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For Honor Review

For Honor is not your typical hack n’ slash title. It has elements deeper than button mashing and requires adaption on the fly. I have put my time in and then some. With a deep understanding of how the game works and how it is meant to play, this may be the most honest review you will on the web.

For Honor - Prepare for the beta!

For Honor is about to release in a couple weeks, but if you didn’t get a chance to play in either the closed alpha or beta, you’ll be able to download and play the open beta on Feb. 9-12, next week. To help players prepare for the battle, I’m dropping some tips to get started with, along with an overview of the game. For tips, you can scroll down the page a little further.

It's not easy being a Gamer

It isn't always easy to be a gamer. That sentence may sound silly but, hear me out for a moment. Kids and teenagers are pretty much expected to play video games, you hear them speak of such things and whether you’re into games or not, it comes off as normal. As an adult that has been playing video games since early childhood, I’m viewed slightly differently.

Top PS4 titles to play this Halloween!

Halloween is definitely a holiday favorite among the gaming masses and here we are on the eve of another. For most gamers out there, Halloween isn’t complete without putting a little time into a title to help us get into the spirit. Whether you’re out trick or treating with the family or passing candy out, there comes a time when the night settles and it's time to play a game. The problem is, there so many great titles out there I couldn’t possibly list them all so I listed the 8 most popular titles from running a poll. To make matters worse, I couldn’t rank them in order.

Playstation: The Discussion

As October comes to a close and the holiday season begins, there will be plenty of sporadic news updates coming from all ends of the internet. While it’s difficult to keep up with everything, I’ll do my best to help keep you up to date with everything that's relevant to the PS4. For starters, this may seem like a minor tidbit but, Sony’s PS4 did mange to claim another month as the top selling console in September. Some analyst claim that the current gen consoles have reached their peak and sales will begin to decline. I think that's nonsense of course and many others agree.

This week in PlayStation

Normally I’d try and deliver this closer to the weekend, but there has been a lot going on already this week and some of it just can’t wait. You may recall our report that Sony was bringing a new vote system over to PS Plus. Players will have the choice between 3 titles to vote on with the winner automatically being placed into the free lineup the following month and the other receiving a discount. There seemed to be a lot of excitement pouring out from fans and they are in luck, you’ll be able to start the voting process tomorrow August 13th.

Check out the HORI FPS Plus third party controller for PS4

During E3 we caught wind of an Xbox style controller with a PS4 touchpad from the HORI company based in Japan. The PS4 has been on shelves for nearly 2 years now and this is the first third party controller designed for the PS4 and with Xbox players in mind. Granted many of us can agree that it's not the most attractive design, but it serves its purpose.

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