Top Ten Wish List for the PlayStation 4

With the PlayStation 4 still years away from launch, the features it will or will not contain are free for us to speculate and fantasize about. Never one to shy away from fantasizing (why this one time, I fantasized about Zhang Ziyi and I…well, never mind that), I've drawn up a wish list of the ten features I'd like to see included with the PlayStation 4.

Top Ten Playstation 4 Wish List
  1. Shorter Loading - If there's one thing that sticks in my craw (whatever that means) more than anything, it's staring at loading screens. No matter how powerful systems get it seems loading times get worse and worse. Sony needs to include a boatload of RAM in the PS4 so that no matter how hard developers push it, games will stream and load quickly. More playing and less waiting is always a good thing.
  2. More Games - If there's one thing most gamers expected of the PS3, it's that it would have the most games, and the most killer exclusives. This just hasn't materialized yet. The PS4 needs to be easy to develop for above all things, so the system is inundated with great games from across the globe.
  3. Give Me RPG's!! - One of my favourite genres was expected to reign supreme on a PlayStation console for the third straight generation, yet the PS3 has been completely lacking in RPG's, getting trumped so badly by the Xbox 360 of all systems, that Microsoft's console has actually made some headway in Japan where the original RPG-devoid Xbox was embarrassed. The RPG and videogame loving country of Japan has bought more than 5 million PlayStation 3's as of 2010, a low indicator of the system's lack of RPG's. The PlayStation 4 needs to right this wrong, and get RPG developers ready to go from day one.
  4. Better Voice Chat - If there's one technical aspect where the PS3 struggles, it's in the voice chat department. Built-in voice chat with crystal clear clarity should be a priority with the PS4.
  5. Physical Discs Please - As much as the concept of purchasing games solely online through the PS4 Network would be convenient, with the potential for cost savings by cutting out the middle man, I'm not yet ready to abandon the joy of bringing a game home from the store, tearing into that annoying wrapping, and staring lovingly at my new game disc and instruction booklet. Please give us the option of purchasing our games however we like, the old fashioned way, or the instant gratification way.
  6. Do My Work For Me - If there's one thing that cuts into gaming time more than anything, it's work. I fully expect the PS4 to be able do my work for me so I have more time to play. I'm counting on you Sony.
  7. DualShock 4 - The PS4 will almost certainly contain a new version of the DualShock, the undisputed king of videogame controllers. With that in mind, I'm hoping Sony changes absolutely nothing about this top-notch controller.
  8. Expanded PS Home - PS Home was a great idea, and I'd love to see it built upon in the PS4, with game and developer spaces for every game and developer, and unlockable rewards from games being integrated into Home.
  9. Full Backwards Compatibility - The PS2 did a great job with backwards compatibility, but the PS3 dropped the ball slightly, with far too many PS2 games being incompatible with the PS3. Let's see a PS4 that can flawlessly play all 4 generations of the system's games, with resolution and loading enhancements for the older versions.
  10. Don't Cost Me an Arm and a Leg - I already lost an arm and a leg with the PS3, please let me keep my single remaining ones with the PS4. Of course if you go ahead and hit me up with the 9 features above, you can have them. I can always play the PS4 with my nose if need be.

What I don't particularly care about are achievements/trophies. Don't get me wrong, the concept is good in practice, but all it ultimately amounts to is making gamers spend extra time on games completing often inane tasks for nothing but bragging rights. If you're a completionist like me (someone who refuses to put a game down until you've accomplished everything there is to accomplish), these extra tasks are usually a pain. Unfortunately this is the path games have moved towards for the last decade, adding content and playtime in superficial ways, while the actual games are getting shorter and shorter than ever to play straight through.

There's an early list of 10 (mostly) game-related features I'd like to see incorporated into the PlayStation 4. If the PS4 can expand and perfect the experience delivered by the PS3, they'll undoubtedly have the hottest system of the next generation on their hands.

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I'm sure discs will still be around. People always underestimate how long it takes for wholesale changes like that to take place. There was even a retarded article on a site the other day speculating whether this would be the last console era (i.e no more systems). Some people are just so caught up in technology that they have no grasp of reality. I'll definitely take the doing my work for me feature, that definitely isn't too much to ask of technology. ;)

Control System - next gen

The big weakness of the PS3 has been the control system. Sony focused on hardware power for much more powerful graphics and completely overlooked the humble game controller. The WII took the opposite approach and suffers in terms of video quality and frame rate, but is much more accessible and involving to play, attracting a broader market both with female gamers and the health market. The next generation of PS4 must bin the conventional controller for a more dynamic involving experience!


I agree to the extent that I'd like to see Sony continue to innovate and explore new methods of gameplay and not just focus on more powerful technology, but on the other hand many people who play the Wii say it's a horrendous system, not just graphically which is an obvious weakness, but even gameplay wise. The Wiimote loses its charm pretty fast and becomes far too repetitive. Casual players who may not be able to coordinate 15 button controllers love it, but more serious gamers despise it. I'd rather see the PS4 cater to serious gamers and deliver top-notch content, rather than pander to the masses and come out with a system that focuses on simple gameplay and gimmicky control methods.


There is nothing wrong with the ps3 controller. keep it the same sony we just want more speed and power! the wii hella sucks who wants to spend 300 on a console theyre never gonna play except once every two years- mario and zelda everything else sucks and now the ps3 is actually very affordable nobody is even trying to buy a wii. nintendo had a good run they need to take a page out of segas book and make games for ms and sony. The wii controller hella sucks it has no accuracy at all- none my cousin played the bowling game 63 strikes in a row not even trying talking on the phone half of the time on top of it right after that we took the wii and threw in the dumpster best thing we ever did.

Spot on

I agree. I only play the wii about 4-5 times a year since the realese. The only game that got some serious playing time was zelda. Did not even bother to buy mario despite I'm a big mario fan (beacuse it is a real big game, sick of all these 5 hour games although they are good). The 360 doesent get many hours. Trying to save all my free spare time for the ps3. And the accuracy for the wii controller really suck at some games. It is always fun trying new innovations but some really get boring after a couple of hours. Wish there was alot more m rated games for wii. Maybe a return of mega man haha.

Spot on

One thing that I must disagree on is that the nintendo era is gone. I dont buy that. Nintendo is still the biggest innovater of them all. They have introduced alot for all the next gen concoles. The stick from the nintendo 64 controller, the new one for wii, gameboy. Soon the nintendo 3DS without glasses(portable). But they where behind sony with the cd-rom change. Even tough alot of the innovations are usually refined by other companies, nintendo has a habit of creating new never before seen stuff. And all gamers have alot to thank nintendo for. Dont hate, appreciate. Also the competition between these companies only benefits us consumers.


LEAVE TROPHIES, Make them better! :) Honestly, Its the best thing about any game IMO, are the trophies.

video systems

enough already lets make a game system that is totally bad like glasses or a helmet that you put on and you are in the game and its like wii but you are in the game that means if you play metal gear you are snake walking around you see everything and feel everyhting but dont die. game sytems is getting to expensive and its not worth the money when they do come out and they promise games that never make it


The thing I would like most is to be able to have maybe 4 discs in machine, so you could switch them around using the controller instead of taking them in and out of the machine. My car can do this with CDs

my ps4 top 10 wish list

hi there here is my top 10 wish list for the sony ps4 1 is a quad 4.0 ghz cpu 2 4 too 16 gb ram 3 quad 128 gb ssd in a raid with a read write speeds averaging 4 gb/s 4 internal power plant 5 4 terabyte halo graphic disc 6 halo deck inter face 7 tron device 8 quatum gaming console componits like quatum computers 9 replicator for food for the planet 10 bio degradable from food


I agree with you on all the things ps4 needs to be loading has gotten better with each console so you wrong about that. it would be nice is sony would have every ps1 and ps2 game for dlc i would love to see xenogears on there

PS3 could do all those already

Loading time is not an issue anymore! It was a big deal in 6th gen games, but not anymore! If developers take time to develop games on a system and uses it's true power, you'll see less loading screen. For an example Uncharted 2 has NO loading screen. Some developers are good at making games with less loading screen, people like Virgil Games who made DarkSiders, or Team NINJA for their Dead Or Alive 4 that has less loading on screen! What do you mean by More games? more multiplatform or exclusives? ps3 had no games during 2006-2007. Look at it now, having awesome exclusive. Currently PS3 is winning with RPGs! Japan are loving the ps3 at the moment Built in Voice chat!? that has never had a problem, not even Xbox Live have this problem. It's due to people using crappy and cheap mics. I admit that digital is not the future, most people still don't play ps3 online. do your home work!? I want the dualshock 4 to be touchscreen activated,

all you want is a ps3...

by reading that all i see is that you want a ps3 with faster loading times...if that all you want then just stick with a ps3 i want a true blue next gen experience with the ps3 or im not wasting my money on it....

the ps4 better have a next gen controller out of the box

im SICK TO DEATH of LAST GEN CONTROL/CONTROLLERS (like with the dualshock)!!!! as i said before the ps4 BETTER have a true NEXT GEN controller (like the ps-move) out of the box because last gen control/controllers is for last gen consoles (and fat losers who are too lazy to appreciate realistic/innovate/precise gameplay) dev and gamers alike lets move forward with control and controllers and truly have an innovative and worthwhile experience in the videogame industry and not just keep treading the same water with better graphics because right now all if fills like is just you pushing a bunch of buttons while watching a run of the mile action games can be (thinks to next gen controllers) and should be MORE then that what should separate video games from movies is the filling that your IN the artistic environment and not just an observant and and pushing button doesnt TRULY break that illusion...BOTTOM LINE...move videogame forward from a control stand point or just let them fade away because they arent worthwhile to anyone over the age of 5..and thats ironic considering how many are m rated


Nintendo has made the right kind of games for a long time, they've played the games well, they keep the uniqueness in every game they make, but the end is nigh, not sure when, but the possibility of a revolutionized Nintendo system seems highly impossible, but not impossible. The big Three XBOX, PS3, Wii, that reminds me of the actual big three, they kind of reesemble eachother GM is XBOX, Ford is PS3 and Chysler is Wii, keep in mind Ford didn't go into bankrupcy thats why I put PS3 as Ford and not GM. They mimic eachother perfectly, well not perfectly, but you get the point. Each system is great and always will be, each has exclusives and always will, you can never get everything in one plastic box. If you took all the pros of each system, then and only then would their be a true winner. So it all depends, it depends on what your looking for in a system, online gaming, family togetherness, or everything in PS3, it all depends, can't turn my back on PS3. As for the forums actual question, PS4 should wait.


The title should be "THE BIG FIGHT" NOT FIGH, I made a mistake on that, this long story is just to put some shut eye on the whole FanBoy crap, its sad, please people, enjoy the systems while you can, the world ends in 2012, PS4 will be the last thing you play, jk, THE WORLD BETTER NOT END, IM NOT WASTING MY MONEY ON SOMETHING I'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY! LOL Good times people.

i meant ps4

"i want a true blue next gen experience with the ps3 or im not wasting my money on it.." i meant to say ps4

WAKEUP!!! there is/are last gen and next gen control/controllers

people should look at control/controllers as last gen and next gen just like everything else (graphics, cpu, ect.) ...and the dualshock is LAST GEN as a matter of fact its been going for about 2 and a half gens now...the dualshock is about as next gen as the wii is next gen when it comes to cpu and gpu power...less really because atleast the wii is a LITTLE more powerful then an xbox (1) or or gamecube or ps2...and if your wondering yes i have a ps3 and the only (MAJOR) that i hate about it is that it has last gen control (if they were going to stick with last gen control couldnt they atleast let me use a wireless mouse??? i mean like every game almost is a 1st or 3rd person shooter).... (well ok...i guess the other major things that i hate about it is that its not based on a directx 10 or 11 chip and that it has less then 4 gigs of memory..i truly that those thing are the only thing thats holding the ps3 and the xbox 360 back from doing just what a modern pc could do graphics and cpu wise...but what are next gen graphics without next gen control...I WANT BOTH )


the ps3 controller is horrible. its too small and isn't the correct shape to be held confortably. the xbox 360 controller is much more comfortable.


the xbox control is more likely to cause repetitive strain injury due to you stretching your hands more

Playstation 4

The next playstation will surely have motion control, especially after the recent announcement of the ps move. has a lot of information on this but shows the ps4 concepts with out the motion controller devices. I am looking for pictures of the playstation 4 as it should be built... with the new psmove or something along those lines.

Keep it as it is

The PS controller should never change, when u get something right u keep it. It has been out since late 94 and 15 years (Think of it after all those years it is still the king) later it still looks fresh, design is perfect. It has the perfect size its only your hands that are too big. Keep the focus on the console. Maybe some new stuff added to it but without messing with the design. So please sony dont mess with the king of all controllers. Having all three consoles, I must say that I have most games for the ps3 and that is for a reason. The 360 controller is ok but its still a bit to big. The first controller for the original xbox was really a BIG joke. I mean the firts ones that came before the updated smaller version. U had to be sasquatch to play with that BS.

about the controller

your right. I think the x box controllers are a bit too big. My opinion is that that ps4's controller should be like the ps3's. I just hope there is call of duty blackops on ps4 and I also hope that ps4 kicks x box's ass!

Xbox controller is wack

the ps controller is way better. I have played the xbox and my hands hurt its made odd shape hands the ps3 could make it a bit longer but that would be the only improvement that people complain that its to small. I can play ps for hours my hands are fine with all games if I play call of duy with xbox my had hurts. think people with xbox will develop carpol tunnel syndrome and then microsoft will make controller like ps. their system is like their other products full of bugs.


Bro what are you talking about, the ps3 controls Are not last gen. Maybe the controller is but it feels amazing, looks good, and there's no reason to change it. Cheap ass wii motion controllers or the ps move are not precise. If you want "precise" use a pc mouse, but that's the most uncomfortable thing you'll ever use.


How about decent anti-aliasing. It's one of the major things that I dislike about the current PS3. Damn jaggies

RAM doesn't make games load

RAM doesn't make games load faster, it makes them load less. If you want your games to load faster, you need a better blu-ray player.

Ram doesn't make games load

Ram doesn't make games load less either. It is a place to store data with a faster access. And why would you make such a stupid statement like 'if you want your games to load faster you need a blu-ray player'? What do you think the ps3 has? And it is the slower loading drive between 33# and 40% slower than the xbox360. What you need for games to load faster is a faster drive of what ever kind your using. It is the data transfer rate 600k/s is twice as fast as 300k/s no matter what kind of drive it is. That is why the xbox360 is faster than the ps3 loading games.


I guess you can look at it from two different angles, one being that more RAM would mean longer load times if all that RAM is being used, but it also means less frequent load times as more data is being loaded at once, and faster accessing of files which will also improve load times over the alternative, which is the angle I was taking.


For those who think the PS3 controller is too small: - Stop trying to control it by thumping the controller with your fist/head cavemen!


the controller should change, but only for the best, I mean it was 1 of the best designs, but that was last gen, the ps3 controller isn't that good at all if you look at the disign and layout of the buttons. For the ps1 and 2 it was perfect, but let's be fair now, the triggers(L2&R2) aren't used as triggers that much, that's because of the design, if you put your hands on the controller, your fingers will be resting on the L1 and R1 buttons. And the design of the triggers doesn't feel like triggers. Maybe a little bit more space between the thumb sticks would be fine

Shooting with a controller

I love the Resident Evil series and bought number 4 for the Wii. When number 5 came out on the PS3 I almost wet myself with excitment just putting it into the system. Then I picked up the controller and tried to play. Within 10 minutes I wanted to throw the controller. I never realized how BAD the PS controller was for shooters until I used the wii-mote and then tried switching back. I don't think many people noticed this because, honestly, the wii isn't what most people think of when they think of shooters. The remote is actually perfect for them though. It incorperates the handling of the mouse, with more comfort, and the joy of actually aiming at the enimies head before you blow it off. I could write paragraphes on the other reasons why PS4 should switch to a next gen controller, but this is the most convincing reason for me. If you don't agree with me you haven't played Resident Evil 4 all the way through on the Wii (with the Wii-mote, not the gamecube controller dummy) and then tried switching back.


what are you saying well havint you playd clasics resident evil they where fine with the ps controler they change the sethings thats why okit sucks now

I absolutely do NOT know what

I absolutely do NOT know what you are talking about with your first statement. The PS3 uses a CELL PROCESSOR which is THE FASTEST PROCESSOR AVAILABLE FOR GAMING. PS3's are used in weather stations and by the US army to track missiles because they are the fastest yet cheapest cell processing computers on the market Statistics from gaming labs show that the PS3 is around 2.1 to 2.3 times faster than the Xbox 360 in loading time and in almost all processes. Seriously, get your facts right


Your reading comprehension must not be very high. Where did I say anything about the 360 being faster? All I said was that numerous PS3 games still have overly excessive loading times which could be improved (and part of that lies with the developer, not just the hardware). And there's a lot more to loading times than just the processor (RAM, HD caching, the speed of the optical drive, etc.), so I don't know why you're going on and on about the CELL as if that's the only facet of the issue. So excuse me if I don't bow down before the flawless CELL because weather stations use it to compute raindrops.

Your missing the most IMPORTANT THING!

Wtf people? Your missing what as the real point is...PS4 just HAS to kill The New xBox and make sure that they get the right to the games not faggy MicroSuft D*ck

All round unit as well as gaming

If the ps4 is going to be an all round unit rather than just a games machine I would like the following: 1. The ability to decode and pass HD audio through analogues to my receiver, use of it as an hdmi/ analogue switch would also be useful as more and more devices are using hdmi. Forget the incorporated amp sections some places have rumoured. 2. 3d ability and maybe a hot-swap hdd feature would me nice. 3. Ability to play all audio and video codec formats would be useful 4. Moving gaming - how about combining the lack of need to hold a controller for movement sensing but with the accuracy of move unlike kinnect - I still dream of the old scifi idea of immersive battle-games where one spas with an opponent or could learn a skill my monitoring of your free movement - combat games could be enhanced by holding something as well. I even would not mind the idea of having to buy a body suit with sensors. If movement and accuracy require multiple camera that would be fine with me judt make them small so I can place them in the corners of my room under my surround speakers - oh ant if that is case how about them doubling up a a security system when I am not in. 5. Quiet use and reasonable cooling - water cooling module would be fine 6. A modular way to upgrade would be useful.

I think the only feature that

I think the only feature that the ps4 should have is #9 on the wishlist being able to play all of the previous generations of games. I have been a faithful playstation customer ever since ps1. However after the ps3 incompatability issues i've considered turning to the darkside with the Sh@tbox360. as awful a thought as that is but come on with all of the technology out there find a way thats all I'm sayin'...


bring back a new sega system, those were the real days lol




getting to actually aim and shoot like with the wii mote is very rewarding game play, I want to feel like I'm in the game. I'm a huge fan of sony and would love to see them being the ones to take gaming into the more innovative directions, but I also don't want to see something that is good (dual shock) and that works get replaced by something that might not offer the same quality.

New Games

I think they really need to try and come out with a vol.2 for GTA: San Andreas or something like it.

Doom 4

Doom 4. Those of you out there who would love to see the Doom franchise end, I respect your opinions! Nonetheless, utilizing the capacity for fantasy seemingly turned real-life in the Doom conception is orgasmic. You can't tell me the creators won't conjure up some fantastic storyline that embodies us fighting through Hell with BFG1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or some equivalent -- vaporizing the evil minions it releases upon us. Real Doom fans want the next installment no matter what.

Ram,and video card,browser,java

I personally think that partnering with intel on the gpu is a bad choice.Intel from my experience doesn't make very good gpu's.What happened to Nvidia? They make excellent gpus.I also read that Xbox3(microsoft) is partnering with ATI. ATI is going to DESTROY Intel in gpus. I just hope Sony didn't make a bad choice,and that Intel doesn't half ass this, because im sure many will be dissapointed to see that the gpu in the Ps4 is barely or not even at all..better than the Ps3 gpu, and cant even support full 1080p.Or barely 720p which should be the standard. Also, we shouldn't see any lag. I notice slight lag when i play games like Oblivion(Bethesda Softworks) LittleBigPlanet Sims3 and so on. This is unacceptable, I hope not to see ANY lag spikes in the Ps4 if intel plays their cards right. About that ram..... I think that the Ps4 needs at least 6gigs of ram. That runs at a decent speed. Like 1300mhz or so. On the ps3 256 mbs is less than my 1995 Emachine. This amount of ram is absolutely AWFUL Sony, 256mb is terrible, thats all im saying. The loading screens as said below are terrible. I would see my little cousin play FreeRealms and it takes almost 6 minutes for the game to load. That is crazy,and the internet browser would also quickly run out of memory. I would go to something like and it would run out of memory(memory shortage bla bla bla) due to the small ass amount of ram. (Browers) There are PLENTY of browsers that could support the PS4. I dont know what Sony was thinking when they implemented a mobile browser on a System as powerful as the ps3,Please choose wisely on browsers, or create wisely.errrmmmm (Google Chrome)ermmmm. Please make a browser. Or allow the user to Download a browser of their own. Like Opera,or Firefox. Try partnering with Opera. Or Firefox Im sure they can take the time to make a browser for the PS4. And finally(Java Support It says in the (about Ps3 page that java is onboard :) I went to and tried to play and it wouldn't even load the entire page do to the Tiny ram. It would be nice if Sony could add java up the ass :D. Another example is trying to play DanBall.Jp's Stickranger, you cant play that game due to the lack of java. The Ps4 needs to hava SOLID java support.-and an improved playstation store for java apps and what not. I would go on and on but that takes to long. Sony DONT MESS UP :)

(Sorry Correction)

A Faster hard drive for loading times is a MUST Sony. But that ram should still be a lot though, it would be nice not to short in memory while on browser and what not.(Like the amount of ram i said above is necessarily ESSENTIAL .) I would suggest a 500gig SSD. For the Ps4. I found them to be very fast when i installed one on my HP elite Elite HPE-500f series.May improve those loading times. As the ram will to. And if possible a better processor than the ps3. Although the Ps3 processor is pretty damn good.


500ssd would be sweet but that would be most the costly piece of the PS4 if that would happen.


It will becasue they said the PS3 could not handle another Uncharted

Although I am a hardcore

Although I am a hardcore Playstation fan, the sticks really should be concave.The convex buttons though tolerable are not the most comfortable. I never want the sticks to move, Playstation was sane enough to actually include symmetry in their controller. The only thing I hope is added many years in the future is the buttons becoming non-existant and pressure pads being installed.