Everything You Need to Know to Survive the PS4 Launch Day

So the time has almost arrived. The time that the Sony prophets from up high have spoken about for months is finally coming, as launch day is creeping upon us. You may think you’re ready, but you’re not. You may think that all you needed was to preorder your PS4 and then just sit back and wait for the brown box of happiness to be delivered to your door or just walk in and pick up what you’ve already paid for. But that’s just not how it is and much like the zombie apocalypse, the first rule of having a successful launch day is to plan a successful launch day. This is going to be an exhaustive day, and because there is so much to play yet only 24 hours in the day to play, you're going to want to make the most of it. Thus, what can you do? Follow this guide, step by step, and have the best launch day ever!

Pick up your game at midnight ps41. Pick up your game at midnight
Sure, you’re probably not going to play at midnight, as it’s late. Probably cold. Maybe you worked all day, I don’t know, it’s your life but if your store is offering the midnight pick up, do this. You will be thankful later. Why? Because the midnight pick up is a preorder event. Avoid the crowds of people coming to buy that morning/afternoon. And it comes in handy for point number 2.

Remember your console needs to update ps42. Remember your console needs to update
As soon as you turn on your PS4, it’s going to download an update. So don’t plan on jumping right into Killzone or Creed. Plan your day around the fact that you’re going to have to wait even longer to play that delicious new piece of hardware. If you picked up your PS4 at midnight you can set it up and go to bed leaving you with a shiny new console to play first thing in the morning.

Also, be sure to set your alarm. If you really want to ensure that you wake up extra early to play your new PS4, drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed. Eventually, you will have to wake up and urinate, and once you're up, why not stay awake and enjoy your PS4? This is how the Native Americans used to wake up extra early for a big hunt - follow their example.

Call your job. Tell them you’re dead. ps43. Call your job. Tell them you’re dead (or, you know, just call in sick).
Or be responsible and schedule some vacation time. Or call in and tell them you’re sick. You know you want to play. Call into work, but do it responsibly.

Be ready to set up your PlayStation Network Account ps44. Be ready to set up your PlayStation Network Account
For some of you, this is your first time at the online Sony rodeo. That’s cool, no judgments (even if you’re jumping ship from Xbox Live to PSN). If that’s the case, then you are going to want to set up your PSN account for the very first time. And if you have had a PSN account in the past but haven’t logged into it in years?

You’re going to want to ensure that you have all the relevant information you are going to need to log into your PSN account on day one. Do you even remember your password? Better make sure you do - especially if you’re planning to download some games for launch day in addition to what you pick up in the store.

Buy some games ps45. Buy some games
This is number five because I like to think that it goes without saying, but just in case it doesn’t here it is. Buy some games. Not just one. At least two. Maybe three. Scratch that: 4-5. And maybe a PS Vita while you’re at it. Gaming on launch day is one thing, but you need to plan ahead for the rest of the year into 2014.

Trust me: there are going to be days long after the big launch where you are going to wish you had a few games at your disposal – especially since you’re probably going to power through whatever game you pick up. Don’t be that poor slob sitting in your living room with a brand new console and all they have to show for it is the latest COD. You’re not ten years old anymore, be a responsible gamer and buy more than one game. If you’re looking for ideas, take a look at a guide written by yours truly last week: Here’s five good ones. You’re welcome.

Set up your console ps46. Set up your console
So you think you’re just going to pull out the old cords and plug in the new console without touching the TV huh? Only thing is, the PlayStation 4 is an HDMI only console so you’ve got to get to the back of your TV (and also make sure you have an HDMI port). This may not seem like such a big deal, but when was the last time you moved your TV? Exactly. Tidy up a bit before you plug your console up, free some space around your entertainment center, and plug it up accordingly after you’re done some much needed ‘spring cleaning.’

Stock up on snacks, put the pizza guy on speed dial ps47. Stock up on snacks, put the pizza guy on speed dial
Don’t even pretend like you’re going to take a break on launch day to cook anything. You’re going to be living off of Mountain Dew, Doritos, and pizza. That’s fine - it’s launch day after all. Live a little and don’t feel like you have to watch your diet. But make sure you have this stuff in the house. Run to the store now. Stock up like there’s a hurricane coming. Or a tornado coming. Or a volcano erupting - whatever the popular natural disaster in your area may be, stock up on food like it's 'that.'

And be sure to buy my go-to launch day meal: microwavable burritos covered in hot sauce and Arnold Palmer Half and Half Sweet Tea. Especially Arnold Palmer Half and Half Sweet Tea. Half lemonade, half sweet tea, 100% delicious. It’s the new gamers’ drink.

Be prepared to sit. For a long time. Use proper posture.8. Be prepared to sit. For a long time. Use proper posture.
You’re going to sit for a long time. I don’t think I need to spell this out but if you plan on marathoning through launch day like the champ you are, might want to figure out some bathroom solutions so you can still use your couch for company without shame. Ensure that you take frequent bathroom breaks at least one hour at a time (and for crying out loud, take a shower at least once a day – you’re a gamer, not a slob). And speaking of couches, make sure yours is comfortable. Throw some extra pillows down there. You know you’re going to want to lay down at some point and those decorative pillows just aren’t going to cut it for comfort.

Finally, use proper posture. Your back is going to feel terrible if you sit improperly for hours on end, so ensure that you sit in a proper manner at all times. A few Google searches will tell you how to sit properly, and if you have a problem sitting properly, begin practicing now. Proper posture will mean the difference between having a back ache and headaches the next morning versus feeling like a million bucks.

And if possible, stand and play for a little while. Play in different positions, sit differently, stand differently - just move to different positions every 30 minutes or so. Believe it or not, but people actually die from sitting in the same position for too long. It may not seem like a big threat, but believe me: it can happen to you. Do the smart thing: change positions often and stay safe during launch day.

Put up a ‘do not disturb sign’ on your front door9. Put up a ‘do not disturb sign’ on your front door
Speaking of company, let people know what’s going on in your world. No one wants family and friends dropping by when you’ve got work to do, headshots to make, people to kill for the good of history. Let them know that this is a special day for you and your PlayStation 4. No one else. Unless they’re bringing food because you skipped number 7 up there.

Also, lock the front door. I had a friend that once walked into my home without being invited inside. Irritating to say the least, I’d have been even more irritated had I been playing my PS4. Do them a favor: lock your front door so you don’t harm them when they interrupt your play session.

PHave fun ps410. Have fun
Gaming is serious business but you know what? You’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now. Enjoy it. It’s your time – ‘nay, it’s our time. After all, ‘greatness awaits.’

So readers, ready for launch day? What are you doing to prepare?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 11/11/2013

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No you do not

Nope, you do not need an Internet connection to play your PS4. However, an active Internet connection is recommended so you can download the day-one update as well as the future updates for your PS4.


so then i will have to use my brothers internet Upstairs at is house would that be ok..


well i guess i will have to go up stairs and use my brothers internet could i do that?


The PS4 has an ethernet port so yes you could definitely take your PS4 over to your brother's house, plug an ethernet cable into the ethernet port, and update it that way.


thank you so much for the info..Dusty Wright..


thank you so much Dusty Wright..for your help..do you really think that the ps4 will be better than XCrap one?

Hard to compare them

Too early to tell. If you want good games though, PS4 is a wis choice.


You will need a PS Plus account to play any game online.