Super Cloudbuilt Review - Blazing Trails

Super Cloudbuilt

Parkour and platforming are two elements that you don’t see very often in gaming. While some games have tried to scratch that itch, they’re usually like the precision and speed one would expect. Super Cloudbuilt is here to fill that void in your gaming life. With a colorful cel-shaded art style and ultra-fast gameplay, this parkour platformer is blazing a trail straight into your hard drive.

Mirror’s Edge Review - The Unbeaten Path

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

The game development team DICE is most commonly known for their work on the extremely popular Battlefield series of games. What isn’t as well-known is their stand out title from 2008, Mirror’s Edge. This game was incredibly unique in its time. A dystopian world starring a resistance composed of parkour specialists known as “runners.”

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Review - Lucha Libre!

Try saying that name five times fast. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (from here on out referred to as STCE) is not the first time this lucha inspired metroidvania style game has seen the light of day. If any of those terms made you tilt your head in utter confusion, don’t worry, I’ll be explain everything momentarily. What we have here though is the penultimate version of an indie darling that received high praise from the critics when it first released.

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