The Top Five HD Games Players want on PS4

The Top Five HD Games Players want on PS4

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do. This is doubly so for gamers who move on to a new console every half decade or so. Some people are able to sell their old system and games, and just move on. I don’t understand how people can do that, perhaps I’m more of a slave to lady nostalgia than I realize, but seriously, the concept of just selling everything PS3 scares the living daylights out of me. In order to avoid such a scenario, I do things like write these articles to make money on the side. So help a fellow gamer and read on, I swear this is leading to something.

One of the solutions this generation to the passing of generations has been something commonly referred to as “HD remakes”. These usually include games that released on the prior generation that have been retooled, and retextured for the modern age. It makes for a great makeover and a fresh coat of paint. If it’s a game series, you usually get the entire series on a single Blu-Ray disc for less than the cost of a single game when they came out. God of War did this, as did Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter. There were others, but these games became the harbingers of an age where not only was our nostalgia addressed, but the games looked even better than how we remembered them. That’s a win-win if I ever saw one.

So let’s get down to brass tacks. This trend needs to continue, and judging by a recent poll on which games players wanted to see remade in HD on the PS4, people are willing to buy them again, with a fresh coat of paint of course. Extra features are also welcome. And, if you’re really smart, you can package in an artbook. (I’m looking at you Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 remix. A crazy name, but a great package.)

What Games did Players Vote on?
After the results came in, these were the top five games players picked for re-release on the PS4:

#1. GTA V
#2. Call of Duty Series
#3. Crash Bandicoot
#4. Final Fantasy VII
#5. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Quite the list indeed. So let’s break it down to each game and see what makes it so desirable for a remake.

Grand Theft Auto V#1. Grand Theft Auto V: This game made a billion dollars in the first three days. It looks fantastic on the PS3, and the game itself is incredibly well done with plenty of things to do. So why then do we need a remake? Because this game was held back by current generation hardware. Think about it, if this looked that good on PS3, think about what the PS4 could do with it. Yeah, and since the PS4 won’t be natively backwards compatible, those who are upgrading and leaving the past behind want to bring the party with them. (Yes, even Trevor.)

Call of Duty Series#2. Call of Duty Series: Another series that breaks records every year, Call of Duty is the cash cow that keeps on giving milk. And why not, it’s a solid shooter with an absolutely addictive multiplayer. I myself enjoy the campaigns, but people usually give me blank stares if I ask them how they liked the story. That being said, a compilation of the Black Ops series and the Modern Warfare series, pumped up with the power of the PS4, would make for another run of stellar sales with little to no work. (You’re welcome Activision.)

Crash Bandicoot#3. Crash Bandicoot: You know, I had someone describe to me today at work an image of Nathan Drake putting his arm around an old and decrepit Crash Bandicoot and comforting him by saying “Don’t worry, I’ll never forget who you were.” Hurts doesn’t it? That’s because people forgot about Crash Bandicoot. This guy is a titan, he might as well be Sony’s Mario for all the good he did to 3D platformers. Keep the excellent level design and bring this blocky animal thing into the modern age with some sleek HD graphics, because people still ask about him all the time.

Final Fantasy VII#4. Final Fantasy VII: Often referred to as the greatest game in the series, when the PS3 was coming out, they showed a tech demo of the opening scene running on a PS3 with some incredible graphics. Compared to the ancient blocky look of the original, this glimpse into some parallel dimension was enough to make people salivate like rabies was in style. This masterpiece has yet to reach the modern generation of gamers, and most people will turn away at the first sight of the graphics. Remove that barrier, and bring this soulful piece of art into the lives of everyone.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas#5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: What’s funny about this game is how people mention it every time a new Grand Theft Auto comes out. It usually sounds like this, “Yeah this one is good, but it’s not as good as San Andreas.” Rockstar, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that, I could fund this entire remake out of pocket. Keep it all the same, just bring it to the modern age, because the graphics really haven’t aged well compared to Grand Theft Auto V. Now, imagine this game running in that engine and you have a recipe for a head explosion.

There you have it, the top five HD games people want remade on the PS4. These are old friends who are just sitting on your facebook page, and you see their birthdays go by every year and you want to send them a quick message, but you forget because you're swept up in your new friends. They don’t want to bother you because you’re always busy, but you need to know that they miss you. So, you brush off the dust and ask them to hang out with you one night and all the memories come rushing back, only they’re more clear than they’ve ever been. That’s the jist of it, the feeling of playing something you loved back then, only it’s even better now. I love this trend of gaming and I want to see all of these games in PS4's collection this coming generation.

What games do you want to see remade on the PS4? How much should these remakes sell for? Tell us in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 11/6/2013

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