Should Sony call their next gaming console 'Orbis' or the 'PS4' ? Let Sony know what you think!


PS4 Duh!

The Orbis name = Fail. Name it PS4 and release the damn thing already.

call it ps4

they should keep the game counsol the same name generation, but call the orbis the 2nd psvita.


they should call it ps4 orbis that way they can say orbis for short but still keep the ps legacy going strong


That makes the most sense and makes it so everyone can call it what they want so everyones happy. PS4 Orbis!!!


they should call it play station orbis

Call It Ps4-Reply

I think your Right The 2nd Ps Vita Should Be Called PlayStation OrBis Good Thinking


Whatever, im still going to call it the PS4.