How Much Does Sony Make On Each PS4 Sold?

How Much Does Sony Make On Each PS4 Sold?At launch, most console makers don't actually make a profit on the system, instead selling it for a loss and making their money back on accessories and games. This generation may be the first that Sony turns a profit right from the beginning due to off-the-shelf hardware, but just how much is Sony making on each PS4 sold?

Sony Makes $18 on each PS4 sold

According to research firm IHS, it costs Sony $381 to make each PlayStation 4, which then sells for $399.99. Contrast this to the PS3 launch, where Sony paid around $800 to make each PS3, selling it for a substantial loss.

The majority of the cost of the PS4 comes in parts, with assembly making up the remaining difference.

With over one million PlayStation 4 units sold, Sony has already made quite a profit on the system! With Sony's hope to get three million PS4 units sold by the end of 2013, the PS4 may be the cash cow the company needs to out on top.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/22/2013

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Don't the stores get a

Don't the stores get a kickback though of that 399$ making it actually losing still?

um shipping isn't free..

If it cost 381 to make after shipping and selling at wholesale they are taking a hit every unit...

the stores dont win money

the stores dont win money with the console? stupid article !

How can this be accurate.

Sony has already stated that they take a $60 hit on each unit they sell? They anticipate making up the difference with a single purchase of a game, camera, or a controller. So how can the IHS show Sony as making a profit with each system?