Maid of Sker Review - Hear No Evil

Maid of Sker

As a horror fan, I am perfectly fine with the number of horror titles we’ve seen this generation. That being said, many of them tend to lean into a stealth version of the genre where you’re defenseless and must sneak your way through untold numbers of enemies and monsters. It’s scary, sure, but it can get exhausting and repetitive very quick.

The Inner Friend Review - Diving into Dreamscapes

The Inner Friend

Psychological horror is a tough nut to crack, because the human psyche is vast and varied. What’s scary to some may not be that bad to others, and while trauma is universal, some themes speak more to one person than another as well. Indeed, mental or psychological anguish is something we’ve all experienced, but the experience is never quite the same.

Pathologic 2 Review - Showing Symptoms

Pathologic 2

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic causing very real damage around the world, it’s especially sobering to be reviewing a game about a town in the clutches of a plague. Pathologic 2, a new survival game for PS4, comes at an interesting time in history, offering a darker, weirder, but still relevant look into a different place and a different time, albeit a place stricken with a similar plague.


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