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I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a fact, or even a theory, but I have a thought that will eventually become relevant to the topic at hand. I don’t think it’s possible to know something entirely. A person, place, or thing will always hold some sort of mystery for you, it’s just a fact of life. Now, I must say, I know the PlayStation 4 pretty well. However, just like a good puzzle, there's always pieces missing. So let's find out what tricks and tips you may not know about your PS4.

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PS4 Game Recommendations Tips

PS4 PlayStation Plus memberTip: “Being a PlayStation Plus member gets you free titles to download each month. Always remember to check the Plus section of the store for the latest deals and freebies.”

If I had a dollar for every time I mentioned how awesome PlayStation Plus is, I would build a, wait a second, I already used that joke. Anyway, PlayStation Plus is amazing. You need it to play online, but beyond that you also get discounts on the store, free monthly game downloads, and access to automatic updates when you PS4 is in standby (See tip number two). It’s a great value for all the free stuff you get, and it’s only fifty dollars a year. I pay fifty dollars month for less than that, so get it while it’s hot.

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PS4 Accessory Tips

PS4 The PlayStation Eye camera Tip: “The PlayStation Eye camera can be used a microphone to chat with friends both in game and party chat. It can also log you in by scanning your face and has voice recognition for menu navigation.”

The PlayStation Camera doesn’t do much right now, but what it can be used for works extremely well. Once setup is complete, you can have it scan for your face when you turn on your PS4, allowing it to log you in automatically. It works great and makes me feel like a high tech time traveler. On one occasion it mistook my girlfriend for me, which I have yet to ascertain if that means I’m super pretty, or if the facial recognition is somewhat forgiving. Other people it has turned down and I have yet to convince my dog to sit still long enough to see if it recognizes him, but the feature is cool nonetheless.

What really worked well was the microphones on the camera. I was playing online with some friends the other night and I didn’t even need a headset. I was talking normally out-loud and the camera picked me up perfectly. My friends even overheard a conversation between my girlfriend and my roommates on the other side of the room. So, if you’re discussing government secrets, might want to do it across the house, just to be safe.

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PS4 Console Tips

PS4 The Power and Video cables Tip: “The Power and Video cables are the same as PS3!”

Something we can all agree upon is that switching cables is quite annoying, especially when you have multiple things going in all different places and it’s become this sordid mess that you’ve swept underneath your entertainment system. So many cables, all tangled and enraptured like the result of some unholy science experiment. So, instead of trying to untangle them, and switching everything, you can literally unplug your PS3’s power and HDMI cable and plug them right back into the PS4 console. They are exactly alike, which makes hook up really easy.

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PS4 System User Interface Tips

PS4 Tapping the share buttonTip: “Tapping the share button will allow you to pause the game to upload screenshots and videos directly to Facebook or twitter if it’s a screenshot.”

You may notice a funny little button to the left of your touch-pad on the DualShock 4. No, it’s not a tumor, it’s the share button! What devilry is this, you ask? Another miracle of the next generation my friends. With the share button, a simple press pauses the game to allow you to edit and upload anything from the past fifteen minutes of gameplay, or post a screenshot from that time period as well. You can also change settings to double tap or hold the button to instantly begin recording or capture a moment of gameplay.

These videos or screenshots can then be uploaded to Facebook, or you can upload the screenshots to your twitter account. I myself have uploaded several screenshots and videos from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag featuring my heroic conquering of a hammerhead shark, and , my brushes with death in the form of massive tornadoes and waterspouts I’ve encountered in my travels across the Caribbean.

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PS4 Tablet/Smartphone Tips

PS4 The PlayStation app Tip: “The PlayStation app for smartphones is a great tool for keeping up with friends, and triggering downloads remotely if your PS4 is in standby mode, your PlayStation Vita can also be used for this and Remote Play.”

Sony is big about taking your PlayStation experience with you. With the PS4, you can put the system in standby mode and leave, taking your smartphone or your Vita with you. With your smartphone, the PlayStation app allows you to access your account, see what your friends are doing, and trigger purchases and downloads that will begin at home and be ready for you when you arrive.

With the Vita, you can trigger Remote play and stream games from your PS4 to your Vita system. It works best at home, on the same Wifi network, but you can do it on any Wifi network you’re currently in. This versatility and portability is key to keeping yourself up to date and ready to play at a moment’s notice.

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PS4 Troubleshooting Tips

PS4 Pulsing Blue Light Tip 1: How to Troubleshoot a Pulsing Blue Light
When the PS4 first released, we all heard about the "Pulsing Blue Light", but many people simply thought it meant the PS4 was bricked. This isn't always the case. Normally, the system should blink blue several times on the light strip before turning white. If it remains blue, this means the system is properly outputting video and audio.

Sony has suggested several options for troubleshooting this. First, check to see if your HD TV needs a firmware updated. Most modern TV's do include this option. Second, check your power and video cables. Make sure nothing is bent or broken on the cable or in the PS4 port. Finally, open the Hard Drive port and make sure nothing is broken or detached in there. Sometimes replacing one of the cables or the hard drive is all that is needed.

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Are there any tips you would suggest? What’s your favorite feature of the PS4 so far? Tell us in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 11/23/2013

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a cool feature I like when you typing something and the keyboard screen pops up, you moving the thumbstick or arrows, if you click R3 and move the controller to the letters you want

Ps app

With the playstation app on your phone, you can use your phone to type your messages and enter codes like you were sending texts. Easier for me to do then try to navigate an onscreen keyboard with the dual shock.

Shut up!

I gotta try it out! Thanks!!!!

thx for this info

i know what im going todo when i get a ps4

Up grade game from ps3 to ps4

Hi,can anyone tell me can I upgrade my black ops 2 from ps3 to ps4 thanks guys if anyone can help ....

Black ops 2

You can't upgrade it from ps 3 to ps 4. Black ops is not out for the ps 4.

PS4 Fan noise issue

What is the proper procedure to clean the PS4 fan? Do you pop upon the top cover of the PS4 near the Hard drive or the back? Also what tools do you need to clean it out?