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As a species, I think we are all hardwired to improve upon the basics. For example, we took fire and we made engines, fireplaces, and all kinds of devices that utilize fire. If life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. Everything in this world started as something basic, and we modded it to be something greater. See what I did there? Let’s talk system mods, and I don’t mean the kind of hacks and cheats that give people an unfair advantage. I’m talking about the creative input of engineers, artists, and everyday people that take the already sleek looking PS4 system and controller and make it their own. Some mods can of course be dangerous to the system and void your warranty, so don’t do this at home unless you’re certain you know what you’re doing. That being said, to those about to mod, we salute you. Let’s take a look at what the PS4 community has been doing.

Custom Olive Drab PS4 Taking the Light Bar Down a Notch, in Style!
The PS4’s LED light bar is pretty cool, but it’s also really bright. Me personally, I can ignore it without issue, but I can see how some people would find it distracting. The above video shows how one person was able to bring down the intensity and put a fancy logo in it’s place. I like this mod, but one thing that worries me is how the lack of light could affect the compatibility with the Eye Camera. As long as he has another one that’s full brightness, I suppose the issue is null and void.

Custom Olive Drab PS4
This custom skin has received a lot of positive feedback from the PS4 Mod community on Reddit for it’s sleek design and simple approach. Granted the picture has it on a subwoofer which is quickly addressed in the comments, but the olive green and black makes for a professional look that calls to mind the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP that Sony released several years back.

Friday the 13th Dualshock 4

Whether you’re a fan of the horror series starring Jason Voorhees or not, there’s something for everyone to love about this awesome custom Dualshock 4. What’s even better is that the creator has a step by step walkthrough of the controller’s design at the following link. Here’s hoping something like this becomes available for sale!

NES themed PS4 system

NES themed PS4 system

Well this is certainly a child of two worlds. Here we have a PS4 system with a custom case mod that makes it look like a Nintendo Entertainment System. Frankly I’m surprised it didn’t cause a time paradox when they turned it on, but there it is in all of it’s time space continuum shattering glory.

Black and White Dualshock 4

For a first timer, this particular redditor did a great job making a black and white PS4 controller. Personally, I think black and white go together like peanut butter and jelly, so this look is fantastic. I sincerely hope Sony is taking notes, because these two tone controllers are simple and effective.

Brushed Metal PS4

The metallic color of this PS4 is already awesome, but the finely detailed brushed metal brings an entirely new level of texture to the casing of the system. It stands out far more than the jet black of the current system, which is exactly what a mod should do. I would pay for a mod like this in a heartbeat.

Arctic Camo Dualshock 4

This controller may seem like it came straight out of a Call of Duty campaign, but it was actually made using garage floor epoxy paint chips. I would have never thought to use paint chips, but the pattern it created on this controller was absolutely stunning. This is where creativity can bring forth quality, even if you’re not a budding Picasso.

A Change of Pace for a Price

Red Carbon PS4

We all know these custom mods are awesome, but some people, like myself, are justifiably worried about doing something wrong and breaking their system or controller. The good news, is that the people over at Icarbon are already selling custom PS4 skins that you can order right now. These come fully ready to go. Some of the color options are pictured below, and the options are very sleek.

What ideas do you have?
Looks like the community is already finding ways to improve upon perfection with the PS4. Keep in mind that these mods can be detrimental to the system, so only do it if you’re certain you know what you’re doing. Of course, there are more mods out there, but I like to see the kind that are cosmetic, and not designed to give someone an unfair advantage. I for one hope that some of these designs get picked up by Sony as I personally think they would sell like hotcakes.

What kind of mods do you want to see for the PS4? Have you done any yourself? Tell us, or better yet, show us, in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 12/27/2013

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If you could make a fallout 3 themed one, that would be epic


If you could do a Phantom Paine themed one that would be great

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so if i were to but the ps4 would i be able to send the ps4 in the get a camo on it or would i have to but it like that