Rumor Report: Microsoft Paying Publishers To Only Show Xbox One Games At E3 2013

With just days to go before E3 2013 officially kicks off, an interesting rumor has appeared from online gaming forum NeoGAF. An industry insider, who has routinely been correct when revealing rumors about the gaming industry, has revealed a plot wherein Microsoft is looking to undermine Sony at the convention.

The rumor states that Microsoft is paying publishers to only display the Xbox One versions of their multiplatform games to create the illusion that, despite what gamers are thinking, the Xbox One is still all about the games. Since the PlayStation 4 versions will not be shown, the Xbox One will get all the press successfully creating that illusion.

Additionally, it has been mentioned that Microsoft may be doing this because the company is worried that the PlayStation 4 versions of games will look better than their Xbox One counterparts. The last thing the company needs is more bad press for the Xbox One so this could be Microsoft's plan to come out of E3 ahead and not suffer through the inevitable comparison to the PS4.

So far, it's unclear if this rumor is true or if any publishers have taken the cash, though it is rumored that Activision will only be showing Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Destiny.

Do you think this strategy is fair or has Microsoft gone too far? Let us know in the comments and if you suspect any publishers of taking Microsoft's bribe during the show!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 6/8/2013

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How is Activision only

How is Activision only showing Xbox One versions of Destiny when Bungie is giving a Destiny presentation during the PlayStation press conference? on monday?

microsoft stinks

microsoft a gone to far and many of us hate them for that

That's pretty pathetic.

It reminds me how Nvidia was trashing the PS4 when it was first announced because Sony uses an AMD gpu. I think these companies are starting to war over sales worse than politicians running for president. Microsoft is trying to sell a product that is centered around the living room, thus of course it's not going to be all about games. But, to privately bribe publishers only to show the Xbox One versions? That's low even for Microsoft. I honestly hope Sony has a say about this because that's a load of bull and completely unfair.

Skeered... worried

If rumor is true then it goes to show how worried they really are. Even if all the demos are on the Xbone, I am not getting one. PS4 for me...

Slim Merc

And I thought voting for president was bad. If this is true it only proves that the PS4 is way better than the Xbox One and Microsoft knows it and is willing to do whatever it takes to actually gain a fan base that's not paid off lol.

Why Microsoft, why?

Look. I think of it like this. Xbox fans will stick with Xbox, and playstation fans will stick with playstation. Except for the smart Xbox fans who will come to the good side of the console war. Just saying.

So what

let them try to bribe publishers. That would prove that they believe their product is inferior. They are doing what they think they can, but I doubt it would work. Buyers aren't stupid. I trust they will do their homework before making a purchase and realize games are on both systems.

PS4 kills xbox one

Microsoft are dead in the water when it comes to consoles now. With the ridiculous communist inspired conditions of use for their system :D Sony killed off HD video with BLU-RAY and now they will do it to the XBOX ONE with the PS4. Thank you SONY for what we are about to receive. Long live Sony, die die die microsoft