig and a mate hase new 120 slim and mine is well better the run the exact same way

PS3 vs XB360

The only good thing about the XBox is the fact that it has better online play (SLIGHTLY), and more people have it, sadly. THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS. They are fuc*ing wasting there money on online play, repairs (stupid Red Ring of Death) and refunds (MW2 Stimulus Package Release Date). If you agree that the PS3 is best over all, add me on PSN. XDark_GrimX

PS3 Vs XBOX 360 read this story

well when these 2 systems first came out i got the Xbox 360 for 400 some dollars because it was cheaper then the PS3 and i loved it a lot because i saw previews of gears of war and i was amazed about it while playing gears of war, one day it fucking froze on me I turned off the system then i turned it back on and the fucking thing never worked i only had it for 8 months i was pissed. And that shit broke on me 4 more times every 8 or 9 months with what people now call the red ring of death. I even ran down to game stop and bought a inter cooler hopefully thinking it would save my system from dying. Instead of lasting 9 months it lasted 10 months with a cooler then i bought a ps3 a couple years back and ive never had a problem yet i currently have both and my xbox hasnt died in over a year so i think they fixed the problem but i fucking hate the 360 after all it put me through. And on top of that if u do the math u get a better deal on PS3 because online is free and the xbox cost 50 dollars a year and if u pay for that online for 6 years thats 300 dollars the only differences on the online is the xbox has more features who cares all that matters is playn people online ive played both and online game play is even. And i dont see the big deal about halo reach it sucks it takes full clips with assualt rifles just to kill someone online.

Red Ring happened b/c the

Red Ring happened b/c the systems were running to hard and to hot due to the discs not being downloaded(which they did add the option of). :/

technically for best a gaming a computer is where it's at...

but realistically it's not as practical to buy a badass computer that can run crysis at 60fps. so pretty sure ps3 is way better than xbox. better processor. its standard wifi capable. has a blu ray player, which is fantastic considering I have a 1080p 120hz LG. The controllers don't need batteries. You can load other OS' onto it, like Linux, and dual boot. (not available anymore due to system updates but anyone who took advantage of that know's what I'm talking about). Has SIXAXIS in controller, xbox does not have that. has a slot loading player, not a flimsy breakable tray. has free online play with a great working web browser and Playstation Home. The system itself looks 1000 times better. It's only $299 now. Games are getting even more and more graphically intense and complex. (example, Killzone2. In game graphics are bananas.) Capabilities of PS3 are not even maxed out. For example, when Crysis 2 is released for ps3, xbox360, and pc. The best bet is to get it on ps3, it will simply look better and run smoother. SO many things to list of why ps3 is better. but I don't like to hate. I play xbox360 once in awhile. but not really. I'm done talking now. This is probably the last time I'll ever be on this site.

I'll never think for a second

I'll never think for a second that these words are true just 1 proof:How would they release PS Move on Fall 2010 and release PS 4 on 2011,at least they won't be able to see if the fans like it or they didn't. Isn't this totally enough to proof that PS 4 won't be released soon.


your exactly right