PS4 vs Xbox One - Who Wins and Why - Updated

There will always be PS4 fans there, XBox fans and sometimes those who love both. Can you guess who we deem superior?

PS4 vs XBox One - Two Reviews - Winner Declared:
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PS4 vs XBox One: After the fact
Ever since the dawn of man, if you give humanity an option there will be competition. Whether that is choosing what deity you bow to or selecting your favorite brand of booze at the bar, people’s opinions and choices will always create competition. There are few competitors on the market that can create the following of the big name consoles; the passion and dedication of the fans can be seen in rant form on any gaming community website, including this one.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This has been true with consoles ever since Nintendo and Sega; did you prefer bouncing across the heads of mushrooms in the slightly trippy land of the Mario Brothers, or were you a fan of our speedy, blue haired friend on the Sega? Everyone has their own preference and now that the PS4 and the Xbox One have been out for a year, it's time to reevaluate the situation and see for ourselves who is currently winning the race.

E3 2016 and Beyond: The War Begins Anew

Sony was handing Microsoft their proverbial posteriors going into 2016, but E3 shook the very halls of the gaming world. Not only were we given confirmation that the PS4 Neo, otherwise known as the PS4.5, is real, but Microsoft also had a few announcements of their own.

Chief among them was the announcement of Xbox 2, codenamed Project Scorpio. They also mentioned something about an Xbox One S, but let's be honest, people are more interested in this new console they're talking about.

Phil Spencer promised it would be "the most powerful console ever built." Meanwhile, Sony focused on games and neglected to speak about the PS4 Neo until the time was right. That time, apparently is September 7th, 2016 when Sony plans to hold "The PlayStation Meeting" to talk about the "future of the PlayStation business."

With both Sony and Microsoft bringing out new consoles (or console refreshes as some people call them), it's no longer simply the PS4 vs Xbox One. We've got a new war on our hands people.

Microsoft Going All In

Let's start with an away game. Microsoft announced both Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) and Xbox One S at E3 2016. The S came out in August of 2016 and Project Scorpio is scheduled for a holiday 2017 date.

Up until 2016, Microsoft was way behind monthly sales on PS4 systems. While Sony still has quite the lead overall, the Xbox One managed to beat PS4 sales in July 2016.

Mike Nicholas, head of Xbox's marketing, was clearly happy with the turnaround:

"We're honored that Xbox One was the best-selling console in the U.S. in July, and that total gaming hours on Xbox consoles globally were up 18 percent over last year, reaching 1.55 billion hours."

Impressive to be sure, but let's not forget that PS4 has already sold over 40 million consoles, and they've had a 2-to-1 lead over Xbox One up until now. Even so, Microsoft isn't playing around.

They've been ramping up on the exclusive titles in 2016, with new titles coming like Recore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and Scalebound.

They've also promised that the Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will be both backwards and forwards compatible. Microsoft has thus far said there will be no Scorpio exclusives. Every game released will work across all version of their current consoles.

Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games marketing tweeted this after E3 2016:

"Great thing is with Project Scorpio as part of #XboxOne family all your games will work, no Scorpio exclusives, so no one gets left behind."

Top this off with the promise that Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 will be compatible with VR and it's clear Microsoft is looking to catch up or even surpass Sony.

Don't worry though, Sony has something up their sleeves. They always do.

Sony Playing For Keeps With PS4 Neo

Just before E3 2016, PlayStation boss Andrew House confirmed the existence of PS4.5, otherwise known as PS4 Neo. Furthermore, additional details are set to be revealed September 7th, 2016 at The PlayStation Meeting.

When rumors first appeared regarding the PS4.5, people were worried (myself included) that Sony was planning on cutting the PS4's lifecyle short to keep pace with technology. During an interview with The Guardian, PlayStation boss Andrew house put those fears to rest.

"I don't think we're suggesting with Neo, the conventional console lifecycle is over, I'm certainly not making that statement. This is an additional option, it's a high-end version of a PlayStation 4, let's be very clear about that, rather than a generational shift."

The real reason behind the PS4 Neo is to cater to the audience of gamers that inevitably shift away from consoles to PC as the technology gap widens. Essentially, this is a supercharged PS4 for those who want the best of the best.

This reasoning doubles if you're someone who has a 4K television as the Neo will offer 4K experiences. Neither Project Scorpio or PS4 Neo have confirmed specs as of this writing, but it will be certainly interesting to see how the two stack up.

Looking back to the game side of things, Microsoft may have some interesting titles coming for the Xbox, but PlayStation continues to crush it with the exlusive titles. Check out these bombshells coming to the PS4:

  • God of War IV
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Days Gone
  • Death Stranding
  • Spider-Man
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Sony's game-focused E3 presentation was a clear indicator that they are still in the business of creating epic new experiences. With PlayStation VR releasing in October 2016, they are also going to have the edge of VR on consoles before Microsoft.

    The race is getting tighter, we can't argue with that, but it looks like Sony isn't too worried about Microsoft catching up with them. What about you? Who do you think is winning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    It's Still (And Always Will Be) About the Games

    These respective systems continue to evolve with updates and tweaks, along with new apps like HBO Go, but ultimately these are game consoles and they live and die by their games. Microsoft hasn't seen any major exclusives this year (so far) except for the occasional indie title that gets high praise.

    The best way to describe the current state of affairs is to admit that the playing field has been leveled to an extent. We're in between furious bouts of heated debate, but this is only the eye of the storm. The two contenders are in their respective corners, taking a breather before they go at each other's throats again.

    You can bet that this article will receive more updates on the ongoing console war. Until then my friends, game on!

    PS4 vs XBox

    Hardware Wars
    The technology behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is so close that even I had to take notice. I’ve compiled a chart that lists all of the information that is confirmed for each system so we can compare the two.

    Xbox One PS4
    CPU 8 Core AMD Jaguar Custom CPU 1.75GHZ 8 Core AMD Jaguar X64 (10X PS3 Processing Power) 1.6GHZ
    GPU AMD GPU 'Durango' D3D 11.1 chip AMD Radeon GPU (1080P 60 frames/sec) 4k Ultra HD
    RAM 8 GB DDR3 68.3gb/second +32 Embedded Static Ram 8 GB Unified GDDR5 - 176gb/second
    Optical Drive Blu-ray Blu-ray
    Storage 500 GB Hard Drive (not removable) 500 GB Hard Drive (removable)

    PS4 versus Xbox OneI know what you’re thinking upon looking at this chart; the statistics of both systems look the same. I know I previously guessed that both systems would have quite a difference between them; after all, looking at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, both systems use extremely different hardware. However, it seems with the next generation, this isn’t the case, as both systems are close in terms of specifications despite Sony relying on AMD and Microsoft relying on their own proprietary hardware.

    GPU - Graphics Power

    Looking at the GPU, which is commonly referred to as the graphics card, you’ll notice a slight difference; while the PlayStation 4 is using a Radeon, the Xbox One is using a card capable of Direct3D 11 to align itself with the Windows architecture the system is using. However, both cards feature DirectX 11 support in addition to an increase of VRAM, which is going to blow the current generation of consoles away. I previously didn’t think we’d see a big jump in graphics, but I was definitely wrong.

    CPU - Processing Power

    In terms of CPU, the Xbox One is using feature an 8 core CPU, same as the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4’s 8 core CPU is specifically designed to work with the graphics card, much like the Xbox One's graphics card and CPU are designed to work together in the Windows-based environment the system provides. This reminds me of how the PlayStation 3 components were designed to work together and how it produced better PlayStation 3 exclusive games, so color me excited.

    As for the rest of the specs, both systems are using the same amount of RAM, though the PS4 has the edge due to it using DDR5. Both systems are using Blu-ray drives, as expected. Both systems also included a 500GB hard drive . The PS4's drive can be removed and replaced, while the Xbox is stuck with what it's got. That being said, it does support external drives while PS4 doesn't, so pros and cons both ways here.

    It's clear that there are some differences between the two in terms of power. For example, a lot of Xbox One games have been launching at a lower resolution than PS4. In most cases Xbox will get something under 1080p resolution while PS4 will come forward with a native 1080p resolution and a top notch frame rate. Even with this information in mind though, the differences on multiplatform games hasn't been anything massive in either direction.

    Don't upset Francis:

    PS4 is second to none...
    Original Article by - Blaine Smith
    Article Updated by Bradley Ramsey 8/17/16

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    Enough with graphics

    Enough with graphics complaining kid and you have no evidence so hush.

    psn crash

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    Very true but..

    If you think about it consoles improve on what they already have so if ps3 does have already better hardware than the next gen is probably going to have better hardware as well

    I don't know

    All my gaming hardware is Sony but that might change. I am going to wait until both are released and then see which one is better for me….Probably the PS4 though…

    I don't know

    All my gaming hardware is Sony but that might change. I am going to wait until both are released and then see which one is better for me….Probably the PS4 though…


    I'm gonna do that to. We should wait for people to analyse and review the upcomming consoles.

    the ps3 is better

    i had a xbox and the thing that i noticed was it wanted me to pay for just about everything.. propietary hard drive, etc, so i just got the PS3 with everything in it, and ive never been happier The xbox 360 was an embarrassment to gaming consoles. with its red rings..

    the ps3 is better

    hello my name is Saul and i agree one hundred percent because the stupid x-box 360 might be cheap but is indeed expensive because you must buy xbox live gold in order to play online and the ps3 i free unless you want playstation plus which is neat. one thing i dont like of the ps3 system is that you cannot log in multiple accounts like you can on the xbox but what are you going to do if you wish to continue this conversation e-mail me at

    Go Atari!!!

    xbox all day? please, it cant even stay on all day without getting a rrod. hahahaha haha haha haha.

    Loyal Subects

    Loyalty is simply fascist individualism - the identity for a lack of change. Loyalists dislike change, it's as simple as that. If you want to be someone - or something - else, change your mind; that's how companies expand and adapt. Loyalists only drag it down into a spiral reflection of themselves.


    Xbox360 have sold more and made more money know matter what people think is the best console, I also think If the xbox360 had not done so well they would not be making kinetic hardware – updating its online system and working on a next gen console this is a sign they have made some big bucks over the years .., I think a lot of people seem to forget its not just about the best or latest technology that sells a console , Its about what it can offer jo public and price and whether the developers can take advantage of the great hardware in the console. Well to me the xbox360 v ps3 has been won by Xbox we should be looking at the next gen and I will keep an open mind that the ps4 will be better this time around.


    360 has sold about 2 million more consoles world wide being on about 68million and PS3 on 66million


    I own a PS3 and my cousin owns a Xbox and i know for a fact that PS3 graphics are way better in every way than Xbox.And you have to pay for a online membership in Xbox while PS3 online is free.And PS network points are more easy to under stand than Microsoft points.So as of how many people tell me Xbox is better I am the ultimate gaming master and i know for a fact that PLAYSTATION 3 WON AND STEPPED ALL OVER XBOX.And playstation wins hands down any day.

    Folks play motor forza3 on

    Folks play motor forza3 on ps3 racing looks better than that. Sony has better studio developers which show how good ps3 gpu is.360 developers a beginners to me . Microsoft studio title are never visualy better that naugthy dog studios for sony. 360 GPU > ps3 gpu. Because multi plat games most of time 360 has lighting &shadowing advantages

    I used to think ps3 is

    I used to think ps3 is visually.but with time i have seen 360 is better.

    Ps3 is better?

    PS3 is clearly better visually and speeder. The hardware inside can prove that. Your saying ps3 is visually. What? Visually what? You sound like your 12 and clearly your post was a waste of time. Stick to what you know. Dolls.


    your are right PS3 is definitely a winner here. as you can see in any of the comparison between xbox360 and PS3(any comperison of graphics,speed,easy access).PS3 always wins.





    so why will it need vid card

    i did some research and the AMD A8-3850 APU is a cpu with intergrated graphics like the 2nd gen intel core i7 heres what the spec page says AMD's A8 series The best performing Lynx APUs will be injected into the A8 series. There are two APU models to be found in A8 series, the A8-3850 is rated at 100W running at 2.9GHz. Both SKUs have a Quad Core processor so that means octocore. The other model is the A8-3800 rated at 65W, 2.7/2.4GHz (Turbo Core). Both APUs have a 4MB L2 cache and pack no less than 400 Radeon Cores with that embedded GPU running at 600MHz with what AMD calls a Radeon HD 6550D so there will be no Radeon HD 7670 just the intergrated graphic card in the cpu and i say they'll have to use the A8-3850 as the other one is way worse and the next ps3 os may be lynx baced witch fingers crossed will be more pc like

    16-SPE/SPU; not CPU Cores

    This 16-core CPU in the XBox"720" makes no sense if the approach is taken toward a Nehalem-type behemoth. "Kinect2" doesn't need a "16 core CPU". Why would it need some kind of crazy Intel Nehalem-type architecture? Because Kinect2 is a crazy resource-hogging CPU glutton? It makes better sense that it is probably some kind of 16-SPE/SPU AMD/APU/IBM/Cell chip.


    Following what I have said above, if that's what it really is; you can bet the next Playstation is the same. Why do I suggest this? Well for one thing, both these consoles seem to be coming out at about the same time. Everything seems to be heading for a big crunch - and by crunch, I mean a busy AMD and a busy IBM sandwiching their technologies together just out of recognition that the next console race is going to the biggest thing in the history of gaming. Or it may not.


    "Only 10" No one is going to use you for metric analysis. Why would a game console need 10-16 CPU cores? The answer is, it never would. If the question were "Why does Kinect 2.0 require a "16-core design.", then it makes sense. Which puts forward the next question: Why is Kinect driving the architectural design of the next games console - shouldn't it be a design that once and for all stops developers complaining there just isn't enough of "THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS AND THAT THAT THAT THAT" from Year 1 all the way through to Year 8. To make this simpler, why are car manufacturers installing parachutes when the driver has no intention of driving off the edge of a cliff. I'm sure it's there for that reason, but no one wants to consider driving near a cliff edge.

    no solid state flash drive

    hi there there still useing slow 5,400 rpm hard drive in the 21 centery were the 10,000 15,000 20,000 rpm hard drive hybride ssd/hdd combos laser hard drives 100 tb/s 100 terabytes per second read write speeds isoliar chip race track memory human barin stirage 20,000 petabytes per second read write speeds warp drives ares are hard drives spinning faster then light speed

    Look -

    Systems are both great but as far as the ups and downs credit goes to Sony, for its release of connected bluetooth, backwards capability, wifi noting that when sales first started when xbox 360 didn't have. Longer battery life with the ps3 controller as well as blu-ray with faster battery charging. I've taken the account that xbox360 has put up a good fight but it was the Japanese who've Won this one. Lets see if Microsoft can flip that over in the upcoming consoles maybe with handhelds with all these features who knows well some.. :P. PS3 wins!

    re Look -

    wrong dude by a few million the tech may be better on the PS3 which i love but 360's are more popular and its undeniable in its sales figures so i believe microsoft have this 1 although i wouldnt rule out PS3 unit sales catching up eventualy with the huge reduction on console costs but hey i like both consoles so i don't care lol

    Xbox 360

    I feel that the Xbox 360 is better. Controller is more firm ( Bigger ) Better network connection Easier to find your way around the dashboard More games that people actually enjoy Create your own avatar! Playstation: Most of the raging kids screaming out that Playstation is better because its free, obviously thats not true. But thats what they prefer. Having it free doesn't give it much security, which is what got them hacked twice. Personally I wouldn't want to play a console that gets hacked occasionally. Xbox hasn't been hacked once, the only problem xbox has is the red rings. Which can easily be fixed. Having free online, personally I think thats stupid, the network connection is slow as hell in my opinion. The dashboard on the Playstation is so damn confusing, it took me around 5-10 minutes to find where the play game option is. I think that Xbox has won this round. Gaystation


    Not to be funny or anything; but if it took you that long to find the "Game" option, then you should seriously reconsider even looking at one, because it must of had taken you like 10 minutes to find the power button. The PlayStation dashboard really isn't that confusing to be fair-. I personally prefer the X-box but that's a matter of opinion. But I honestly think the PS3 is far more simple to navigate.

    In Response

    This is just your opinion and obviously, you are entitled to it but this might just be for you. I understood the PS3 dashboard very fast and easily but because I am so used to it, XBOX 360 dashboard is much more confusing. Next, paying for online interactions is reasonable as it would be believed that the profit would go into making it better... But I need to pay money just to access the internet. That my friend, is stupid. Retarded if you will. Now to your points of why XBOX 360 is better. "I feel that it is better" Completely invalid,I don't even need to make a debate comment on this. "Controller is more firm ( Bigger )" You can get larger Sony controllers if you don't like the size. The counter argument is to easy as you could say "Controllers easier to hold (Smaller)" "Better Internet connection" I put a PS3 and XBOX 360 right by each other. No internet connection difference because the internet connection is from my modem, not system. "Easier to find your way around the dashboard" Refer to comment one. "More games that people actually enjoy" By this I take it you mean series such as Halo and Fable that are system exclusive. If you wish to make this point, PC should be included which makes both systems seem bad in comparison. From ALL angles. "Create your own avatar!" Playstation home. Hell, even Nintendo's Mii's fight on even terms against the avatar. In conclusion, next time you are going to try and insult one of the most well known and beloved consoles by saying another is better, at least come in with something useful to back you up. "I think XBOX won this round" Cause obviously, you are the representative of the XBOX "Gaystation" That's cute, really. Funny how you write down how your feeling when you type. Sincerely Zalamance

    You have to be retarded not

    You have to be retarded not to be able to find your way around the playstation menue, it is 10 times simpler than the x-box. You have a verticle row of icons, for game you would scroll to game, and then press x........ my 3 year old can start her movies, so if you have trouble....... well there isn't much hope for you.


    The playstation menu IS easy. But on xbox you can see everything instead of looking in folders.


    5-10 minutes to find where the play game option is:you sir are an xbox fan fo so hahaha

    He is right

    The raging kids say playstation is better because there mommies won't buy them xbox live. Kids stay with the playstation . 9 out of 10 ragequitters are on playstation. And yes I am an xbox fanboy.


    The Xbox dashboard is so confusing there's like 5 sections for movies, 5 sections for games, its like a corn maze in there while the Ps3 just has 10 categories that you can scroll to so i don't believe it took you 5-10 min to find where the game play option is. Playstation hasn't been hacked for like 3 years and the hackers didn't even steal any accounts it was probably people payed by Microsoft to make Sony look bad. While the Avatar making in Xbox is a huge plus,paying online is just to give Microsoft money, I mean there so greedy. Why do you think Game franchises such as COD, Skyrim, etc get DLC first, that's cause Microsoft buys them out. I'd rather just wait an extra month for DlC than pay $60 dollars a month. The network connection is almost exactly the same on each consoles too. If you have good connection with one but bad connection with the other because of many reasons,such as place, weather, etc, doesn't mean one is better than the other.

    So true

    Microsoft will focus on getting their system out faster. Sony will focus on making their system the best.

    for xbox gay fans

    If y'all think that Xbox is all that just because y'all think that paying Xbox live would make a difference well it doesn't and let me tell y'all why, i played Xbox and it still gets hacked like PlayStation and it doesn't really have better multiplayer than PlayStation so i don't know of wtf y'all crap box gay 360 fans are talking about. So keep talking trash about the ps3 when there is really nothing wrong with it and keep wasting money on a system that doesn't make a damn difference to the ps3 and ps3 doesn't crash like Xbox unless if y'all did something to mess it up like punch it, drop it, kick it or whatever then that's y'all faults.

    wed,7/04/2012-7:22- Gen. Battle front 2

    Dude, for real man. Why you dissin' us. We didn't do anything to you.I love the PS3 just as much as I love the Xbox 360! I don't know what you are mad about,but dude chill.

    you get hacked because your password is "password"

    If you want people to take you seriously in a forum, you need to stop typing "y'all". It gives off a negative impression. If you think there is nothing wrong with the PS3 then you would probably say that there isn't anything wrong with the PS2. Except the fact that the PS3 looks dated and irrelevant in the world of the iPhone and facebook. The playstation is the next Sega. Expect the PS4 to be even more backward. Much like what Sony comes up with mostly - TV's, phones, PSP, etc.

    ...Even with the rumored dev kit specs...?

    The most recent dev kit specs show the PS4 as having slightly more power than the Xbox 720... So I don't see where you're puling "Expect the PS4 to be even more backward." The real problem with the PS3 is it's lack of ram - only 256 MB, and it was already using outdated hardware. And the fact that coding was difficult for developers. BUT - the power was well utilized for the tasks needed, and it made fair competition with the 360, even with slightly worse third-party titles. And since Sony is using a more conventional PC set-up, the Playstation isn't going anywhere. At least not this generation. I'd actually expect Nintento to start lagging behind, really...


    until playstation can top the kinect then xbox will b my favorite if i cant find my control i can still navigate 85% of the xbox using my voice alone lol no competition

    Re: Kinect

    Voice recognition controls are nothing new, while Kinect is indeed a clever piece of kit it's by no means 100% perfect. You couldn't play 100% of Xbox 360 games if you lost your controller and why would you permanently misplace it? Sony's eyetoy has been a feature of the last two playstations and all it takes is for Sony to make a new model part of the feature set of PS4 and Sony's got that sorted. It's a similar situation to Wii U, if Sony uses Android tablets and allows them to connect to PS4 for use as a controller, like Vita can be used to interface with PS3 (not forgetting to allow Vita users to do the same thing with that portable) PS4 could allow users to play games whilst their away from their TV just like Wii U can, only if the power goes out in your home you could still play a graphically downgraded version of the game on the Tablet. Hell Sony could brand a PS4 specific tablet or sell an App and make a tonne of cash that way. If Sony makes a new controller that looks like a Dual Shock, but splits in two to become a handy Move style motion controller, with more accurate sensors. There's so much potential for a PS4, just because MS or Ninty can create new things that have copied other pieces of technology that doesn't mean Sony can't intergrate their own version of these things into a new machine, for an all singing, all dancing box of tricks. By the sounds of the rumours, if they hold true PS4 will be more powerful than 720 or Wii U. Anyway, so I don't come accross like a Sony Fanboy I have no doubts in my mind that this next generation of machines will take things in a good direction. Wii U looks like it's tablet is going to allow some nice new features to come into the console gaming market, if Nintendo can come out with a Zelda game that approaches the level of their tech demo, if they can make good new games out of their existing franchises and maybe this time round have some more exclusives like Sony has released, if Microsoft can get a bit more diverse with their's, if they can improve on Kinect. Basically if all the companies can learn from the mistakes they've made, but build on the good things they've constructed then I think us gamers will have a rich next gen that will be pretty sweet. I've loved this generation of consoles.

    PS3 has always been more powerful...

    And what good did it do to Sony? In fact because of it they were last to market and as a result missed the critical mass. Hence the massive losses and not to mention the next gen console crown. More processing power means squat when your game developers are struggling to code in your micro architecture. The PS3 is so archaic that it's always been the cause of multiplatform release delays. I just laugh when i see people argue that the PS4 is ore powerful. So what? you get more developers on your side when you can code a game for PC and XBOX at ease. The extra time they get they could easily use to optimised their code whilst the PSW coders struggle to finish in time for market release. This is why game patches post release are higher on average on a PS3 game. Case in point, GT5.