Sony Digital Upgrade Program Helps Bridge the Gap

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It’s that time of the decade again, the time when all gamers get excited because their systems are finally moving into the next generation. This is a great time for players because after years of pushing the limits of the current systems, fans will finally have the chance to see what their favorite franchises move and feel like on all new and more powerful hardware. But even with all of these highpoints, there’s still a downside to this period. The gap between the new system and the old system is always a rough time for gamers. Sony has started a new program to allow fans to upgrade their games purchased on the last generation to the current generation.

During the time when a system is shifting, developers have one of three options for their games. They can either choose to develop solely for the system that is going out, the last generation, develop for the next generation, or develop the upcoming games for both generations of the system. All choices have their inherent pros and cons. Generally speaking, players will only buy a game once so developing for the single system may be a risky move.

If studios only put the game out on the older version, players may pass on buying it in order to put their money into the next generation. Some players have already traded in their PlayStation 3s to help finance their PlayStation 4 pre-orders. So these fans may miss out on games for that reason or if they’re just saving all their money to put into the PlayStation 4 when it comes out.

For developers who are planning to put a game out as soon as the PlayStation 4 is released they may miss out on a large number of players who are waiting to make the upgrade. By the time they make the move to the new system, the game may be yesterday’s news and not get picked.

Then there is the third option for developers. The option to release the game on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This has historically been a risky move for developers as generally only one version of the game will turn a profit. The secondary problem is that one version may feel rushed to players leaving them to bypass the secondary version and ultimately miss out on a great game.

Sony Digital Upgrade Program Helps Bridge the GapSony is combating this issue by offering a digital upgrade program for certain titles that are being released on both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. Basically this process is that first, the player must have purchased one of the qualifying games in disk format on the PlayStation 3.

Once the game is purchased, they must sign in into the PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 3 and redeem the voucher code that comes with the qualifying game. Follow the prompts on the system to complete the process.

This is a two tier process. The second part happens once the player has their hands on the PlayStation 4. Once they have the system they will be able to download the digital copy of the game. They must have registered the new system with the same SEN account that they used when they registered the original game. After that, they need only find the title in the PlayStation Store and purchase it as they normally would. The discounted price will be given at check out.

There are currently four games that eligible for this deal. Assassin's Creed IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4. The price for the digital upgrade is set to be somewhere around $10 making this a pretty affordable option for people who are looking to play the newer games but are waiting to jump on the PlayStation 4 bandwagon.

These deals do have an end date however. They do not stay available forever and if fans want to take advantage of them, they have to make a choice early on how they plan to utilize this opportunity or if they plan to use it at all.

Even so, the Sony digital upgrade program may turn out to be a great thing for many players who are on the fence about how long they want to wait to play great games.

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/3/2013

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