Sony Announces PS4 Mega Bundle for Europe

Good news for European fans of the PlayStation 4. Much like the days of yore when systems were sold with extras, Sony is offering its European customers a chance to purchase a bundle with the coming PlayStation 4 release. After the 90s, bundled systems started to go the way of the dinosaur and it became so such that a bundled system could only really be found at a big box store or maybe the second or third year the system had been out and retailers were trying to boost sales. But Sony is bringing this fad back with the Mega Bundle.

Sony has already shown that their system was priced about $100 below that of the Xbox One in American dollars making it a more thrifty choice for people looking to purchase the next generation of systems. Even though the system costs less, it sacrificed nothing in the way of power so ultimately it was a smart move. With the bundle prices, this of course closes the gap between the two systems however, with the bundle players get far more bang for their buck.

First and foremost, the system is coming bundled with Killzone: Shadow Fall in this special deal. Briefly, the game is a Frist Person Shooter and is the fourth game in the main Killzone story line. The game is exclusive to PlayStation but can be purchased outside of the bundle. This is a step away from the normal starter title for systems, generally players are saddled with racing games which is fun if you like driving but otherwise lackluster. The change in game types shows that Sony is at least in touch with its fan base as chances are, the average player likes headshots more than drifting.

The bundle will also include the camera which was left out of the original design to help lower production costs and an extra DualShock controller. This is great news for people who want to play multiplayer games with their friends in the same room. Even with the advent of online multiplayer, some people do still want that face time. Or have siblings.

Sony Announces PS4 Mega Bundle for EuropeThe extra goodies come at a cost however. The PlayStation 4 on its own is €411.83 at today’s conversion rate from British Pounds. With Killzone, the camera, and the controller, the price shoots up to €499 which is the same price as the Xbox One. That’s about an €80 difference (give or take with the conversion rate of any given day) making it a solid purchase choice for anyone looking to get in on the PlayStation action this holiday season.

Retailers who are offering the bundle, including digital giant Amazon have already begun to notify people who preordered their systems early that they can upgrade to what Sony calls, the Mega Bundle from their regular purchase. This product is only being offered in limited numbers so it will be available to everyone but Sony believes that it will probably be used up in pre-orders converting to the bundle as opposed to just the system alone.

This is just one of various bundles that will include possibly other game choices. Earlier purchasers are just being notified of the further options and are being surveyed to see if they will be upgrading or sticking with their original plans. But as said before, quantities are limited so players looking to make the switch would do well to decide quickly.

System bundles help companies move their product but they are also great bonuses to fans looking to find an easy way to pick up the next system. Going from a fully ready to play system down to starting over again can seem daunting at the best of times. This way, players are closer to stating where they left off.

The Mega Bundle which includes Killzone: Shadow Fall, an extra DualShock controller, and the camera will run customers €499 and can be obtained through many retailers. For fans who have already preordered their PlayStation 4, they may get a chance to upgrade their orders depending on where their order was placed. Fans should look out for emails from their shop of choice to find out if they are being offered this opportunity.

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/10/2013

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