Hey Sony, This is What Your PS4 Fans Want!

Hey Sony, This is What Your PS4 Fans Want! Sooner or later we are going to get an all new PS4 console and Sony needs to hear about what you the fans want! Around here, we've done quite a few polls and found out in some measure what the fans want. In many ways, the results can be extrapolated to let Sony know what their hardcore fans want from them in the PlayStation 4.

The Bottom Line: Price
You can trot out all the cool bells and whistles you want, Sony, but if your fans can't afford it they'll never see it. There have been rumors of a $1000-PS4 for a while now and from what we've seen the fans aren't going to go for it. In our "would you pay $1000 for a new PS4?" poll of almost 12,000 people, less than 15% of them would be willing to pay $1000 for a PS4.

Let's face it; $1000 is a lot of money for your average gamer. Even if they could save that money up in time for launch (and most people aren't very good at saving money), who's to say that they'd want to spend it on a PS4. There are a lot of other things that most people will be spending that kind of money on. Yes, a good PC can cost that, but the PS4 is not going to take the place of a desktop or laptop anytime soon.

The PS3 had a much more reasonable launch price - though it was of course considered outrageous by many at the time - and Sony needs to consider something more in that range if they want stock flying off the shelves.

What's in a Name? EVERYTHING!
A while back there was a rumor about the next PlayStation being called the "Orbis." The nomenclature fit in with the latest Sony handheld, called the Vita, but many fans were a bit put off by it. Sony has a great thing in their naming convention with the PlayStation. PS2, PS3, PS4...they all just have a great ring to them.

Unlike the Xbox naming convention that went off the deep end a bit with the Xbox 360, Sony has a good thing here and it would be a shame to waste it. While it's great to sit around in a board room and be the guy with supposedly great ideas, our "what should sony name its next console?" poll showed that fans overwhelmingly want to stick with "PlayStation 4." In fact, more than 74% of those who took the poll want to stick with the Playstation 4 / PS4 name.

Let's hope then that "Orbis" is just a working title for the project that will become the PS4.

Backwards Compatibility
Backwards compatibility has been a point of contention for quite a while. The PS2 had it in spades; the PS3, not so much. Everyone knows that backwards compatibility is therefore possible - it just depends on what factors Sony takes into consideration when making the decision. You spent so much money on your PS3 games collection, is that fair?

Most fans say that they'd be more likely to purchase a PS4 if it could play their PS3 games. That way, they could continue playing those games and at the same time they could delve into a few PS4 launch titles on the same console as well. Our "do you think the PS4 will have backwards compatibility for PS3 games?" poll has shown that a majority of PS3 fans want the inclusion of backwards compatibility and think that it will be there when the time comes.

Other Bells and Whistles
Looking around at what people are saying here and on Facebook, you get a pretty good idea about what people want besides the things we've already talked about. Without getting into a lot of technical jargon, the main things that you see pop up again and again are cross game chat, increased speed, an integrated camera, and integrated WiFi/Bluetooth. These are minor things that are currently included in other devices, so Sony squeezing them in shouldn't be a problem. It's just a matter of them taking the time to do so.

We are the fans, after all, and Sony has to give us what we want if they want to be super successful with their new console. I have a feeling that they have a lot of this stuff in mind and then some. I believe that when they finally reveal the PS4 that we'll be blown away by it - provided we allow ourselves to be blown away. There will always be naysayers, after all.

So what do you want to see in the PS4? Keep in mind that Sony may read this, so put some thought into your idea and let them know what you think!

Article by - Brett Huffman
Insert Date: 06/02/2012

April 22nd, 2013 Update: Did Sony Give Us What We Want?
Now that the PlayStation 4 is official, did Sony give its fans what they wanted? Let's take a look!

While we are still unsure of the PS4's price, it is estimated to be far lower than the PlayStation 3 originally was priced at in an attempt to appeal to all gamers. For up to the minute PlayStation 3 pricing news, visit the Official PS4 Experts PS4 Price Page!

The Name
Originally rumored to be called the Orbis, fans desperately wanted to see Sony retain the PlayStation brand name. Those fans got their wish as the official name for the console is the PlayStation 4.

Backwards Compatibility
Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible with any past PlayStation console, though Sony has discussed methods of bringing older games to the PlayStation 4 audience. For For up to the minute PlayStation 3 compatibility information, visit the Official PS4 Experts PS4 Backwards Compatibility Page!

For all other PlayStation 4 news, check out our PS4 News Page as well as our PS4 Specs page!

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 04/22/13

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if those specs on the "fake"

if those specs on the "fake" spec sheet are real people would easily buy that over any pc besides your "poll" is mostly pcs, ofcourse they want it to seem if WE the real fans of playstation or xbox would pay that much for a platform that delivers the goods

OLD/NEW. this is my idea

I think we should use some things from ps3 like the way the settings are when u first turn it on and u create a profile and stuff.I also think we should bring the old cd games from ps1,ps2,and ps3 and put it on ps4 which means (the orbis). and we need some realistic graphics.the reason why i said this because as for the video games sometimes people be wanting to be playing there old favorite video games but they cant play it any more because they dont sell it in stores no more because it have been played out or no body dont play it any more and people on the new console but some of them still miss there old games that they like to play.and for as the graphics u can make it more realistic than the playstation 3. but u can make the playstation controllers the same way as the ps3 controllers and u can make the playstation move on ps4.this is the reason why I typed this comment thank you...

whyyyyyy i want ps3

ps3 better it so cool pls give us 3 more years


You can stay on your PS3 while some go on to the PS4 and how do you even know the PS3 is better than the PS4, Do you have a PS4?And please go back to school and fix your grammar.


I understand why you would want to keep the PS3 as Sonys latest console but just think about it the console has been out for 5 years, 6 months and 27 days. That's how OLD the hardware for the current generation conosles are now letting it live for 8 years is just overkill, technology is evolving we are having many advances in graphics ect ect but why arent they getting any better in practice? Because of 5 year old hardware. Have you seen Crysis? Yes super graphics wasn't made for the consoles, why? Because they would just die trying to play that game. Hardware has to advance or else we will just be stuck in the past. At least that is my take on it and it is a pretty valid point not to mention this is exactly why PCs are better since most PC gamers do not use 5 year old hardware. They arent stupid.


One thing I want to see is outstanding visuals. I want the PS4 to make the PS3 look horribly obsolete, just like how the PS3 did to the PS2. I'm tired of seeing fantastic PS3 cutscenes, then muddy, disappointing gameplay graphics. I also would like PS4 games to be a lot bigger in size, so I want a lot of room to work with on the new system. I know Todd Howard mentioned wanting to wait for the PS4 to make Skyrim. I'm glad they didn't, but if they did, I feel like there would be much less flaws, way more content, and MUCH better graphics. That's what I want to see out of PS4 games.

ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 all one

that would be cool if when you start up the system you could choose which sytem you want to play and if your in the middle of a game on a different system part you could pause the game take out the disc put in the other one,and freely switch between the systems.

Backwards Compatibility

The PS4 had better have backwards compatibility with all PS1, PS2, & PS3 games. No if's, and's, or but's ^_^ Infact, backwards compatibility is one of the things that helps me make my decision in what I'm going to buy. Take for example, the PS4 comes out. It's brand new, and so is expensive just a bit. It does not have backwards compatibility. Now, games for the PS4 & the PS4 are very expensive...So you decide to just stick with your current PS3/PS2/PS1 because it plays all your favorite games that you own, since the PS4 is expensive...And you just wait it out until prices drop by alot so you can buy it. Now, say the PS4 comes out, and has backwards compatibility for all PS1, PS2, & PS3 games. It may be a bit expensive, but then you might actually buy it not having to worry about buying expensive PS4 games too as of yet, because it can play all the games that you own for ps1/ps2/ps3. Then, the ps4 will thus replace your current system too. Then, when you have enough money to buy PS4 games, you'll go out and buy PS4 games. We don't want cloud emulation/anything like that either. Everything (except for online multiplayer play) should work offline just fine. But hey, if I could use linux/windows on my PS4, then I'd have a really cool system that could possibly replace my computer as well as play playstation games when booted into the sony firmware. ;) ...Of course the playstation games wouldn't work when booted into linux/windows and they would ONLY work when booted into the sony firmware...I just thought that when someone came out with a hack to put linux/windows on a PS3 that that was pretty damned cool. ( although it was patched for some reason...) :| Just my thoughts. Thanks for your time. ^_^

Region unlocked too if backwards compatibility...

Also, the PS4 should be region-unlocked. Meaning, you can play japanese and american ( or any region ) PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 games as well on just one system. ...You know how many people try to hack their systems to play games their system wasn't region coded for? It's really great that the PS3 is region-free and all, but only for PS3 games...I think that the PS4 should keep this tradition of the PS3, and take it one step even further, by being able to play any PS1/PS2 game, and not having to worry about it being region coded if it's going to have backwards compatibility. *Please note I'm not talking about burned games...but legitimate games that were paid for... ^_^

Ideas To Make It the Best (ITMIB :P)

There are some things that may make "Orbis" come to its true meaning, "circle." Like, for example, backwards compatibility and communication with the previous consoles. Also, the ability to replace our current computers with the new PlayStation. The ability to use PlayStation Move is another idea that could be well used. A couple things that would really bug me is if the new PlayStation requires us to make a new SEN account, or update it more than just a click of a button. Or if we had to regain all of our trophies. One thing that Sony NEEDS to do is release the PlayStation 4 or Orbis earlier than its competitors at a cheaper price. If Microsoft or Nintendo release their next generation of consoles earlier than Sony does and all of them are expensive, then everybody is going to buy the others first and clean out their bank just to buy them. If Sony releases it earlier and cheaper, then everybody is going to buy the next generation of PlayStation before the others, making the market better for Sony, thus not having to delay the PlayStation 5 as they did this year.


so true

if those specs on the "fake???

your stupid people would get a pc over a game system any day. plus a $1000 dollars that is outrageous no gamer would pay that much for a game system unless there life was dependant on gaming I say stick to ps4 and being able to transfer our achievements and trophies to the ps4 from ps3 would be a good Idea. I just hope its not to bulky

ps3 disc's

it would be cool and better if ps3 games will work on the ps4 just a idea