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One of the games that got the most screen-time at Ubisoft's E3 conference was The Crew. This MMO arcade racing title displayed a full multiplayer game session involving 4 players that truly gave us an idea of what the MMO side of the game will feel like. We already saw Drive Club being presented at the Sony’s reveal conference, but The Crew is a different type of racing game that is more likely to get everyone involved, purists and newbies alike. Check out this latest video

The four players on stage at E3 for The Crew presentation could join each other at any moment and collaborate or compete in different missions. A bit similarly to the upcoming Need For Speed: Rivals, The Crew looks to blur the line between single player and multiplayer, instantly allowing you to switch modes and games through an open world. Need for Speed World was the first testing ground for such a game (I couldn't help it but think about World as I saw the arrows separating the activated races through the city in The Crew) and the driving looks pretty similar to EA's MMO racer – plenty of arcade feel to keep things interesting, races that can swing one way or the other, all while giving good drivers the opportunity to gain an advantage. Fans of games like Burnout (particularly the open-world Burnout Paradise!) shouldn't be disappointed by the racing style of the Crew.

So far, I would say The Crew is looking to break new ground though compared to those other games I just mentioned. With its convincing custom version of America and huge map, you can blast through different terrains and cities in a way that feels free and exciting. The demo showed racers blasting through Long Beach in a mix of roads, hills, sand and an incredible view was always at sight to top it all. The Crew looks to be anything put bland and there seems to be a good "wow" factor to it. Exploring the cities certainly doesn't seem boring visually. The streets seemed to be far from being asleep. People and cars were all over the place to keep things alive and realistic.

On the gameplay side, The Crew looks to be encouraging plenty of interactions between the players, particularly through cooperative missions. You will still want to beat your teammates for bigger rewards though, but making friends is part of the deal here. As this is a MMO, you will naturally be hunting for experience and improvements for your ride through various challenges. So far, we've only gotten a live demonstration, so we will have to wait and see if The Crew will offer enough to motivate the players to keep moving, exploring and racing with friends, but so far the replayability value looks pretty strong.

The CrewRacing games often have the ambition of bringing non-racing fans over to their franchise, well to me The Crew is the kind of game that could actually succeed at doing that. I consider that the demo shown at E3 had sufficient thrills for anyone – be it exploring a city like New York or Miami, contemplating a ride in the wilderness from the distance, scrolling the USA looking for an unknown location to explore or being chased by cops through traffic, The Crew seems to have hours and hours of varied gameplay and to be a MMO racer that won't compromise on any aspect in order to deliver its gigantic proportions.

Ubisoft probably made a good choice at picking this game for a little multiplayer standoff at their conference as it definitely featured the power of the PS4 in providing this kind of instantaneous experience. Loading times were nowhere to be found. There seems to be something for everyone in The Crew as well. Overall, it's the massive angle of the game that made the strongest impression on me. Stay tuned to this page for more information on The Crew.

Gamescom walkthrough trailer reveals plenty
A very interesting trailer for The Crew was revealed at Gamescom where creative director Julian Gerighty explains the game pretty in-depth and walks us through some challenges involving a few friends. It goes the extra mile compared to other trailers to explain different details and features.

Before hopping on the racetrack, Gerighty explains how cars in the crew can be customized in every aspect and how it plays in making your vehicle unique compared to everyone else in the world.

In the first challenge of the video, the two players involved have to follow a line on the race track to gain cash, experience and car parts together. Then, we get to experience a more traditional type of race where once again the superior teammate gets rewarded the most. The transition between worldmap and racetrack is extremely fast in the trailer, and it seems like putting a "crew" together couldn't be more easy.

The last challenge takes place in the grass literally. Different terrains seem to be a big part of what The Crew will offer. In the video, we get to witness a crazy run across the country by a crew of four members. I’m sure this part will get a lot of people excited.

Sure, the action in The Crew is over the top in many ways, but the world seems to be put together nicely enough for all to make sense. This doesn't seem like a weak MMO effort by any means. The developer, Ivory Tower, have been at work on this game for over four years. So, with all the racing games coming out with the PS4, which one is going to get your playtime?

Free Upgrade For First-Day Buyers

For first-day buyers and those who preorder, Ubisoft is giving you an upgrade free of charge. At most retailers, first day copies of The Crew will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition. Included inside the Limited Edition are the following cars:

  • BMW Z4 sDrive35is
  • Mini Cooper S
  • Dodge Ram SRT-10

Of course, all cars will come with their respective sets of full custom and performance parts.

The Muscle Edition, a GameStop exclusive, will not only include all early unlock content from the Limited Edition but also grants exclusive early access to the 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

Both the Limited Edition and Muscle Edition will include 10,000 bonus Crew Credits to give you a head start.

Open Beta

Want to try out The Crew early? Ubisoft has announced an open beta and signups are available now!

The beta will take place in late September.

In recent news, a second closed beta was now announced for November. This beta will begin on November 6th and conclude on November 10th on the PS4. It will include two of the game's five regions and the challenge withins along with multiplayer PvP content.

Season Pass

The expected Season Pass has been announced for The Crew, clocking in at $25 for four add-on packs. Each pack features three additional cars, for 12 cars total, along with customization options. Individually, the packs will run $7, amounting to a small discount for those players who opt for the Season Pass.

Check out this Season Pass trailer below:

Release Date
The Crew release date was confirmed for 11/11/2014 for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, since our last update on this post, the release date has now been delayed to December 2nd, 2014. Will it slip to 2015? Hopefully not!

Are you excited? Going to go with a different racer instead? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

Check out this gameplay trailer:

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Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 06/13/2013

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