red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Review

Red Dead Redemption 2… What can I say? Rockstar Games has an amazing development team and they continue to show off those skills with RDR2. You would think that with such a large title, more bugs and glitches would be found upon release, but so far I haven’t found any problems with the title. Not saying there aren’t issues for others, but I haven’t had any of those types issues or heard anyone complaining.

The 5 most wanted sequels on PS4

There have been so many video games created to date that when you ask the average gamer what their favorite title is, it feels nearly impossible at times for them to answer. Asking the question what is your most wanted game sequel isn’t an easy one to answer either seeings as it plays off the former, but after extensive research and running online polls we have managed to compile a top 5 list of most wanted video game sequels based off the Playstation experience.

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