Say No To Restrictive PlayStation 4 DRM

While the Xbox One conference brought about a reveal of the console and many positive aspects about it, it also brought to light the negative aspects: in particular, the console's digital rights management, or DRM, scheme. Before the Xbox One reveal, it was rumored that the Xbox One would need to always be online and would completely restrict used games: a similar rumor we saw for the PlayStation 4. Now that Xbox One DRM information is out, how will it affect Sony and the PlayStation 4?

Let's start by talking a look at what we know about the Xbox One's DRM scheme and the rumors surrounding it:

• Sources indicate that the Xbox One may charge up to a $53 dollar fee to “reactivate” a used game, essentially causing the resale value on the game to be zero. It would no longer be cost effective for the player or a retail chain to resell a used game.
• Publishers will automatically get a cut of every used game on the Xbox One, meaning that in the rare scenario then that someone does relicense a used game, part of that money goes back to the publisher. Currently, the publisher makes nothing from a used sale.
• Microsoft has stated that the above scenario was not false, but was only one “potential scenario” and that they were not ready to talk about what they were going to do.

As a result of the used game market seemingly collapsing, stock in GameStop fell by 15% the day these rumors were announced. However, there was one shining light in the darkness: Sony had previously confirmed that it would not impose DRM on its games and, while the option for publishers to do so was there, they would not be using it.

Say No To Restrictive PlayStation 4 DRMKeep in mind though, this was a few months ago, and it looks like publishers may have the upper hand and force Sony into using similar DRM as the Xbox One. Journalist Geoff Keighley has noted that, thanks to inside sources, publishers are heavily pushing for the Xbox One to implement this draconian form of DRM which will in turn force Sony to use it as well. Why would Sony back down from its previous statement? If you were a game publisher and you knew that an Xbox One version of a game would require all users to purchase it new and that you'll still get money for a used copy, while the PlayStation 4 version had no such protection, it's a given you're developing solely for the Xbox One.

Sony has everything to lose and, quite honestly, nothing to gain. Sure, the players will be happy if Sony doesn't adopt this DRM but when there is no games to play, it's a given many of these anti-DRM supporters will grab an Xbox One just to get their video game fix. Microsoft has put Sony in a bad position: accept the DRM and strain relations with gamers or reject it and strain relations with publishers.

In online video show Bonus round, Keighley described the scenario Sony faces:

"Sony, I think, has been seen as this kind of white knight so far that's not going to restrict used games," Keighley stated. "Based on some of the things I'm hearing, I don't think that's entirely true because I can't see publishers allowing one system to do one thing and one [to] do another."

It's a lose / lose scenario and the biggest loser of all is the consumer.

However, a group of gamers have started a Twitter movement to get Sony's attention regarding the DRM by using the hashtags #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES. So far, the movement has worked, getting the attention of CEO Kaz Hirai:

How do you feel about DRM? Let us know in the comments below!

Update 6/11/2013

Looks like your efforts have paid off! Sony announced at E3 2013 that the PlayStation 4 will be DRM free and will not feature any of the restrictions found on the Xbox One! This is a victory for Sony gamers everywhere!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 5/29/2013

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ur telling us the ps4 is gonna suck then right?

I keep my games for

I keep my games for collection never sold a single game in my life.So i dont get why u babys cry so much about it.

I keep my ...

Because not everybody can afford too you prat.

If DRM is a must....

If DRM is a must so be it but $53 as M$ puts it is f'n ridiculous. If I buy the game at full retail price it is MINE.... Mine to do with what I want... lend, trade, resell, or even just horde. I won't mind some DRM, if the publishers get a cut, it could generate the additional revenue to keep them improving their content. But be reasonable, if you buy a new car the value depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot (regardless of how long you wait to resell/trade it in). Videogames which most average $59.00 new, is a lot given that if you manage to buy just 10 a year have spent the cost of a new console. I could see a fee of $10 being more reasonable... no more...absolutely no more than $15.... but $53 is out of the question. Yes, we wouldn't have videogames without dev's.. however there wouldn't be dev's without someone to buy the content. M$ is alienating themselves from the gamers while Sony may be forced to cut ties too. I would love to see a rally for gamers, by gamers. But in the end our voice must be heard with our wallets. Unless, Sony completely f's things up at E3 they have my vote. But if both consoles enact the same degree of DRM then it looks like I will stick to PS3 and Xbox 360.


With publishers having leverage this was pretty much expected from my estimations, and I would be surprised if sony doesn't implement it with some form of option. Hopefully they don't go the M$ way, where M$ gets a huge chunk of profits. A 10 buck fixed fee would be the way to go, much like the online pass ea discontinued..which served the same function. Considering how many buy used games the publishers would still reap a small profit,it wouldn't severely damage the used game retailers, and would still be affordable in the used game market by consumers if retailers knocked off the cost.


Well, that would just kill the need for my GAMEFLY account.

Great NOT What I Need!

Well lets put it this way... I have been a ps girl all the way from the first ps to the ps3. When sony announced the ps4 my excitment grew and saving began, being aware that the new console would cost the earth. I was still willing to make sacrifices! so for the next 4-5months a diet of blt sandwiches it was until i scrimped enough money together for the new console. Not being a hard core gamer but a more than average gamer, i was happy with the above choice i made because even if i couldnt afford ps4 games for a while, i had a vast collection of ps3 games to keep me occupied until pennys allowed for me to have ps4 games. So imagine my gut renching horror when i heard the rumors about re-paying for my ps3 games, after taking a while to put my stomage back to it normal place. I took a calculator and worked out how much it would cost me to be able to play my ps3 games (i have 43 games) So taking it on the average of $53 per game that equates to A SMALL BLOODY MORTGAGE just to be able to play the games ive allready paid for.... Wait...WTF Are you for real sony! Youd better not be. If this was to be the case any upcomming consoles would be null and void for me. on my allready megar budget it would be impossiable for me to ever have another console or games untill i won the lottery or by the time the ps5 came out i would be able to afford the ps4. THINK SONY THINK! If your not careful you are going to lose a whole lotta Gamers and a whole lotta bread and butter money because of greed. It's the gamers like me that may not have a fortune but slowley and surely trickle money into your company to keep it afloat. By all means you may need to rethink and charge a little more... So go ahead make the changes you need. Just rem DONT CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE! Its the little guys and gals that keep your company running!


Well Sony you are my last hope. I have been gaming since the original Nintendo through all consoles all the way until now with the ps3 and p/c, even the x box until I got my 3rd red ring of death No more Crap box EVER! I always have loved the fact that I could trade games with a friend/video store for a new one or sell them to whoever I please. Only in the end to end up buying a particular new game or investing in a another. If game makers and corporations want to move forward with this then you can count me out of gaming for good. There is a lot of other things in life that are enjoyable and fun to do. I have almost had enough with all this technology. Tracking digital signatures, always wanting more information from the people, x box 1 always on(hopefully Sony is not that stupid), facial recognition for connect, digital this digital that, face book this twitter that. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OLD GAME CONSOLE! POWER ON, INSERT GAME, PLAY, ENJOY. It was that simple once you know! DRM? Well... Sony if you follow through with this you can consider ALL of my blood and sweat made to pay the bills will never go to a single console or game again......Don't hit eject Sony it will be your down fall.

Sticking with PS 3 and Xbox 360

I gave TV the boot and now use a $10 antenna. No more contracts with Dish/Direct/Cable etc. Done paying for TV. I gave up AT&T and contract phones and now use Metro PCS. No more contracts. Now it looks like I am going to once again simplify my life by giving up gaming all together. I only played racing sims such as Forza and Gran Turismo. I own a 350Z Grand touring roadster and a G37 sport coupe both on staggered 20's, both have front lips and wings, tasteful mods. So in essence I drive the real deals and could give up online gaming with CG cars if it comes to it. I have already decided not to buy another xbox product. In fact, I am leaving PC's that run Microsoft and switching to Apple from here on out. Time to leave Bill Gates behind. No complaints from me, just dollars moving elsewhere.