Rangi Review (VR) - Serene Alignment


Puzzle games have found a new lease on life with PlayStation VR. The immersion that virtual reality provides, combined with the motion options using PlayStation Move, offers a lot of new ways to experience brainteasers and riddles.

Rangi is an African-inspired puzzle game for PlayStation VR that offers a colorful and seemingly serene take on the genre. Does this virtual world keep your brain engaged from beginning to end, or will you shut off your attention halfway through? Let’s find out.

A Steady Difficulty Curve Across Varied Puzzles

Puzzle games in VR are often short and, in some cases, very easy or very hard. Rangi manages to strike a balance between these things by providing a solid 3+ hour experience for around $10 and slowly ramps up the difficulty as you progress.

The game does have a basic story that is set up through some static images and text, but it doesn’t do enough to really sell the game’s world or develop it beyond a premise. Without story as a focus, the gameplay is put in the spotlight.

Using a PlayStation Move controller, you’ll move from waypoint to waypoint (represented by white orbs). At each location, you can rotate and manipulate blocks in the environment using your controller.

Puzzles begin as simple affairs in the same room. You’ll grab blocks and slide them into place to complete power lines in the walls. When you complete a line, it will fill with the respective color coming from the source.

By channeling these colors into specific switches you solve the puzzles and open doors to new areas. The first stretch of the game slowly increases the difficulty until the lines span multiple rooms or vast open areas.
Once this becomes standard, the game throws a few more curveballs your way. In the later levels, you’ll contend with traps, rising lava, and enemies. While the sudden introduction of these things can result in some frustrating deaths, it’s a nice boost to the difficulty before the game’s end.

Not only this, but it adds a dash of variety to keep the standard puzzles from getting old. There are also collectibles to locate in each level for completionists to find. For the low asking price, Rangi offers a nice selection of puzzles that include a steady difficulty curve to avoid the pitfalls of many other VR puzzles games.

A World Bursting With Color and Charm


You wouldn’t know that Rangi began life as a mobile VR game by looking at it. The developers at Digigo Games have done a wonderful job with bringing the world to PlayStation VR. This is due, in part, to the smart choice of cel-shaded graphics, which trade detail for simple geometry and vibrant colors.

Pair this with the charming soundtrack that takes inspiration from African cultures, like the visuals, and you have a unique looking and sounding world for VR players to explore. Rangi comes to us at a great price for the amount of content you’re getting. While I would have liked to see more story to flesh out this world, Rangi is an easy puzzle game to recommend for VR gamers.

Final Score: 8.0/10

A copy of Rangi was provided to PS4 Experts for review purposes

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 6/18/18

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