Shadow of the Beast – A new game more than 20 years later

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Shadow of the Beast might just be the oldest game to have a remake on the Playstation 4. The game literally came out in 1989 for the Commodore Amiga, that makes more than 20 years! Believe it or not, it was praised for its high quality graphics back in the day. Well, in a way, if you look at the video below it's in fact quite easy to believe because the images look surprisingly good. Despite this being a game from 1989, I would have no problem looking at this game for hours. The work on the backgrounds is truly remarkable, even if the gameplay maybe doesn't match the attention that was given to the graphics details. This game was made to impress on the Commodore and it did just that.

On the gameplay side, it will naturally get some enhancements too, and I'm sure that the old-school gamers can't wait to see the results. Soundtrack-wise, excellence is expected as well to match the quality of the audio production of the original. I'd say the trailer didn't do too bad in that aspect. Really, the game deserved this remake in general. The game got good critics back in the days and still today players remember it. The game spawned two sequels with Shadow of the Beast II and III.

For now, we got some visual content to watch with a bloody trailer that was revealed at Gamescom. Comparing the two I would say that the game haven't lost its style a single bit. The main character, the environment and the enemies look just as stylish. Let's hope that the level of difficulty will be up to par as well, something that’s always lacking in today's games. Shadow of the Beast always had that reputation of an extremely hard game to play, just what the old-schoolers love. All the Shadow of the Beast versions also had a certain rhythm to them, which made them hard and demanding, so we have to wonder just how much challenge the developers will be willing to present to today's gamers. I’m sure there are younger gamers who would give up pretty quickly on a game like this.

Also, maybe I'm being a little hopeful here, but maybe could the touchpad also get involved here to add a modern feel to the game? Maybe performing some actions through touch will comfort the new gamers who may be intimidated by the game?

Shadow of the BeastHow strong will the makeover be? Well, it would be surprising to see anything but a side-scroller really. People who will buy it will expect this kind of remake and I would consider anything else to be pretty disappointing. Shadow of the Beast on the PS4 needs to have that nostalgia aspect to it. I want to experience the old-school gameplay at least in some portion of the game, if it contains a 3D portion too I won't mind then. The combat aspect of the game will certainly be modified as well, with more moves than that plain punch we see repeatedly in the old version. The game has been announced as a "melee" type of game, so we can guess that the limitation of moves will remain within what Shadow of the Beast have been used to allowing. On top of that, we get a brand new modernized logo that was strongly inspired by the original one.

In conclusion, Shadow of the Beast is, once more, another indie game to be excited about for the PS4. We can almost assume for sure that it’s indeed an indie game simply because these kinds of remakes are generally found in the console's online catalogues, not on store shelves. This assumption could always be wrong though. Do you guys think there’s any chance that we see a full-retail Shadow of the Beast remake with a bigger production? What would you like to see in this new version?

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 09/15/2013

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The big thing they touted with the original on the Amiga was Parallax Scrolling! Where the foregound and background moved at different rates - a huge advance at the time it would seem. I played this for hours but I hope the PS4 improves on it :)