Top Five PS4 Games You Must Pre-Order in Winter/Spring 2014

PlayStation 4 has a pretty stable line up for launch day but that will only take the console so far. After all, there’s only so many hours of gameplay a developer can pack onto a disc, so after a few months, it’s a safe bet that fans will be looking for something new to ease the itch in their thumbs. Not to worry though because developers have already started lining up games for dead of winter into the bright days of spring. I’ve compiled my top five games for the winter/spring release cycle.

Watch Dogs
PS4 Watch DogsAlright, let’s just put it out there: Ubisoft broke our collective hearts when they announced they would be delaying this cyberpunk dystopian dream game after all the promos and hype surrounding it. Even so, Watch_Dogs still looks impressive and the push back may actually make it worth waiting for. Even though much of what was shown of the game looked fantastic there were still a few points that looked odd (that weird Aisha Tyler clip? Our memory isn’t that short Ubisoft) in comparison. Hopefully they pulled the game to boost the weaker points. The game is supposed to be released in the late spring of 2014.

The game centers around a hacker known as Aiden Pearce we all wish we could be, and his vigilante acts to bring about his own justice in a near future vision of Chicago.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
PS4 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesWhy Ground Zeroes and not The Phantom Pain? Mainly because The Phantom Pain hasn’t actually got a release date yet. So until it receives a release date, players can get a better understanding of the story line they will be involved in in the (hopefully) near future via Ground Zeroes. The game is a prologue for the events in Phantom Pain and if this game is anything like the others, you’re going to want to know as much as possible before you jump in.

Plus from a technical standpoint the game will be running on the Fox Engine and will many of the features that are new to the MGS world allowing players to get a feel for them before they head into the big show. It’s the first chance we get to play with the Fox Engine, making Ground Zeroes worth the price of admission alone.

This is a download only title for the PlayStation 4, so be prepared to download it but take advantage of the on-demand download and installation feature of the PS4. Order it via your mobile device while you’re at work, play when you get home!

inFamous: Second Son
PS4 inFamous: Second SonThe third installment in the Infamous franchise, Infamous: Second Son follows pretty much the same formula as the previous games. What makes this one a little bit more fun is that it takes place in a real-world city, meaning players can visit real world landmarks and world will be a little bit more predictable for players.

Although it might not be anything new in the realm of gameplay and story, the game itself looks like it’s a very tight piece of work which will make it an enjoyable ride in and of itself. Plus, it’s the first Infamous game to hit the PS4, so we should be in for a treat!

The Elder Scrolls Online
PS4 The Elder Scrolls OnlineThis game is a departure from the others on the list, but the world needs a good solid MMORPG. The events of this game takes place 1000 years before the events depicted in Skyrim so don’t worry if you haven’t picked that one up yet. Or really any of the other Elder Scrolls games. You’ll be fine, as chronologically, this is the entry in the entire Elder Scrolls series. And the most interesting part about the game? You are not confined to one country, but rather, you can explore the entire Elder Scrolls universe as a whole! For alliances, friendships, and explore everything this mystical world has to offer!

PS4 StriderThis game should win for the fashionable red scarf alone but it actually made the cut because it’s a remake that fully embraces its past. Strider is fast paced 2d scrolling slashing action. This isn’t a game about puzzles or fancy anything (unless you count sword flair), this game is about running through and having fun. It captures the gameplay rules of yesteryear in a pretty new package and updated graphics. After playing all the heavy hitting release games with engaging a detailed plots, it might be nice to just be a really cool futuristic ninja for a while.

So there are the top Winter into Spring picks for the PlayStation 4. These are of course based on the information we have at hand right now. There are still a ton of great games on the docket that haven’t announced when they’re coming out and even though it’s late in the season, there’s still hope for late Q2 and even early Q3.

So what games are you waiting on readers? Anything you’d like to be surprised with?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 11/10/2013

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