Quantic Dream Prepping A New Adventure Game For PlayStation 4

Quantic Dream was one of the most prolific developers for the PlayStation 3, despite only releasing one game to date for the system: Heavy Rain. While Beyond: Two Souls is prepped for an October 2013 release for the PlayStation 3, founder, lead writer and game director David Cage has already made the transition to the PlayStation 4. You may have recognized David Cage at the PlayStation 4 conference in late February, showing off his company's amazing technology that accurately models lifelike faces:

Cage and Quantic Dream is doing more than just prepping new technology and tech demos, however, as the company has already announced a new game for the PlayStation 4 in the same vein as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. The new game will maintain the same blend of adventure, action and characterization that has made Cage's past games such a success.

In an interview with Gamespot, Cage has stated that the new game is “"incredibly exciting, it's one of the strongest concepts we've had at Quantic Dream and we're really excited about it.” Such a strong concept needs a strong engine, which Cage has confirmed will be the engine he debuted in February: “it's the engine of the next game. It's the technology. It's not a character from the next game but it is the technology we're going to use.”

We don't yet know the plot or characters about the game, only that it follows in the same footsteps as Quantic Dream's previous efforts. Cage has gone on record as stating the share button will have a “water cooler effect” and be influential in his new game. In an interview to Kotaku, Cage states ““We want that ‘water cooler effect’. We had it on Heavy Rain. People talked about it, and they said, ‘I did this. What did you do?’” Fans of Heavy Rain will remember the game featured multiple branching paths, where the outcome of the game was dependent on the choices you made; this lead to a personalized ending for each game and is a feature that will be present in his new PlayStation 4 title.

Quantic Dream Prepping A New Adventure Game For PlayStation 4Cage continues, by stating “the only difference is that now they will be able to capture and share it with their friends. That’s fine. People bought the game. They are free to enjoy it the way they want.” While we have received word that developers will have the right to disable the sharing feature if they desire, Cage is going in the opposite direction and fully embracing it. He obviously recognizes the social potential of the PS4 so expect his new game to fully embrace this concept.

While David Cage and Quantic Dream will have only released two games for the PlayStation 3 by the end of the system's lifespan, it seems Cage is preparing to double his team's output on the PlayStation 4. He tells GamesIndustry International: “"I actually have probably my next three games in mind. Although I'm full speed on Beyond, I know what I'm doing after it because it's already in development," Cage explained. "And I know what I'm doing after that and probably after that. It's great because I have more ideas than I can develop.”

Just like the PlayStation 3 before it, the PS4 looks to be the home of Quantic Dream and adventure gaming in general. If you're as big of a fan of Quantic Dream and David Cage as we are at PS4 Experts, you're no doubt on the edge of your seat waiting for more news. We'll make sure to bring you the latest info on what is sure to be the next great PS4 masterpiece as soon as we sleuth it out!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 05/03/13

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