Battlefield1 Review

Battlefield1 released worldwide on Friday and it did not disappoint. For several years now, First Person Shooter fans have been asking for a war game that takes us back to an older war setting. I believe the most popular war asked for, has been World War II. It makes sense, during WWII there major advancements in technology and weapons alike. With everything invented, there's always someone out there working to improve it. Well, the same goes with video game development and DICE has gone above and beyond to improve the Battlefield series.

Battlefiled1 Vs. Call of Duty

In the Gaming community, there are plenty of divides. Not everyone likes the same thing, even when titles are placed in the same genre. You have your rivals and then you have your arch rivals. Battlefield and Call of Duty are the perfect example of arch rivals. This year, the rivalry has sparked once again and in a big way.

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