Should the PS4 be backwards compatible with PS3 games?



Yes! Yes! Yes! PS4 should be compatible with all Playstation games dating back to the original Playstation gmes so there's no longer any need for several different consoles.


Yes it should be able to play all playstation games! That's what makes playstation so much better then Xbox.

Also another thought is that

Also another thought is that you should be so that only saved games takes up data not installing the game. It takes up so much room not allowing enough room for more games. That's how the xbox is.

Even if

I get a PS4 I'm still keeping my PS3 anyway. But would still like to see backwards compatible. Maybe then I would get rid of it. I got a PS3 slim when my original PS3 quit reading Blue Ray disks. But still use it for PS2 and downloadable games. New one in the living room, old one in the bed room!

game systems

I think all the game systems that they come up with shoul be compatible. With perivious ones

It would be nice. But it

It would be nice. But it won't append : the two console will have architectures too different to make this possible

to exspensive

if backwards compatibility is allowed then we'll most probably end up paying more money for games because they'll miss out on money charging us to download old games.

All ways

Yes I hate the fact that every time a new system comes out I have to get all new games. take from someone who has had every generation of gaming unit to date.


It seems to me at least that you expect to buy a new console just to play old games? Do you realize how stupid you sound? "I hate the fact that every time a NEW system comes out I have to get all NEW games"?


Backward compatible, no.
Emulation, yes.

Of course

It should have backwards compability, I was so pissed when I bought the PS3 and couldn't play any of my old games that I ended up selling it to buy the compatibily version of it, granted I don't have the same HDD space but I solved that with external drives.

Point is, and take from someone who has been gaming for a long time, if you come out with a new system I don't want the money I spent on older games to became useless. And don't use the argument "you can always plug in your older console" I do that for my SEGAs, Gamecube and N64, I wasn't going to do that if I wanted to play a PS2 game instead of a PS3 one, it's just ridiculous and time wasting.

If the price is lower.

If it not being backwards compatible drives down the price, then no. I will keep my PS3 well after the PS4 comes out anyway, because not everyone will get it immediately, obviously.


sucks we cant play our ps3 games on ps4 and shame its gonna be so expensive we wont be able to afford games for it either.


WTF are you talking about?
There is no reason for PS4 to be the $1000 the majority of people on here seem to think it will cost.
While the PS4 may not use a Cell processor as it's brains, that doesn't stop Sony from putting a PS3 cell chip and RSX in to allow for backwards compatibility at a cheap price.
It may even be possible for the GPU in the PS4 to emulate the cell of the PS3.

As far as the cost of the console goes, for Sony to make a console ten times more powerful than PS3 all they need is an AMD Quad core processor and something along the lines of a hd 6870.
A high level FX series eight core processor like the 8150 can be bought for about £150 retail (cost is probably well under £100 for Amazon to buy).
A hd6870 costs about £130 retail (again Amazon probably buys for less than £100).
TBH there's no reason why Sony can't put together a PS4 with those parts and build the thing for less than £400, make a loss and sell for around £300, which would mean a sub $500 US price.

As far as the cost of the games, I have no reason why you would think they will cost more than they do now.
Development costs certainly won't increase as games are already made at a high standard, with rendered models included far more detail and better lighting effects than current consoles can handle in the released versions.
Instead of leaving out all of the effects and detail devs can just leave it in and probably reduce development times because this hardware will be easier to program for.

I hope your post was meant as a joke, because it certainly doesn't make any sense if it's a serious one.

Why does everyone assume that

Why does everyone assume that you must throw away your PS3 when your PS4 comes out. Does your tv only have one HDMI input? No backwards compatibility will be cheaper. Wether its $5 cheaper or $100 it doesn't matter. Plus I buy a new system to play newer better games.

Good point. I have to agree

Good point. I have to agree on that. It's more important be able to use our pd3 game controllers and PS move.

backward compatibility

As long as the PS4 has strong backward compatibility with one of the PS2 or PS3, I'll be happy.

backwards compatibility for PS4

IF the Ps4 can go as far back as the PS2 so we gamers can play the classics like Final Fantasy X and onimusha, things of the nature, i would be more than just happy. it would make gamers extatic.

Backwards Compatibility

It should play all PlayStation games from PS1-PS4

Then it would be priced so

Then it would be priced so high that it wouldn't sell very well.

Backwards compatibility wouldn't be expensive.

In order to play PS1 and PS2 games any hardware should be able to emulate those console games since they require so little power to do now.
Rumours are showing that the PS4's hardware may have cell elements in it that will allow for PS3 compatibility (basically the HSA/trinity APU can have those bolted on to the chip set).

The idea that being compatible with hardware more than 10 years old or even something more recent like PS3 being expensive is pretty false.
Cost increase would be pretty neglible.
PS3 is the hardest thing to do if Sony's going with something completely different to PS3 in the cpu area, but if worst comes to worse then a PS3 cell chip could be installed on the motherboard if Sony wants it and there's no reason why they wouldn't as it would only help sales of the new machine, not make the price go to crazy heights.

Fact is Sony are still manufacturing PS3s, they're making the cell chip that goes in that machine, Sony doesn't plan on haulting production of PS3 even after PS4 comes out so why would it be expensive to make?
PS2 hardware went into original Fat PS3, it's next to impossible BC would be expensive for PS4.

Backwards Compatibility.

PS4 only needs to play the major titles from past machines, the good games that people will want to play.
Emulation should be able to handle most stuff from PS1 to PS2.
When it comes to PS3 that will be the harder thing to achieve, if Sony goes with a regular CPU element in the rumoured APU they've got, but rumours are supposedly pointing to an AMD APU with Sony having patented mini cells that can bolt onto that chip set.
Some users have done research on Neogaf, though they do admit that it's not a certainty, but educated guesses.

We'll all have to just wait and see, maybe next years E3 will bring some actual news from the horse's mouth.

no.. then its liek xbox if

no.. then its liek xbox if only some games work.. its sutpid and its not hard to make all of them worht and for the price this will cost it damn well better play my ps1 crash bandicoot games lol

Well PS3 didn't have full BC

This is a fact, not all ps2 games worked on the PS3, I think it was the case with PS1 titles too.

This is the issue with using more modern hardware, unless the hardware's powerful enough emulate the old style of coding then Backwards Compatibility simply can't be guarenteed to work on all titles.

TBH most people who care about BC will only care about PS3 titles working on PS4.
It's a hefty amount of work to software emulate older games, because they all have to be coded for the new system, patches or whatever have to be written to allow for all of the games to work, which means thousands to tens of thousands titles, it's not a straight forward easy thing.
If the new PS3 super slim has a small SOC with the original PS3's hardware then that chipset can be placed in the PS4 to allow for BC of PS3 games.

Really you'd only care about the games you want to play.

TBH even if PS4 has a 8870 onboard it wouldn't be crazy expensive, not when it's likely going to be far cheaper than what the 7800/7900GT (which is what the RSX is based on), I mean £300 would be a bargain compared to what it would cost you to build a gaming PC with that graphics card.
The priority for this system has to be that it's a significant jump in power over PS3, that's what matters.

TBH making PS4 fully BC may actually increase the price, because the cost of emulation onto the newer hardware requires a lot of work, every game has to have patches written for them to allow them to work on the new system.

It's stupid to assume that full BC to all previous generations of Playstation will be a feature of PS4 or that it's a cheap and easy thing to be able to guarentee.
Partial or the most major titles will probably work on PS4.




Not meny ps1 games around i have a totle of 252 games ps2 and ps3. I would like to play all ps1,2,3 and 4

PS4 Backwards Compatability--YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

The PS4 should be made to play games from the PS2 and PS3 libraries, which I understand are extensive. Downloading the old PS1 games would be beneficial as well, BUT some of the older games should be updated and released for new audiences. AND the price should NOT exceed what a normal person makes in a month, let alone a thousand dollars! That's just ridiculous!

I believe yes. I mean it is

I believe yes. I mean it is something that is not that difficult. I mean it is a powerful machine by now it should be able to do lesser graphic games as the PS3 has shown. I do not like the idea of having to buy a game on PSN if you already have the game from the past bought on a disc. In fact it should kinda go farther back the PS3 games maybe even all the way to PS1.

If the make the system

If the make the system backwards compatible there will be a million more people willing to put out the money for it, for the simple fact they already have, enjoy, play, want, ps3 (and farther) games they enjoy and want to play over and over again. Making the system backwards compatible would mean they would still get to play all of those games again, only with the new capabilities of the new system and it's upgrades. I would be first in line for a good bundle for the ps4 if they did that.

Why the heck are some people saying no?

cause it might increase the price a bit? honestly, id much rather pay a little more to get a whole package, then have to have three different systems to play games, made for the same frigging franchise. one thing that made me mad about the 360 release was no backwards compatibality, then come find out most ps3's dont, please sony, make them backwards compatible.

Probably because they don't care about older generation games.

TBH the price could be increase by a lot, especially if patches have to be written for every titles to work on PS4, but mainly people probably don't care about anything but PS4 games playing on PS4.

While I would love for PS4 to allow for full Backwards Compatibility it's not realistic to assume that it will be an easy affair to make the system fully capable of playing every title work from every gen of older Sony machines.

If I had to pick between PS4 being more powerful and capable of producing better games or backwards compatibility I'd pick the former, because that's the point of the next generation.
Of course I hope PS4 will be able to play PS1-PS3 titles I'd like to, at some point play on the machine, but it's more important that the dedicated PS4 games play well.

Backwards Compatability

There is no need to charge extra for BC you will make plenty of money from us. Dont be greedy.

It comes down to the format of the disks.

PS3 games should be included, but lets not go having 4 separate setups for the reading equipment inside. PS2 can play PS1 and 2, it's reasonable that the BC not go back that far, But PS3 games are kind of a must. I wont rush out and buy the system if I can't carry my PS3 library forward with it. I have a PS2 for my classics.

I'm Buying Black ops 2 On PS3

I'm Buying Black ops 2 On PS3 And im also buying a PS4. If i could play Black ops 2 on PS4 Then Yes! PS$

Or at least an alternative!

I'm for backwards compatibility, and this is why I chose a Wii and an XBox360 over the PS3 from the start, because it wasn't going to play my copy of FF7 (which is now released on their shop channel, thankfully) or so many other games I have for both PS1 and PS2.

If they really don't want to add BC for 1-2, they should release more games for purchase just like they did FF7. I think less than a 30th of my PS1 library alone is on the shop, next to nothing from my PS2 collection is there.

(And my son is begging for me to play Dirge of Cerberus... our PS2 is out of commission.)

PS4 hardware

All the PS4 really needs is some beefier hardware since developers have hit the limit of the capability of both the xbox 306 and PS3. PS3 already has everything else such as blu-ray and 3D. So basically what I'm saying is we just need an "upgraded" PS3

Backwards Compatability

Most definitely the ps4 should be compatible with ps3,it would be pointless for people who already have a ps3 to go buy a ps4 because they would also have to buy brand new games with it.

PS4 Compatiblity

All new PS consoles should be compatible with previous PS games. What am I going to play retro games like Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot on when my PS2 crashes and they are no longer made?

yes the ps4 should have

yes the ps4 should have backward compatibility for the ps3 but also the ps2. the ps2 should not be forgotten. it was the best game system ever and still is

about the ps4

the ps4 it should backward compatible ps3 game what people got ps3 anywhere should we keep then iread on webite all playstaion game work on ps3 let all playstation work

PS4 Compatiblity

All new PS consoles should be compatible with previous PS games... What am I going to play the retro games like Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot on when my PS2 crashes and they are no longer made???