Imagining the next PS4 skins

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By looking at the PS3, it’s easy to admit that it was made for skins addicts – Sony’s current console boasts a huge flat surface on the top of its casing that gives plenty of room to artists (and their customers) to fully express their personality. We’re pretty fortunate as Playstation fans when you think about it… Xbox and Wii gamers have a more difficult console shape to work when it comes to applying skins. I remember the special Halo 4 edition Xbox skin that was pretty nice, but aside from that I’ve never really thought skins worked that well on Microsoft’s console. Getting around all the buttons can be pretty difficult and it’s simply harder to make a visually smooth skin with the 360 or the Wii. The Playstation 3 is like a blank canvas, which is simply awesome. Here are a few examples:

Wow. It’s indeed impressive what’s possible to be done with the huge PS3 surface. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Shadow the Hedgehog… I know it’s only April, but I know what I want for christmas now.

So can skins get any better with the arrival of the PS4? Do we have good odds of once again getting a nice surface to apply them? Well, the PS2 surface wasn’t all that bad either, so if Sony stays true to their design style, hopefully we will get something that’s more than decent to express ourselves. So far they’ve stayed true to their DualShock design, so we can hope that they keep up the trend with their next console design. But to play the devil’s advocate, the latest super slim PS3 has been much harder to work with because of its irregular surface in the middle… so anything can happen really (sadface). Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

So how have people been skinning their PS3s? Is it particularly hard to do? Absolutely not! The quickest and cheapest way to do it is by purchasing decals on websites like Select your design and then all you need to do is to be careful and learn the right method to apply your decal without any bumps or imperfections. The results are quite impressive and satisfying for the little amount of money involved. When you come across any good PS3 decals websites, make sure to bookmark them because these companies will certainly pump out new original decals when the PS4 is released.

So to sum things up, skins really aren’t necessarily reserved for technically advanced gamers. It’s simply that the console companies themselves don’t make any efforts to popularize these simple skins – they prefer that you buy new special edition consoles and jump on each new design makeover they put out. Or maybe will Sony embrace skins a little more for the PS4? After all, that would make another good reason for people to switch to the next-generation. No matter how much they love customization, some gamers are only willing to purchase officially licensed products that perfectly fit their console… and I’m pretty much of them (I’m the type of guy who would buy an horizontal stand for my PS2 just so that I would get the exact look displayed on the box). However, when I see the pretty and quality decals that are out now, I can’t help but make an exception as this generation comes to an end ;) If you feel like things have gotten a bit boring of the hardware side during the last few years, do yourself a favor and get a PS3 skin to spice things up a little as you wait for the PS4!

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 04/11/2013

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