Sony Make Virtual Reality, A Reality!!

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Virtual Reality is the holy grail of gaming, not just playing in a world but being in it. Most of us grew up with Virtual Reality being nothing more than something that seemed to pop up on every other sci-fi movie for years but to this generation of gamers, it's becoming reality.

In a recent announcement on CNN, Sony released details of its latest attempt at Virtual Reality, the HMZ-T1. Although it sounds like something out of the Terminator movies, the HMZ-T1 is a head mounted 3D viewer that offers gamers the chance to experience High-Definition 3D visuals that match the visual splendor of playing on a 62ft HD-TV.

The video below demonstrates how the ingenuity of one savvy gamer can lead to a unique game experience, even topping that of the Wii. In the video a guy is using a Wiimote and GlovePIE, combined with a few scripts, to create a VR experience in the popular multiplayer title, Left 4 Dead 2. You only need to watch for a few minutes before you get that "I want one of those" urges, and this is just a regular-joe. Imagine what a multi-billion dollar company like Sony can pull out the bag?

What's Next? Hoverboards and a Time Traveling DeLorean?
It is often said the science-fiction of today makes the technology of tomorrow and is this case, it has proven true. Not only can the HMZ-TI VR Headset interact with any blue tooth devices to add 3D visuals and simulated 5:1 surround sound but it can also directly interact with "All common household video games consoles". Gamers that are lucky enough to have experienced proper 3D gaming will tell you, it's not something to take likely and it really takes your experience to the next level, that's just using a TV and pair of dodgy sunglasses. If you combine the technology that Sony is utilizing with the HMZ-T1 with the gamers opinion of what VR should be in the video, you have an ultimate gaming device. In truth, the headset doesn't actually match the full terms of a Virtual Reality experience as it doesn't react based on your movement or location, it's more like having a huge TV miniaturized and strapped to your head, but the Wii, Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect have all shown that movement recognition technology is common place, I would expect them to integrate that technology with products like the HMZ-T1 within the next 24 months.

Sony Make Virtual Reality, A Reality!!What else can they do with it?
It doesn't take much imagination to see where Sony can go with this kind of technology, Microsoft and Nintendo haven't announced anything similar to this, could this be Sony testing the waters for the next generation consoles? The HMZ-T1 has visuals and sound covered and the motion capture technology on consoles is improving constantly with things like Wii Motion Plus.

Assuming that they can use the Playstation Move technology in another form, a glove form for example, which is a pretty safe assumption to make, all they would need to do is reduce the cost of the HMZ-T1 headset. This is obviously easier said than done but as with most things tech-wise, time will see the price drop dramatically but how much time can we expect to wait before it becomes financially viable to put one in every household that's home to a Playstation product? We all expect a certain wow-factor from next generation technology but with a little VR injection, maybe the Playstation 4 can add some holy **** wtf factor.

When's It Coming Out?
Sony have announced that the HMZ-T1 Virtual Reality Headset will be available in Japan on November 11th and it will cost roughly $800. Industry experts are warning that other countries like America and the UK may get the cold shoulder if this product doesn't "Meet expectations". Sony never commented on release dates for anywhere else and have yet to confirm if the HMZ-T1 will ship anywhere out of Japan, the crazy console prices of this generation already caused a lot of stir and unforeseen problems, are gamers outside of Japan dedicated enough to spend $800 for a VR experience?

Move Over HMZ-T1, Here Comes The Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift is the latest in virtual reality technology and, while it is initially slated to only hit the PC, there have been murmurs of it eventually coming to the PlayStation 4. According to Engadget, those rumors are courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida. In speaking with the website, Yoshida had this to say:

"We've got a couple of the development kits, and I tried it out and I love it."

At the present time, the PlayStation 4 does not currently support the Oculus Rift but it seems like its only a matter of time until it does. Sony has the development kits, and the head of Worldwide Studios loves it: it's only a matter of time before VR gaming on the PlayStation 4 is a reality.

What do you think? Whether it's the HMZ-T1 or the Oculus Rift, are you excited for VR gaming? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Blaine Smith

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 7/25/2013

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That's a little bit extreme of a price for a small headset with a screen and some nice sounding earphones. I would wait till it drops in price or wait until the next awesome thing comes out because whatever they got up their sleeve is going to be off the chain!

I'd pay $1000 for that, if it

I'd pay $1000 for that, if it was true VR. This is still worth the price though.

Maybe depends on what it can do

i love the concept and i really hope they can meet expectations with this cause i can see it being pretty big for hardcore gamers if it can play games like skyrim or dragons dogma then id buy one for sure

Hell Ya

I would definitely pay 800 for this!!! I mean hell!! its virtual reality for goodness sake. You would be insane not to invest in something that gives you the feel of looking at a 62ft tv!!!!! If this hits the U.S. which i really hope it does, I will be for sure the first one in line to buy it!!!


You should go outdoors and experience the real reality first. You sound like a stupid little kid.


I hope someone will design an outdoors simulation also with birds and everything so we never have to leave the comfort of our home.

you realize that reality is

you realize that reality is only a perception of what you think you see and according to some scientist what you see doesn't even really exist. perception of things change everything. I for one go out side and I still would love to have a vr system and if 800 bucks could get me there then ill take it.


it's like 90's again :D


i would make the vr 3d, makes the games more inclusive and maybe curved screens?


I know the tech should work. With motion sensors, cameras, etc. Should be easy with today's technology.

Yeah!!! Bring it on baby,

Yeah!!! Bring it on baby, future is coming and I can't wait any longer because I'm getting old.


me too


I'd say this batch is a flop. You'd have to be a pretty hard gamer to get something like this that sounds more like a prototype. I'd wait until better versions are released. Like the other areas of electronics, release things steadily. I'll wait for the extreme edition with built in subs and body vests and the like :P

Oculus Rift

To be honest, the Oculus Rift sounds better and is projected to be WAY cheaper (approx $300) I'll be very happy to buy the Oculus when it comes out commercially (right now it's only available as a devkit) and I'm really looking forward to the day when it's compatible with PS4 (or some future gaming system that is designed specifically for virtual reality)

Just a quick question

Would headsets such as these be able to accommodate those who wear glasses or other corrective lenses. Also I would like to inquire as to the likelihood of disorientation being a possible problem with the headsets. Also what kind of sound would these things be capable of or are they strictly visual devices. Either way it goes I am excited as to the possibilities tech such as this will open up. The only real fear that I have is that people will not show enough interest in the product to cause the designers to continue their R&D.

Never been a fan of this

F*ck walking around and moving. I want to sit on my couch like your ordinary potato and play my games. Especially when the price tag is as big as that. It's like 3d gaming and 3d television. People will get bored of it: Fast.

Not impressed

If it is what the video shows, i sure wouldn't wast my money on it!