PlayStation VR pre-orders with no down payment

Playstation VR Pre OrderAs you probably already know, PlayStation VR made its pre-order debut last week in the UK and sold-out in roughly 10 minutes on Amazons UK site. Today, pre-ordering became available for residents of the United States and Canada at 10:00 am eastern time. The UK version vs. US is slightly different. The UK debuted with a core bundle that did not include the PS Move or the current PS4 camera and ran for $400.00 USD.

The Division Review

We’re a few days into Tom Clancy’s The Division and there is plenty to discuss. If you played the beta, you have probably realized by now how much Ubisoft left out of it. A lot of people commented after the beta, they were canceling their orders because the game lacked so much in content and it became too repetitive. Others complained the graphics were weak and the game belonged on last gen. The list goes needlessly on.

Is Street Fighter V worth the market price?

Street Fighter V released on February 16th, and to be completely honest with you, I have been stalling my review. The game offers me that nostalgic feeling, that old school arcade feeling. I’m sorry to say, it also leaves me feeling a little empty. If the year was 1999, the game as it is would without doubt, be an absolute masterpiece, even if you removed the graphics and gave us 32bit, it would be top notch, but in today’s market, it's lacking in content.

It's not easy being a Gamer

It isn't always easy to be a gamer. That sentence may sound silly but, hear me out for a moment. Kids and teenagers are pretty much expected to play video games, you hear them speak of such things and whether you’re into games or not, it comes off as normal. As an adult that has been playing video games since early childhood, I’m viewed slightly differently.

Dying Light: The Following Review

Developer Techland has released the highly anticipated Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition and stand alone dlc The Following, if you haven’t played Dying Light, this is a great time to play catch up. The initial title itself without add ons is already a complete experience, but the Enhanced Edition offers the full package and more content than a lot of games out on the market today.

Unravel Review

Unravel has finally released on the PlayStation 4 today and it comes with little to no disappointments. An absolutely gorgeous puzzle game with a similar Little Big Planet feel to it. While LBP has a much larger world, more features and not to mention all the levels created by players, Unravel competes on a much smaller scale.

The Division Beta

The Division Beta has come and gone, but it certainly had a few bumps in the road. It seemed there were mass amounts of Gamers that pre-ordered the game, but did not receive their beta codes through email. Ubisoft went ahead and stated they could no longer guarantee access for pre-orders, let alone the free wait list of those hoping to get in without the pre-order. They extended the beta by 24 hours, which was nice, but in many regards didn’t help the thousands left waiting to get in. For many, it was too late by the time they got their codes.

I am Gamer

I have lived and died so many times, saying I have lost count sounds like an understatement. Knowing I’ll be sprung back to life if I’m struck down, brings little comfort to me in the moment. I’ve been burned alive... shot, stabbed, drowned and more. All physically painless, I don’t even flinch. Like a moth to a flame, I’m attracted to the chaos, except I don’t burnout.


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