Teens Spending More Time on Their PS3’s NOT Playing Games

Playstation Does EverythingSony’s tagline for the PS3 is “It only does everything”, and their goal for the PS3 was for it to be the first home console that truly went beyond just gaming, and became a complete entertainment hub. So while a recent study by Nielson may come as a surprise to some industry people and fans, it must be putting smiles on the faces of Sony execs.

That recently conducted Nielson study was an effort by the company to track the console usage patterns of teens. They asked gamers how many hours they spent on their console each week, and approximately how much time they spent on their console engaging in different activities. While the study is by no means scientifically accurate, it does bear some interesting results nonetheless.

Teens spent just 49% of their time on the PS3 playing games according to the study, while the 360 came in at 62%, and the Wii at 69%. The difference is largely because of the time PS3 users spend watching DVD/Blu-Ray movies, 27%, compared to the 360’s mere 11%, thanks no doubt to the PS3’s blu-ray player. Watching streaming content was also popular on all 3 consoles, taking up 10%, 9%, and 20% of gamer’s time on the 360, PS3, and Wii respectively. Other activities, such as social networking, web surfing, and music listening ranked much lower.

What ‘s interesting is that despite the fact gamers have so many options with their PS3’s, they were still using them less each week than 360 users, at just 4.1 hours of usage per week, meaning they were only spending about 2 hours per week actually gaming. The 360 came in at 4.9 hours per week, with the Wii coming in at a dismal 1.4 hours per week.

I personally take these reported usage times with a grain of salt, as they seem incredibly low across the board. This can probably be chocked up to simple under-reporting by the study’s respondents, who may not even realize how much time they actually spend each week using their consoles. I definitely have a hard time believing that the average teen is only using their PS3 for 2 hours of gaming a week.

Did you find anything particularly interesting about this study? What would you guesstimate your own usage times at? Let us know your gaming habits below.

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I Love ps3 but I Use my 360 more

I hardly turn my ps3 on anymore other then for Netflix because ps3 has Dolby digital 5.1 and to watch my Blue Rays. When netflix finally add DD 5.1 for 360 I most likely will be continue watch movies there. When comes to games. I've buy Xbox 360 version (store or digital Download) Why? ------ -Xbox has more memory, most games look and run smoother on 360 -IM/Messenger work better on 360 -chat/voice party/group are setup better then ps3.. -360 still plays most older xbox games -Xbox Dashboard is smooth/great to use. Bad for Ps3: ----------- -PS3 has few games that take full advantage of Blue Ray. -Removal ps2 emulator inside ps3 was BAD move on Sony part. Some may argue on that. -Bad Chat options/group/party options confusing -Filters in chatroom annoying I hate Ps3 chat option/Room and that fact it fillers so many words. if I invite my sister to chat with me on ps3.. Plugging basic UBS keyboard. and if I type " let play some Assassin Creed brother" in chatroom and you get the word Ass filter out.. along with many other words.. Xbox don't have that.. Sony excuse for it was something pretty lame if I remember correctly. My ps3 is becoming paper weight.. Sony needs to step up more. They need make more good games that fully take advantage of the PS3 power. They need to take advantage of BLUE Ray and its full space.. Which very few games seem to do.. All these games seem look and run smoother on 360.. and when we buy ps3 version 9/10 times there no difference other then 360 version are smoother and look better.. Seems games we're made on 360 then just ported/tweaked to work on ps3... SAD Sony.. Xbox has more memory then ps3.. In Pc world we all know more memory is usually better.. That's why I've been using my 360 more. if Xbox had put blue ray player in its 360. I most likely would have bought it first instead ps3.. I love both systems, but Sony does need step it up a notch. -Chester.



bullshit above

Some people Know stuff but not everything about the system (even tho where 4-5 years in the generation) When the ps3 came out multiplat games looked worse now they look simmilar since they finaly figured out how to use the Cell+gpu instead of only using the gpu the cell (SPU's) can take over tasks like postprocessing,HDR,Bloom and filters what gives the Gpu more breathing space the xbox has more memory so smoother games...False xbox uses 512gb gddr3 ram @ 700mhz Vs 256mb gddr3 (gpu dedicated) @ 700Mhz & 256 XDR ram @ 3200Mhz that can be used by either system or Gpu though sony streamlined the XMB and so there's another 70mb of ram freedup Source http://hack5.blogspot.com/2008/07/exclusive-playstation-3s-ram-and-rsx.html http://www.vodkronikals.com/2010/08/27/the-ultimate-ps3-vs-xbox360-techdown/

Here something......

This is said specifically to be non scientific and besides it can have some truth to it. For example: A teen with a PS3 is more than likely still in school, therefore most of the weekday is spent during school unless you were to bring a PS3 and set it up then i highly doubt your going to get much time during the week to play and games or watch any movies. So technically the validity of this report also depends on the time it was taken. I would estimate that the average gamer(gamer being one who plays video games at a slightly higher than normal rate) spends around 4-5 hours a summer night playing video games. Now if this gamer is a die hard gamer, then that person would spend however much time they get playing video games approx. 7-8hrs on a summer night. Now about the PS3 graphics and online play: Sony has really amped up their game recently enough to compete if not overtake the Xbox 360. It offers free online play, a user-friendly store and an overall astounding menu setup. When I played the Xbox 360 i found myself confused and i wasn't quite sure how to get to a certain spot in the menu, with the PS3 i found things quicker than ever and felt very confident on how to run things. PS3 also offers the best in videos. It has a blue-ray player, supports netflix with extreme smoothness, it also offers many other video programs that are available for download. Case and Point: PS3 is the dominant system.