Ortz Gaming's PS4 Vertical Stand Review - The Ultimate Accessory?

Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand

When it comes to PS4 accessories, we've got options. When it comes to vertical stands, we don't have very many choices. On top of that, a lot of them are expensive and do nothing more than hold the system upright. It's no secret that the PS4 looks sexy when it's vertical, but unless you want to pay a premium for that look, and nothing else, it's not really worth it. This is doubly true if your entertainment center gets bumped into a lot by pets that could knock over the system.

At PS4 Experts, we weren't satisfied with just "giving up" on a great vertical stand for PS4. We wanted to find something that was worth the money and secure enough to keep your PS4 safe while it's looking oh so good. As part of this pursuit we ordered the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan and I've put some time in with it to see if these is the ultimate version of this accessory.

Let's break it down and see if this is truly the best vertical stand that you can buy.

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