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For a console to be successful, it needs more than just AAA games that are compromised of violence and flashy graphics: It needs variety, appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike, and a healthy dose of local couch-based multiplayer games. That Trivia Game, by indie company The Gameroom, satisfies this niche and gives the PlayStation 4 another great local multiplayer party game.

That Game Show Feel
As it's name suggests, That Trivia Game is a trivia game (in the same vein as the Buzz! Quiz series) that styles itself after a game show. These game show elements are infused into every aspect of this game and are, to be frank, very well done. Before starting the game you see scenes of producers getting the show ready to air, the game itself is set up like any daytime game show and the post-game credits are set up exactly like the same. There was a lot of attention to detail in making sure this game pulled off the game show look and feel perfectly and it shows.

The game itself is split up into four rounds of intense trivia action, with each round having different rules. The first round is always a basic trivia round, as up to four contestants select what they feel is the correct answer from a variety of topics. The second and third rounds reward speed, as selecting the correct answer quicker will award you with more points. The final round awards those with a quick trigger finger as only one player gets the points for a correct answer.

That Trivia Game throws some curveballs into the process as well, giving players a chance to blow their lead or catch up quickly. The last round in particular is where hopes are crushed and underdogs can come out ahead: Selecting the correct answer gives you, and only you, 1,000 points while selecting the wrong answer takes away 1,500 points. It's during this round that emotions run high and friendships are going to be strained: The true test of any multiplayer game.

That Trivia Game

Games in That Trivia Game are short, lasting at most ten minutes per game. At first, the short game length was a bit jarring, but it serves as a way to keep things interesting by resetting the scoreboard every ten minutes or so. Nothing is worse than playing a trivia game for long periods of time when one player is completely dominating. Thanks to the randomization of topics, a player who is dominating one round may find themselves losing the next.

That Trivia Game is playable in local multiplayer with up to four players (sorry, no online play) and the game does include a single player mode where you face off against one computer opponent. Be warned though: The computer opponent will rarely miss a question and isn't all that much fun to play against. That Trivia Game shines in multiplayer so make sure you've got a few friends interested in it before plopping down the digital cash.

The Gameroom That Trivia Game

An Indie Game That Isn't Pixel Art
That Trivia Game stands out in that it's an indie game that doesn't rely on pixel art, instead using 3D graphics for all aspects of the game. Unfortunately, these graphics are hit or miss.

The announcer, for example, almost appears lifeless, especially in the eyes, coming off as less of a human and more like a robot. The contestants, which are caricatures such as a punk rock girl, nerd, and even a pirate, fare a bit better in terms of looks but the animation sometimes comes off as stiff.

Though the graphics and animation may not be the best you can get on the PlayStation 4, keep two things in mind: it's rare for an indie game to even attempt 3D graphics so props to The Gameroom for attempting it, and the point of the game is the trivia itself, which the game pulls off perfectly. The game could have just been questions on the screen and nothing else and still been great, so we'll cut The Gameroom some slack on the graphics as they do add to the experience.

That Trivia Game PS4

That Annoying Voice
One aspect of the game where we can't cut The Gameroom some slack is in the host, voiced by Chris Hardy. No offense to Mr. Hardy, but the host's voice is just grating and irritating. I get what The Gameroom was trying to go for by making the host an exaggeration of other game show hosts, but the host's voice is just nails on a chalkboard bad. The quips he says are a mixed bag: Some you will chuckle at, some you will roll your eyes at. It isn't long before he starts repeating himself as well.

Luckily, after playing the game a few times and knowing how the different rounds work, you can safely just mute the game and not really miss anything. Sorry, Mr. Hardy.

That Trivia Game playstation 4

Plenty of Longevity
That Trivia Game includes 1,000 questions in 20 topics, and in over 20 games I never saw a question repeat itself. The questions range from common knowledge to far-out facts and will challenge even the most gifted trivia player. Some example topics include video games, movies, american politics, outer space, science and geography -- there is something for everyone here.

The Gameroom has mentioned that additional questions may be coming as downloadable content if players request it, so the game may possibly expand in the future. However, what is here will take you awhile to exhaust.

That Trivia Game Review

Final Verdict
That Trivia Game fills a niche in the PlayStation 4's lineup, as every great system needs a trivia game. That Trivia Game is perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike, and is one of the best games you can put on when hosting a party or looking for something to play with the family.

The questions are well-thought out, the game moves at a rapid pace and the different rounds provide a nice amount of variety. The announcer brings the game down some, but it's not worth passing on the game because of it.

If you're looking for a great local multiplayer trivia game for your PlayStation 4 for parties and family, That Trivia Game is an excellent choice (and the only choice, currently).

Final Score: 8/10

A copy of That Trivia Game was provided to PS4 Experts by The Gameroom for review purposes.

Game Category: Casual / Party & Indie

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/23/2013

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I know a lot of friends that would be into this style of game! Looking forward to checking it out.

that trivia game

I have been looking for a replacement to the game Buzz for the PS3 for a ling time and finally found it in That Trivia Game. Lacks some of the fun details of Buzz, but still a fun family game. Hope they get add ons for some additional trivia topics.