Sony Moving Plenty of PlayStation Moves

PlayStation MoveWith the one month anniversary of the PlayStation Move having come and gone, Sony has released some of the first shipment and sales figures for the new peripheral, and thus far they’ve been quite impressive.

First up, Sony announced that they’ve shipped 2.5 million Moves around the world, and that the devices are flying off store shelves everywhere, to the point where they’re having trouble keeping up with the demand. Shortly after this, it was announced that the Move has quickly sold (not shipped) 250,000 units in the United Kingdom, with Sony expecting to sell another 250,000 in the region by Christmas.

Move Away From Our Spotlight!

In a seeming attempt to steal some of the spotlight from the Move’s success, Microsoft announced that they expect to ship 5 million Kinects after their own motion control peripheral goes on sale later this month, despite a lukewarm reception to the device and its current crop of games from many critics and fans.

These figures clash with a recent report by market watcher IDC, which predicted that the Kinect would sell somewhere in the range of 2.5-3 million Kinects, while Sony would sell just 2-2.25 million Moves in the 4th quarter. After the shipment and sales figures released by Sony, it looks as if they’ll see far more success with the Move than analysts predicted. How well the Kinect will fare on the other hand is still up for debate.

Moving Into Gamers' Hearts

Unlike the Kinect, the Move has been praised by critics and gamers for its flawless control and wide range of diverse game offerings available right from launch. The only real cause for concern for the Move in the short term is the relative lack of new offerings leading up to Christmas, with most developers either rushing to get their Move compatible offerings ready at launch, or taking the extra time to fully implement the system into new games which won’t yet see the light of day for a few months.

Still, with the large crop of games already available, a lack of holiday releases shouldn’t negatively impact sales of the device. Have you hopped on the Move bandwagon yet? Are you surprised by the Move’s early success? How do you think the Kinect will fare in comparison? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and on our forums.

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