The Top Five Upcoming Exclusives That Will Define the PS4

There are many reasons why we buy consoles. Price, features, controller, but there is a major factor drove me (and many others) to the PS4. That factor of course is exclusives. I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll probably say it a thousand more times. Sony has the best exclusives that gaming has to offer. Everything from incredible graphics to unique ideas and mind blowing storylines, Sony exclusives deliver every time.

As with the three PlayStation consoles before it, the PS4 will be defined by its exclusives. Here are the five biggest exclusives coming out that will define the early days of the PS4 and set the stage for even more in the coming years.

5 - The Last of Us: Remastered (Release Date: Summer)

Before anyone starts bring out the flame guns, let me explain. Have you played The Last of Us? If you answered yes, skip ahead a few sentences. For those who haven’t yet played this sheer masterpiece of human endeavor I encourage you to continue reading. The Last of Us was a game changer in a number of ways when it first released on the PS3. Not only did it push out graphics that would be welcomed with open arms on the PS4, but it had a story that cut straight to the soul. This game should be played by everyone and those who jumped on the PS4 bandwagon cannot play it because it came out on PS3.

Of course there’s PlayStation Now, but let’s not get too complicated here. This is a game that defines human emotion and the power of video games as a medium. It deserves a fresh coat of paint and a new audience on the PS4 because there it will prove the power and might of Naughty Dog and PS4 exclusives thereby setting the stage for their next big game. This may seem like an HD cash in, but it’s really a gesture of good faith and an opportunity for more people to experience this incredible game in its purest form.

4 - Transistor (Release Date: May 20th 2014)

Have you ever heard of a game called Bastion? If you haven’t it’s okay, but you really should play it. Created by Supergiant Games, Bastion proved that a small team could create a beautiful work of art that was also incredibly fun to play. It was one of many independently developed games or “Indies” that showed gamers innovation and beautiful art styles that transcended others games on the market.

Supergiant is back again with their PS4 exclusive Transistor. This game once again brings their signature look and flare for incredible music. The game also has a very unique science fiction storyline and action RPG gameplay. Transistor made the list because it is a flagship title for the indie revolution on the PS4. Some of the biggest ideas come from the smallest studios, and Transistor’s success will lay the foundation for other unique and innovative indie titles on the PS4.

3 - Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (Release Date: 2014)

Developed by The Chinese Room which is a british independent game studio, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is special for several reasons. The first of which is that it is a true to form survival horror game which is a genre that became misconstrued on the PS3. In addition, this developer has created some incredibly profound and interesting first person exploration games for the PC such as Dear Esther. Their new game is a story driven experience where you view the end of the world through the eyes of six different characters.

To see such a promising developer come to the PS4 with a genre that has been sorely lacking is a good sign for this generation. We’re seeing new rivals and new games that push the boundaries of the worlds they occupy. This kind of variety so early in the console cycle is very promising and will help define the PS4 library as varied and unique.

2 - Deep Down (Release Date: 2014)

The PS4 was the first console that truly came out of the gate with a wide selection of “free to play” titles. Such a concept is good for the industry because it allows those with a tight budget to play the games they want, and pay when they want for addition content. It’s a great business model on the PC and seeing the jump to PS4 is a very good sign for the console.

Deep Down comes to us from Capcom and runs on the Panta Rhei engine and showcases jaw dropping graphics and a style that is very similar to the ever popular Dark Souls series. Deep Down proves that even if something is free to play, it can still have AAA quality graphics. This type of business model on a PS4 exclusive will further cement the concept that PS4 is the place to go for games of all kinds.

1 - The Order: 1886 (Release Date: 2014)

Graphics aren’t everything, but holy hell this game looks good! Seriously though, the Order: 1886 tops the list for almost every reason the other games made the list combined. It comes from a small developer who used to work on PSP games, great ones, and while they aren’t indie per se, this is the first time Ready at Dawn is bringing an original title to the console (The God of War ports on PS3 don’t count sticklers).

Beyond the obvious (Have you seen those graphics?) this game is also a showcase of how Sony developers are creating unique and fascinating stories instead of just sticking to the usual suspects. The Order: 1886 takes place in a steampunk version of London and has a group of fighters going up against some sort of supernatural enemies. They have advanced technology several characters which could mean a cooperative mode is in play. Regardless, the game is bringing graphics beyond graphics and a incredibly unique story. This is how the PS4 exclusives will be defined, by one of a kind experiences and the power to bring them to life.

What exclusives are you looking forward to? Which game on the list is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 05/02/2014

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Last of Us

Thanks for standing up for "Last of US". There are a great number of people who came over from the 360 to the ps4 and are happy we did so. I am looking forward to the great ps game that so many of us missed. I also know a number of ps3 owners who never played the game and will now likely play it. If you want playstation brand to grow in popularity, welcome others to some of the best games. Would also like to see Uncharted series remastered.


This is why I traded my ps4 for an Xbox One... Other than the order, none of these even slightly interest me... The Last Of Us is good, but it's a remake of a game I've already beat repeatedly.Now that Naughty Dog is dying in front of our very eyes, I hold little hope for any good exclusives for the ps4 for a long while...