Should Sony incorporate motion controls into the PS4?


I think

i think it would be like kinect, so you dont need any controllers

Waste of Time and Money

Motion controls are the exact antithesis of video gaming. I, for one, don't want to have to get off my couch to play the latest shooters or, especially, racing games. (Mario Kart Wii sucks more crud than a vacuum) I don't think that's what video games are about. The one good thing that they have going for them is that, at least in some cases, you can turn them off.


yeah i kinda agree with you but they should make it so you could choose if you want to use the controller or your body

New Controller

I think motion controls shoud play a part, this time around I'd like Move to be built into the actual main controller, basically two nunchucks that are connected together, they split in two when you want to play a motion style game.
A quick seperation design, that just pulls apart and clicks back together with little effort.

Something that can function like Move when needed, but like PS3 SixAxis when needed.
This whole idea would show Sony doesn't want to just grab your money by making you pay for the privalige of the move functionality.

Also this concept would allow for both people that like regular controllers and motion tools to be catered for, without the need for Sony to make people choose.

This time around if they add motion tech (which is gonna be a given IMO) then they need to get developers to really make good use of the tech as more than just a gimmick.