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How to Keep Your PS4 Running Cool

The PS4 is perhaps the best design yet for a PlayStation console. Whether you're playing on the original, slim, or Pro, its designed to run smooth and seamless at all times. Like any other electronic device, though, the PS4 can overheat if you're not careful.

That's why it's important to understand how you can keep your system running at the optimal temperature. Let's find out some of the ways you can ensure your PS4 stays cool, even during long gaming marathons

10 Ways to Boost Your PS4’s Performance

PS4 Performance

One of the things PC players have over us console gamers, is the ability to crank up the performance of their machines. Consoles, by comparison, are pretty static in their performance. That being said, the PS4 has more options than any console before it.

Join us for 10 awesome ways you can boost the performance of your console and your games.

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