Switch Galaxy Ultra is Simple, Frantic Fun

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There is something about reflex based games. If you started gaming in the 80s there were only reflex based games, every game was dependent on your jump timing. But even as the user interface got better there was still something insanely satisfying about getting into the zone of a deceptively simple game and bypassing obstacles while you go really, really fast. I mean, Sonic is based entirely on this principle and they’re still making games for that franchise. Switch Galaxy Ultra is a new-ish game from Atomicom that taps into that same ideal to create a fast paced and addictive romp through space.

Race to the High Score
For many players it’s been a while since you’ve had to worry about the high score in anything. At least not in single player mode. That is a relic of the arcade past. Now you know you’re good because you’ve unlocked everything but back in the day it was all about that sweet high score. With 55 levels, Switch is bringing that ideal back. The game is a fast paced time based platform where players are tasked with switching from track to track making their way down the obstacle course.

The course is filled with road blocks, other racers, lasers, and no doubt much more set up mostly just to end your game. Choices have to be made quickly as the game moves at dizzying speeds and one mistake is the difference in reaching the end and ending up as space dust.

There’s also an infinite mode which is like an endurance test where you can go and play until you crash. See how well you do against your friends. How long you last before falling out of the game zone.

This Strange New Place
Switch is a gorgeous game with well-crafted neon space levels. It’s all your favorite arcade fantasies rolled into one gorgeous package. The art for the game is centered on cool settings and cool little ships that the player can pilot through the levels to gain the high score. The game takes place in space allowing players to pass through various multicolored galaxies.

Switch Galaxy Ultra is Simple, Frantic Fun The beautiful world runs at 60 FPS making this journey a smooth ride for anyone jumping in.

Not the First Time at the Rodeo
Switch Galaxy Ultra is a remake, or more aptly put, an expansion. The original game was called Switch Galaxy and was made for PlayStation Mobile. The game did amazingly well and was downloaded over 2 million times. This version will include more power-ups, more ships with even more upgrades, and of course more levels for the player to run through.

Wipeout 2013
There are a lot of visual and gameplay cues between the two not to mention that the development team worked on the iconic game but they contend that Wipeout was not a major inspiration to the developers. Although there are many likenesses between the two.

Gary Nichols, CEO said in response to the idea, “One day, Mike suggested we straighten out the lanes, so we did. Thus, Switch was born. In truth, it’s really difficult to make a futuristic racer and for it not to be compared to

Which is to say that any likenesses is unintentional and just comes with the territory.

Why You should Play
This game looks fun. Just pure, simple fun. This isn’t the mind bending plots of strategy games that we’re all becoming used to. This game gets back to the basics, back to where we all started. The goal is simple to not die on the field. Beat the level, get the high score, move on to the next. It’s pure and simple but that’s what a game should be sometimes.

Since this is an expansion, the developers have had time to work all the kinks out and improve on gameplay so it’s more than likely that this will be a tight ship.

So readers are you interested in trying this game out? Or would you rather pass?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 11/14/2013

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