Backwards compatibility for PS5 might be happening

As the rumor mill never stops churning, this is a mix of fact and rumor. Fact is, the patent is very real, but the rumor (or speculation around the fact) is feasible, but still a rumor.

Sony has officially patented technology that would allow the next console (PS5?) to feature backwards compatibility. Even more interesting, the patent isn’t simply restricted to the PS4, but it includes backward compatibility for the PS3, PS2 and the original PS1. This quite a hefty patent indeed.

Happy 20th Birthday Playstation: Sony Celebrates with an Upcoming Retro Designed PS4

Man, I sure feel old now. I can remember when the first PlayStation launched. Now, Sony is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first PlayStation console. For this occasion, Sony is releasing a special edition of the PS4, painted and customized to look like the classic PS1. They even went so far as to deck out the DualShock 4, the PlayStation Camera, and the power cables in the same shade of 1994 gray. Check out a picture of the special edition console and accessories below:

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