PS4 vs Xbox One - Who Wins and Why - Updated

There will always be PS4 fans there, XBox fans and sometimes those who love both. Can you guess who we deem superior?

PS4 vs XBox One - Two Reviews - Winner Declared:
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PS4 vs XBox One: After the fact
Ever since the dawn of man, if you give humanity an option there will be competition. Whether that is choosing what deity you bow to or selecting your favorite brand of booze at the bar, people’s opinions and choices will always create competition. There are few competitors on the market that can create the following of the big name consoles; the passion and dedication of the fans can be seen in rant form on any gaming community website, including this one.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This has been true with consoles ever since Nintendo and Sega; did you prefer bouncing across the heads of mushrooms in the slightly trippy land of the Mario Brothers, or were you a fan of our speedy, blue haired friend on the Sega? Everyone has their own preference and now that the PS4 and the Xbox One have been out for a year, it's time to reevaluate the situation and see for ourselves who is currently winning the race.

E3 2016 and Beyond: The War Begins Anew

Sony was handing Microsoft their proverbial posteriors going into 2016, but E3 shook the very halls of the gaming world. Not only were we given confirmation that the PS4 Neo, otherwise known as the PS4.5, is real, but Microsoft also had a few announcements of their own.

Chief among them was the announcement of Xbox 2, codenamed Project Scorpio. They also mentioned something about an Xbox One S, but let's be honest, people are more interested in this new console they're talking about.

Phil Spencer promised it would be "the most powerful console ever built." Meanwhile, Sony focused on games and neglected to speak about the PS4 Neo until the time was right. That time, apparently is September 7th, 2016 when Sony plans to hold "The PlayStation Meeting" to talk about the "future of the PlayStation business."

With both Sony and Microsoft bringing out new consoles (or console refreshes as some people call them), it's no longer simply the PS4 vs Xbox One. We've got a new war on our hands people.

Microsoft Going All In

Let's start with an away game. Microsoft announced both Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) and Xbox One S at E3 2016. The S came out in August of 2016 and Project Scorpio is scheduled for a holiday 2017 date.

Up until 2016, Microsoft was way behind monthly sales on PS4 systems. While Sony still has quite the lead overall, the Xbox One managed to beat PS4 sales in July 2016.

Mike Nicholas, head of Xbox's marketing, was clearly happy with the turnaround:

"We're honored that Xbox One was the best-selling console in the U.S. in July, and that total gaming hours on Xbox consoles globally were up 18 percent over last year, reaching 1.55 billion hours."

Impressive to be sure, but let's not forget that PS4 has already sold over 40 million consoles, and they've had a 2-to-1 lead over Xbox One up until now. Even so, Microsoft isn't playing around.

They've been ramping up on the exclusive titles in 2016, with new titles coming like Recore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and Scalebound.

They've also promised that the Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will be both backwards and forwards compatible. Microsoft has thus far said there will be no Scorpio exclusives. Every game released will work across all version of their current consoles.

Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games marketing tweeted this after E3 2016:

"Great thing is with Project Scorpio as part of #XboxOne family all your games will work, no Scorpio exclusives, so no one gets left behind."

Top this off with the promise that Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 will be compatible with VR and it's clear Microsoft is looking to catch up or even surpass Sony.

Don't worry though, Sony has something up their sleeves. They always do.

Sony Playing For Keeps With PS4 Neo

Just before E3 2016, PlayStation boss Andrew House confirmed the existence of PS4.5, otherwise known as PS4 Neo. Furthermore, additional details are set to be revealed September 7th, 2016 at The PlayStation Meeting.

When rumors first appeared regarding the PS4.5, people were worried (myself included) that Sony was planning on cutting the PS4's lifecyle short to keep pace with technology. During an interview with The Guardian, PlayStation boss Andrew house put those fears to rest.

"I don't think we're suggesting with Neo, the conventional console lifecycle is over, I'm certainly not making that statement. This is an additional option, it's a high-end version of a PlayStation 4, let's be very clear about that, rather than a generational shift."

The real reason behind the PS4 Neo is to cater to the audience of gamers that inevitably shift away from consoles to PC as the technology gap widens. Essentially, this is a supercharged PS4 for those who want the best of the best.

This reasoning doubles if you're someone who has a 4K television as the Neo will offer 4K experiences. Neither Project Scorpio or PS4 Neo have confirmed specs as of this writing, but it will be certainly interesting to see how the two stack up.

Looking back to the game side of things, Microsoft may have some interesting titles coming for the Xbox, but PlayStation continues to crush it with the exlusive titles. Check out these bombshells coming to the PS4:

  • God of War IV
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Days Gone
  • Death Stranding
  • Spider-Man
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Sony's game-focused E3 presentation was a clear indicator that they are still in the business of creating epic new experiences. With PlayStation VR releasing in October 2016, they are also going to have the edge of VR on consoles before Microsoft.

    The race is getting tighter, we can't argue with that, but it looks like Sony isn't too worried about Microsoft catching up with them. What about you? Who do you think is winning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    It's Still (And Always Will Be) About the Games

    These respective systems continue to evolve with updates and tweaks, along with new apps like HBO Go, but ultimately these are game consoles and they live and die by their games. Microsoft hasn't seen any major exclusives this year (so far) except for the occasional indie title that gets high praise.

    The best way to describe the current state of affairs is to admit that the playing field has been leveled to an extent. We're in between furious bouts of heated debate, but this is only the eye of the storm. The two contenders are in their respective corners, taking a breather before they go at each other's throats again.

    You can bet that this article will receive more updates on the ongoing console war. Until then my friends, game on!

    PS4 vs XBox

    Hardware Wars
    The technology behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is so close that even I had to take notice. I’ve compiled a chart that lists all of the information that is confirmed for each system so we can compare the two.

    Xbox One PS4
    CPU 8 Core AMD Jaguar Custom CPU 1.75GHZ 8 Core AMD Jaguar X64 (10X PS3 Processing Power) 1.6GHZ
    GPU AMD GPU 'Durango' D3D 11.1 chip AMD Radeon GPU (1080P 60 frames/sec) 4k Ultra HD
    RAM 8 GB DDR3 68.3gb/second +32 Embedded Static Ram 8 GB Unified GDDR5 - 176gb/second
    Optical Drive Blu-ray Blu-ray
    Storage 500 GB Hard Drive (not removable) 500 GB Hard Drive (removable)

    PS4 versus Xbox OneI know what you’re thinking upon looking at this chart; the statistics of both systems look the same. I know I previously guessed that both systems would have quite a difference between them; after all, looking at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, both systems use extremely different hardware. However, it seems with the next generation, this isn’t the case, as both systems are close in terms of specifications despite Sony relying on AMD and Microsoft relying on their own proprietary hardware.

    GPU - Graphics Power

    Looking at the GPU, which is commonly referred to as the graphics card, you’ll notice a slight difference; while the PlayStation 4 is using a Radeon, the Xbox One is using a card capable of Direct3D 11 to align itself with the Windows architecture the system is using. However, both cards feature DirectX 11 support in addition to an increase of VRAM, which is going to blow the current generation of consoles away. I previously didn’t think we’d see a big jump in graphics, but I was definitely wrong.

    CPU - Processing Power

    In terms of CPU, the Xbox One is using feature an 8 core CPU, same as the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4’s 8 core CPU is specifically designed to work with the graphics card, much like the Xbox One's graphics card and CPU are designed to work together in the Windows-based environment the system provides. This reminds me of how the PlayStation 3 components were designed to work together and how it produced better PlayStation 3 exclusive games, so color me excited.

    As for the rest of the specs, both systems are using the same amount of RAM, though the PS4 has the edge due to it using DDR5. Both systems are using Blu-ray drives, as expected. Both systems also included a 500GB hard drive . The PS4's drive can be removed and replaced, while the Xbox is stuck with what it's got. That being said, it does support external drives while PS4 doesn't, so pros and cons both ways here.

    It's clear that there are some differences between the two in terms of power. For example, a lot of Xbox One games have been launching at a lower resolution than PS4. In most cases Xbox will get something under 1080p resolution while PS4 will come forward with a native 1080p resolution and a top notch frame rate. Even with this information in mind though, the differences on multiplatform games hasn't been anything massive in either direction.

    Don't upset Francis:

    PS4 is second to none...
    Original Article by - Blaine Smith
    Article Updated by Bradley Ramsey 8/17/16

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    The Greater Good

    It does much more good, than bad, if the game console is "more powerful than you expected." PS3 was, and has been, the most powerful "design" ever put to the consumer in the history of gaming. Sony has on record said, "Here is the Cell. Do something with it." Its design is not "archaic". It's different. More efficient. More powerful. Designed specifically for media content and high definition media playback; multiple streams. In a future design of the PS5, if Cell ever comes back, it will be in the form of 3D-stacked silicon. The beginning of stacking Cell processors (Mark II/III) in a way that Intel and AMD will eventually do with their own, Cell will be the biggest threat to the entire CPU industry that Intel and AMD are crawling around with on x86 designs that should have been left behind when Cell arrived. Recently, Cell has been adopted; but you still get the "x86" badge with them. Cell was a future processor almost lost to us. Like the Intel 686 from "Mission Impossible" and the consumer will dislike anything it doesn't understand; until that is, the technology is slowly adopted, allowing their brains to adjust as they slowly die out from nostalgia. Thinking, desiging and coding - in three dimensions; that is the future. That's Sony thinking. Microsoft thinking - "advertising to make themselves greater while you look like an idiot".

    PS3 and BlueRay is why Sony is broke.

    I don't think Sony had the foresight of where technology was heading. While they were pushing for physical media (blueray) the rest of the world have moved to online distribution. The PS3's blueray player is NOT an advantage when HD movies can be downloaded and watched on the XBOX. Games can now also be downloaded. So where's this advantage? The problem with the PS3 is the online community. It feel's dead. Kids these days are moving to XBOX simply because the "party" experience is so much better. It doesn't matter what you're doing you seemed to be aware where everyone is and what they're doing. You feel closer. It's like facebook. A lot more effort is required to find out what your friends are doing on the PS3. In the world of facebook and social media, you just feel like Sony is stuck in 1999. Where is the PS3's integration with facebook? I have a phone and I can easily tell if my friends are online and what they are playing. Sony needs to watch out when Windows 8 / windows phone 8 comes out. The integration, look and feel will be seemless between PCs and the XBOX. As a result we have Sony who is losing billions every year and MS earning billions every quarter. Sony is in a death spiral. Expect PS4 to catch up with XBOX360. MS's XBOX8 will just leave it behind in Q42013.


    Here is a prediction. Social Networking and Online Only Multiplayer Games will be gone, buried and left where they are once the world of Facebook, Twitter and Social Media have rotted themselves away with advertisements telling Users what to think, when to think and why they're thinking it; with all of it being led by internationally recognised 'faces' wanting the same thing as the advertisers. If Sony went wrong with the PS3 in 2005, Social Networking took the same path circa 2002. It's now more evident than ever that Sony followed Social Networking with creating a game console that had capability of the extreme for streaming High Definition content and media. Microsoft suddenly realised what Sony were 'trying to do' and inadvertently avoided 90% of the mistakes Sony had already made by their traditional methods that had worked before; that being experimentation, and finding the 'right one'. The only problem is, Microsoft is not a company that will see Social Networking as anything but a feature to control gaming; and the way they want to control it. If you read up on what Sony have been saying, they are not doing this. They are not following what Microsoft are doing; they are instead following the basic Nintendo approach and systematically acclimatizing PS3's portfolio to another standard of its type. The problem of Microsoft is that their only interest is in controlling the way in which others' perceive what they want, and disguise its direction under a feature set that encompasses everything you would want under one way of doing it. And when did Phones have anything to do with the desires of gamers. When did any gamer want their game console and their games connected via Facebook; or have any connection to it. When did integration do anything but complicate simplicity to the extent that it simply wasn't possibly any longer to do something easy. Gamers are being forced at the whim of a dwindling system spiralling in its own debt; a debt primarily created by greed; primarily originating from advertisers polluting the social network. Microsoft is making that happen. Sony just want to make a really great game console and they have strong links to the film industry in a way that Microsoft will never ever have. Blu-ray was as natural to Sony as their first entrant to the game industry. If you want to know what Sony are trying to do you first have to look at what ND are doing with Uncharted 2/3 and the next chapter in off-line, single player, gaming. The best game developers know that the minefield that is social networking and online only component games are likely to miss the fact that people watch films that don't get any interruption from the audience. That's Social Networking in a nutshell.


    Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton "[Social and free-to-play] is a business I think a lot of companies are learning is difficult to sustain for the long term. It's an adjunct or it's an add-on, but it's not where gaming is headed. It's an additive diversion. There's a place for social and freemium, but it's not going to replace the business models that are out there."

    I have both consoles and I

    I have both consoles and I can say that the playstation 3 is far better than the xbox 360. I don't give a rat's ass about xgame chat and other gimmicks. I care about the games. Let me see. What's on the 360's list? Oh right, Halo, gears, forza, Halo, gears, forza, Halo, gears, forza, Halo, gears, forza, Halo, gears, forza. and then, what else? Oh right, MORE halo, gears and forza. Don't even get me started on how gears most likely will go multiplat next gen and you'll only be left with 1 overhyped, underwhelming FPS game that's almost been milked as much as Nintendo has milked mario this gen and that no-name racing game. Go enjoy your no-game console that's only winning in sales in America due to blind patriotism from ignorant Americans. The rest of us will enjoy the PS3 with its plethora of exclusive games. Oh, by the way, the PS3 has sold approximately 1.5 mill+ units more than the 360 this year. =) Trust me, no one gives a crap about xgame chat. That's the only pathetic excuse you xbots have, huh? How pathetic. Now shoo. Go enjoy that the 360's interface while hoping microsoft released more games and envying PS3 owners.

    just a true gamer

    your a stupid dunmbass and so is the dude above you i have both consoles and there both good from a gamers point of view and when sales are taken into account on how well a console matches up to the other it has to be based on the overall not just a year and ps3 sales have only picked up cause most places sell them for less than half there original retail price. An by the way Sony doesn't make anything on the ps3's sold in this year and highly possibly the last few an hey you slate GOW but the sales for that game speak for them selfs the same as forza and halo an i'm 100% sure theres petitions on most social networking sites to get GOW to the PS not to mention many many more xbox exclusives such as Fable and lost oddyssey, crack down, left4dead, Alan wake, etc "no one gives a crap about xgame chat" you really are blind to what the mass majority of ps3 gamers really want in the next gen... , and to the dude above you are you really that naive to belive the next xbox will not have disks tssssss. Bottom line i may sound like an xbox fanboy but i'm 100% not just a true gamer i love both consoles for there perks and exclusives and can't stomach some of the bull people come out with who are probs little teen boppers with no gf or life!!!

    Actually, the 360 games only

    Actually, the 360 games only sell because you have no other games to play. Yup, hurts, doesn't it? If you actually read the reviews, 360 games have far lower consumer satisfaction than PS3 games. 360 games like Halo and gears of war average 6.0-7.0 user reviews while PS3 games average 8.5 user reviews. Consumer satisfaction: The 360 fails at it. And GOW will go to the playstation and wii u next gen. LOL... Epic is not going to ditch out on multiplatform next gen just to blow M$'s peepee. So what are you left it? Oh, halo and forza? BWAHAHAHAHAHA... Right... BWAHAHAHAHA... My ribs hurt so much from laughing... You're gonna have a blast next gen with only 2 games.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Fable has gone to crap and no one cares about it anymore. Did the last game even reach 2 mill sales? What is lost oddyssey? Crack down? What? Are you naming no-name games just to make your already-pathetic list look good? Left4dead is old and Valve games are now on the PS3. They also look and play better on the PS3, ie Portal 2. Not to mention that Valve prefers the playstation to the 360. Alan wake is crap. Low reviews, low sales. No retail sequel for the 360 in sight. And what's etc? And about xgame chat, really, no one cares. PS3 outsells the xbox 360 by 40-50k units each week. You really think some gimmick feature will drive sales? NoGames 720 will flop due to having only 2 games. The xbox only has success in America due to Microsoft being an American company. Next gen, even Americans will be tempted to switch to Sony if Microsoft only has 2 games worth playing. Oh, by the way. Here's a picture of the xbox You see that? It's a barren... A barren of games. LOL...


    When sony runs out of money because they can't turn a profit anymore who will be laughing?


    The PS3's design is a 'alien' presence within the game industy to a large majority of game publishers and developers (who don't like taking chances); but it has also furthered the need for developers and coders to think differently for those that want to 'think differently and take a chance' on the unknown. It is because of this that 'ND' and 'SCE Studio Liverpool' have a much stronger capability for developing games that 'function differently' and are unexpectedly better/popular in that respective genre. The problem with Xbox360 is that it is not just 'so much easier to develop for', it also inadvertently causes developers to not really apply any thought to failing; therefore, there is no need to rely on innovation and a different way of doing things. Any unexpected result of mediocrity doesn't matter; not much time was wasted during that process because the act of achieving it was pre-generated by ease of implementation. ND have made it clear that the way in which they use SPE/SPU functionality has changed the way their games are made. The Next Generation game consoles will have SPE/SPU in them, but to what extent is a complete unknown for the moment. What is known is that Sony will have a larger acceptance of them over any consideration Microsoft might have. There is no doubt that SPE/SPU CPU-based processors allow for a less complex, less power hungry GPU and that they are capable of performance in excess of current x86 CPUs from Intel and AMD in terms of applying them to game/code/process; and that will remain that way until 2015; 10 years after Cell became a part of PS3. The Cell as a gaming-based CPU design is far more capable than the work Intel or AMD have made toward a gaming-CPU. There is absolutely no limitation that SPE/SPU CPU-based processors could feature heavily in an advanced x86 gaming-only architecture.

    x2015 lol

    What are you talking about? Modern cpus blow away the ps3 in performance period. Not to mention the gpus that you can get. The cell processor is really a joke. The reason it can perform with a lesser gpu is because of all the tasks a modern cpu has to handle. The console has very little to tend to other then getting a connection and playing games.

    The PS3 has been outselling

    The PS3 has been outselling the 360 this year by 2+ mill units. 360 sales have slumped hard this year. Just goes to show that the no-game console is only living off blind Americans that will buy anything made in America. Next gen, I doubt microsoft will even hit 40 mill units. No games = no sales.


    It may be true that PS has more exclusives, but it doesn't matter because Xbox games are better. I'd play gears of war over god of war any day of the week. Halo is dumb but it's still better than Uncharted and Resistance.

    Problem though...

    You're comparing a shooter to a swordfighting game... Uncharted series is considered to be one of the best in the gaming world. Halo is only better because more people play it (Xbox).

    Oh yea!

    I love my ps3! And guess what?! I can play gears of war and halo on my pc! And there fun :D


    Actually, FAR more ppl use blu-ray discs than downloaded movies. Blu-ray continues to grow in use every month. It has made healthy profits for not just Sony, but Panasonic, Pioneer, and various others. PS3 does indeed have facebook integration. I use it. "Sony losing billions while MS earns billions"? Are you high? Do you have ANY proof of that AT ALL? I didn't think so. Microsoft's earnings come from Windows and Office software, not X Box. Both X-Box systems have LOST several billion dollars in summation. PS4 could very well dominate the next Xbox system. Given all the lost money, MS won't be able to pay off Japanese devs to support them like they did this time. PlayStation can succeed in Japan, Europe and America, but X-Box can only do well in America and Europe. This means there will be more variety of games on PS4, as was the case of PS2 vs X-Box and other systems.

    Your Amazing!!

    PS3 is better than xbox and so will be PS4. rather play ps2 than xbox to be honest.


    Ha. Enjoy playing 2008 games........

    Growth Spurt

    The most important thing you've said is that "kids these days [are moving to XBOX...]: because the party experience is so much better." That's what Nintendo and Microsoft are doing: with only slight differences between them; but the overall inclination is the same. Sony. Are. Not. Doing. This. The [point 1]"kiddie gaming market" is probably the only reason why MS social gaming even exists at its current strength. The [point 2]"party experience" is probably the only reason Nintendo have lasted this long. PS Vita is at the same time Sony's worst fear - and their greatest inclination toward - against an expected curve in both those respective points. Here's another prediction: The "kiddie gaming market" is going to die out. The "party experience" is going to die out. Both of these extremes in game development are based on a principle that any normal adult gamer numbering in the hundreds of millions could expectantly counter the tens of millions of kiddies that reduce the adult numbers' expectation that gaming is going to get better in the near future: and having to wait for the younger generation to grow the F* up can't come soon enough. Kid Gamers want a cat, a fiddle and a roof to skateboard off of while their XBOX keeps tabs on whether or not they survived the fall. The "where the real market is" gamer wants Diablo 3 brushing up on Diablo 2 intent.

    More Money and more powerful

    Sony curently have much more money than mircosoft. And PS3 spiked in sale just recently this past year. The only reason Xbox have SO MANY fans is because it came first and some people did wait but the price tag was too much and they decide to go for the cheaper xbox. The rest of the crowd (those who waited for price drops) simply went to xbox because of the larger fanbase. Of course now it seem they're finally reliazing that PS3 is clearly better (I know because I played xbox plently of time... but how can people use that controller ?.?) Online community is dead? Clearly you never been to PS HOME. That's better then anything Xbox can come up with. Although it seem like a lot of older people are on there but much fewer kids (kids being 17 and under like me) which may be why it is underrated. Xgamechat is kinda a silly idea. PS users here what I would do: pick up a phone and push some numbers your phone don't just text and go on internet... The PS Online community is very much alive. Though I still believe Sony should let us have more friends than 100, I met so many good people the past year and a half I been on PSN they really change my life. I hope PS4 allow more friends like 500+ or something. PS3 does have integration with Facebook lmao. There is also an Internet Browser you can use to get to twitter and facebook... wow. Window 8 is just xbox lucky shot. And all this crap about home entertainment xbox? wow well done, well done. How will the more powerful PS4 be left behind when they seem equal at this moment. lmao really I never expect this much dumb statements by a Xbox fanboy on a PS websites... Don't worry you will join us on the PS4 :]

    Hey hey see you shut

    Hey hey see you shut up,anyway its not if anything its going up.

    uum false

    the advantage to bluray is you dont need 4 disks for a game like FF13 other than that your statement is just littered with problems

    "Proprietary Technology"? Um, No!

    Blu-ray is not Sony's proprietary tech. The IP has MANY stakeholders. See here:

    Hope sony will succeed ^^

    If Sony play thier cards right, then the ps4 just might beat the xbox 720 in terms of GPU power and CPU speed.

    Next X-factor

    It's 90% certain that the Next Xbox will have: >> 4-core CPU "with smaller fast cores" in "some form" >>> an additional 4-core CPU in "some form" >> 8Gb of unified memory in "some form" >> 1.25 Teraflop GPU in "some form" >>> an additional 1.25 Teraflop GPU in "some configuration" If that "configuration" finalizes to a SoC/HSA/64bit design, Sony will have a very very very difficult time trying to appear "better than that". Crytek/Cryengine3 and Microsoft are close: Sony now need to get close to Epic/UE4 to equalize the balance.

    Re: Next X-factor

    At the moment nobody besides microsoft knows exactly what will be in the next xbox, though rumours coming from developers who have access to dev kits have stated that MS is currently going with a split memory pool, with 4GD of DDR3 and 2GB of GDDR5. Sony is apparently going with a unified, but a fast 4GB of RAM, which could apparently be GDDR5. There are rumours also that Sony will use an AMD quad core APU, with the chipset from the 7950. The 7950 is a 2.87 TFlop card, there were other rumours stating that the GPU would be a 7970. There have also been rumours that Sony will go 7950 chip in the APU with an additional 7000 series dedicated GPU separate from the APU, so basically a crossfire set-up this could potentially put PS4 at above 3 or 4 TFlops of GPU performance. Whether these cards on both consoles can be used to full effect is a pretty serious issue for both companies, simply because of the amount of wattage GPUs require. There's also cooling, though I think the layout of components and better thought can help to reduce heat it's still going to be a problem, mainly because both Microsoft and Sony are unlikely to want their machines to be any bigger than the current generation of their consoles. The power draw of those AMD GPUs alone goes above 200 watts (I think AMD recommends atleast a 450 Watt PSU for the a PC system with one GPU) and they can generate above 50 c, which will need to be vented quickly in a small system if the things expected to last at least until the included warrenties run out. If AMD was to redesign the cooling in the GPUs to vent straight out of the console and build them into a case that won't leak air into the system maybe they can do it in a small box, but that may cook the GPU. If both companies design special cases, custom make cooling maybe they can deal with greater heat, maybe build a contained box and submerge the internals in oil to radiate all of the heat.


    Really hop microsoft kicks sony's ass in further generation simply coZz microsoft is so much comfortable than sony consoles


    Really hop microsoft kicks sony's ass in further generation simply coZz microsoft is so much comfortable than sony consoles

    Get your facts right!!

    PS3 is better than xbox 360, and deffinately the ps4 will be better than xbox 720. Microsoft makes xbox so it breaks down and they can have your money, whereas sony build consoles for pure entertainment and to give their consoles the best yet!!

    PS Rules

    Microsoft really sucks. All of the products Microsoft made yet are rubbish. from C++ to the windows OS. And the clear winner was and always going to be SONY. SUCKERS


    Microsof will whip sonys ass with windows and xbox play station fanboy.


    Sony is having severe money issues. They have taken losses for the last 4 years and if they keep going at this rate there won't be a ps5. If you don't believe me just look up sony financial problems.

    i really dont understand. lol

    i really dont understand. lol why do you ps3 fanboys flip out when some one from xbox says one intelligent thing. the 2 next gen consoles havent even been officialy announced yet. so chill out you have no idea which one is better. btw 360>ps3. just saying.

    @ I really don't understand

    From a spec point of view the 360 is like a squared wheel compared to the ps3 do your homework

    xbox 720 all the way

    I really hope xbox wins because it way more comfortable than the sony thing, sony's controllers are so small it is almost like it is made for little chinese girls.


    Its unfair how people say that since the Ps3 has blue-ray make it bad. I mean the system came out like 4-5 years ago when Blue-ray was like the most popular thing around. Now since like everything is in Blu-Ray people are dissing Ps3 for having Blu-Ray!


    I haven't seen one person "dissing" the PS3 for having Blue-ray... And there's no point in doing it. Blue-Ray disks can hold up to 50GB, read fast, and are more durable than standard DVD Disks used on the other consoles - these only hold up to about 9 or so GB. The only problem for Sony using Blue ray on the PS3 was that it kicked up the price massively, and were losing money on the systems for a few years.

    PS3 Controllers

    I have enormous hands and the PS3 controllers are so much better than the Xbox ones. the Xbox controllers are so odly shaped. and there is too much play in the triggers for me.

    360 wins

    playstation is the absulute gayest console that has ever been created. its confusing, the connection is slow as hell, and the controllers are so uncomfortable, where as the xbox 360 is very simple, the connection is great, and the controllers are amazingly comfortable. Plus Halo is the all time best game franchise in existance. so there for the Xbox 360 Wins.

    360 is gayer

    ps3 has better gameplay,online connection, no lagg, free, better grfx, and ps3 continues the name instead for xbox 360 it started with xbox then when to xbox 360 whitch i dont get and your netflix is extremely slow at loading i have both systems and my xbox360s netflix takes a minute or two to load and it keeps buffering and ps3 takes a couple of seconds to load and no buffering. Not to mention our headsets are wireless and they are harder to break and they arent big. Finally plastion got hacked by "XBOX 360 FANS AND WENT TO JAIL".


    1. PlayStation got hacked by "Anonymous", a very advanced hacking group,And you were down for a Month...+ 2.Buffering is all down to your connection, Obviously a wired connection would be better than wireless,( if you have wired/wireless ) 3. You're on about the standard mic's for both platforms.You can buy loads of mic's which can connect to both systems, Astro, Turtle Beach, Tritton, And they are very good, And I highly doubt you didn't know that. 4. Facts don't take long to research,Try it next time you go on PlayStation's side. -Xbox Player-

    Actually, it wasn't Anonymous...

    Anonymous threatened to hack Sony for some rip-offs, but decided not to because they realized they'd hurt the users more than the company. Coincidentally, though, another hack-group broke in, found private information, and Sony shut down the network to prevent identity theft. Even the sales website was attacked, or at least it was planned. The strength that was used to knock Sony out could very well have taken Google or some other corporation's network down for a bit as well.


    Yea that's why any halo game won goty? Look at how many ps3 exclusives won goty and a lot that got nominated. Lol next year in 2013 there are so many ps3 exclusives coming out being nominated for goty. Anyways. Halo and gears of war isn't a exclusive. I have them both for my PC. I guess the Xbox only has fable and forza...,ps3 has more variety in exclusive genres my poor friend.


    The playstation will always beat xbox. Biggest reason? You don't have to pay to go on the internet! You don't have to buy accessory's to connect it to wifi and if you hook that baby up with an HD tv and you have the cord for it the graphics are 100% better then xbox. Not to mention the fans in xbox suck so the thing overheats ALL the time and as it starts to heat up the games start to glitch. xbox has made 2 game consoles and the pathetic thing is the original xbox is 10x better then the 360 so obviously that means when 720 comes out its going to be crap. Sony has come out with what 5 consoles? playstation 1, 2, 3 then psp and the new psp thing. Playstation 1 was okay, 2 better, 3 even better so they are just going to continue to go up obviously.


    No on the news ones you don't have to buy a a connector. I have ran a Xbox with a hdmi vs a ps3(cousin has one), and there were about dead even the Xbox looked a little better. Umm your internals obviously SUCK because it can't manage skyrim and the others games it can handle it screws up a ton! Not to mention you HORRIFIC controllers like who invented those? So no your ps3 is not better that my friend is why it gets sold out. Before you're non so clever replies not I'm not a fanboy I've had both but my ps3 broke after about 4 months and its just not worth it. The ps4 I do think might have the potential to beat the new Xbox. Oh, and lastly sonny makes you buy everything from them and they have THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!


    The only reason skyrim didn't work was not because the ps3 could not handle it, but because the developers could not fix the issues. So its not the consoles fault. The ps3 has the power to run it with room to spare. The problem is that the ps3 is a very complicated piece of hardware and sometimes that can work against developers rather them help them. But the ps3 is a very capable machine and I love the free online. As far as the controller goes, if you don't like it, you can simply buy a 3rd party controller that is identical to the Xbox controller. Another thing that is great is if you purchas playstation plus (with is only $17 for 3 months) every month you get 5 free full games or more to download. And these are not cheap games either. Some retail for 50 dollars. Another thing great about plus is that you can set it up where your console will turn on in the middle of the night and update all your games automatically. So no more waking up and having to spend 20 minutes for the next bf3 update. So for me, I choose the ps3.


    The only reason skyrim didn't work was not because the ps3 could not handle it, but because the developers could not fix the issues. So its not the consoles fault. The ps3 has the power to run it with room to spare. The problem is that the ps3 is a very complicated piece of hardware and sometimes that can work against developers rather them help them. But the ps3 is a very capable machine and I love the free online. As far as the controller goes, if you don't like it, you can simply buy a 3rd party controller that is identical to the Xbox controller. Another thing that is great is if you purchas playstation plus (with is only $17 for 3 months) every month you get 5 free full games or more to download. And these are not cheap games either. Some retail for 50 dollars. Another thing great about plus is that you can set it up where your console will turn on in the middle of the night and update all your games automatically. So no more waking up and having to spend 20 minutes for the next bf3 update. So for me, I choose the ps3.

    "Sony makes you buy everything from them"

    No. You've got it the wrong way round my friend. Also, those 'horrific' controllers have been around for years and have never changed because the design was pretty much perfect from the start. The 360 controller only appeals to little boys because it looks futuristic. Technically they're pretty much the same, the PS3 controller is just easier to use. (Also the 360 controller has its left analog stick in the wrong place, I'm surprised Microsoft didn't spot that while developing the console)

    XBOX, XBOX 360 and 720 suck

    Xbox has too many kids first of all. When you go to Youtube and search trolling all you see is KIds trolled on Xbox Live. Next how many times are you gonna get people confused with your retardid dashboard update. When you ask people to give a solid reason to why xbox is better is because PSN got hacked. Like is that your only comeback. So what PSN got hacked look at how much people are on it more than double the amount of Xbox Live users. How much more richer does Bill Gates need to get?


    Just like to say your wrong ps3 does not have double the people online I don't no where your getting yours facts from.