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Spider-Man Non Spoiler Review

I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you now, this game is excellent on many levels. If someone was to tell me Insomniac’s Spider-Man title was trash, I would have to walk away. I generally appreciate the opinions of others, but a comment like that would be backed by zero respect. You would have to be some type of anti-Spiderman fanatic to hate on this game.

That aside, let me explain why I find so much joy playing as the friendly neighborhood web slinger, Spider-Man. I promise not to spoil the games storyline. You should experience it for yourself to really decide.

Among the Sleep Review - the Monster under the Bed

Among The Sleep

Horror games have seem a resurgence as of late. There was a time in the last few years where it seemed like every self respecting horror title turned action trying to please as many people as possible. Then came the indie games and the streams of people losing their minds, and the horror genre suddenly came back from the dead.

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