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What would happen if terrorists found a way to infect the entire United States in a matter of hours? It’s a question posed by Ubisoft’s newest IP (and the latest addition to the line of Tom Clancy games) Tom Clancy's The Division, and the scenario Ubisoft has presented is terrifying. As over 200 million Americans swarm into shopping malls across the country and snatch up gifts for their loved ones, terrorists have somehow laced dollar bills with a man-made virus. By the end of the evening? Millions of Americans are infected.

At E3 2013, we learned in The Division’s a debut trailer that within 24 hours, hospitals have filled up beyond capacity. By the end of the second day? Quarantine zones have been established, and by the end of the week? Chaos is the law of the land. Taking place in New York City, players will star as a Division agent, tasked with bringing order to the dying city.

The Division may have an awesome backstory, but it’s so much more than just a compelling post-apocalyptic look at the Big Apple. Beginning three weeks after the initial outbreak of the virus on Black Friday, players will explore a fully online version of New York City as both you and your player-controlled team work together to grab supplies, help the innocent, and kill as many bad guys as possible in an effort to gain XP and improve your skills. Basic services we take for granted daily – such as water and food – have become hard to find. Thus, New York City isn’t the hustling and bustling city we know now. Rather, it’s a huge, cold wasteland full of vagrants that are scraping and scratching their way just to survive. Full of men and women that will kill just for a bite of bread or a sip of water, this version of NYC may just be the most deadly place on Earth.

Again, as a Division agent, you are the only thing standing in the way or order and chaos.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Developed by Massive Entertainment (World in Conflict), this always-online, open-world RPG is undoubtedly the most ambitious Tom Clancy game yet. Heck, it may just be the most ambitious game in Ubisoft’s history. Focusing on action and combat as well as tactical planning, RPG gameplay, and a real-world New York City that will make you feel as if you are actually in NYC itself, The Division is aiming to appeal to players of all tastes. Enjoy fast-paced shooting games? RPGs? Games that involve tactical gameplay? The Division appears to have something you will love.

"We're putting a ton of work into our matchmaking system," says Ryan Barnard, game director of The Division. "Hopefully you'll have some friends that play, but I'm hoping that most of the time you'll just want to play with random people, and that's the hardest challenge for consoles and for online games in general. We're tracking tons of stuff for the player: are you someone who likes to play PVP? Do you craft a lot? Do you like to do group activities? That'll all be known, so when you hit the button to join [a squad] it'll not only fit you by who's available around your level, but also by preferences. Hopefully we're putting players together that have similar interests."

And that’s the potential beauty of The Division: no matter if you prefer the role of medic or you prefer to craft items, Massive’s matchmaking system will match you up with the best teammates that are suited to your playstyle.

The Division

Furthermore, The Division isn’t going to have any level caps (at least in the moment), will provide players with a chance to switch their skills on the fly, and the ability to customize your agent with thousands of skill combinations, gear, weapon types, and so much more.

It’s no secret that cooperative play is the true star in The Division. Not only do you have the option of playing with your friends and keeping order in New York City, but you can also jump in and out of any team-based co-op game at any time. So if your friend Peter has to leave early to go watch Frozen with his girlfriend for the twentieth time? He can jump out of the game without any trouble.

Furthermore, when Peter’s girlfriend starts watching the film, Peter can simply pull out his tablet or smartphone and join his friends back on the battlefield via a special app. Using a drone, Peter can spot the enemy way up in the air and let his friends know exactly where they are located, can attack them on-site, or can provide extra capabilities to friends all from the comfort of his mobile device. Giving players the ability to still play on the go, The Division is certainly shaping up to be one of the most exciting games of this generation.

The Division PS4

Complete with the new Snowdrop game engine, expect The Division to also look gorgeous. If you haven’t watched the teaser trailer, do yourself a favor and take a look at not only how beautiful this game is, but also how incredible the physics are as well. The Division may just be the co-op game for the PS4 for quite some time, and it’s one you will not want to miss.

Here’s to hoping Ubisoft shows more footage at this year’s E3.

Release Date Delay

Originally scheduled to launch at the end of 2014, Ubisoft has revealed The Division has been pushed back to 2015.

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Insert Date: 5/12/2014

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Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division looks amazing!!! That has got to be a good game!!!

The DIvision

This game convinced me to be on ps+. All of the games I get have really made it worthwhile, but this game made me want to be online.