Top 4 unexpected games Sony should release for the PS4

With the announcement of the Playstation 4, several gaming fans have been hitting the message boards - discussing which games or franchises they should bring back with the release of the new console. Common requests include a new Little Big Planet game, a new Uncharted and a new Gran Turismo.

All of these are games famous for being successful in the current generation of consoles, having sold a lot and gained a lot of fans from the PS3. However, there is a small group deep in the old school Playstation fan base that remembers the older Playstation games, the unusual Playstation games and the forgotten Playstation games. And we want these franchises to return. Here are the top 4 unexpected games Sony should release for the PS4.

4. MediEvil
MediEvil was a PS1 hack-and-slash adventure game released in 1998. It remains to this day a cult classic. You played as "Sir Daniel Fortesque" , a reincarnated skeleton knight brought back by an evil sorcerer. The gameplay was incredibly funny, very inventive and had solid mechanics. I miss being able to tear my own arm off and use it as a weapon against enemies. The kind of creativity seen in games like MediEvil is not something you see very much any more, and a downloadable MediEvil game for the PS4 would sit very well with old gamers - as well as new players who could experience the franchise for the first time. Sony may have hinted at a new installation in the MediEvil franchise with the inclusion of Sir Daniel as a character in the PS3 hit Playstation All Stars, but we have not heard anything furthering that rumor yet.

3. Jet Moto
Also known as "Jet Rider" in Europe, Jet Moto was a series of fast paced racing games where players traversed wild and dangerous landscapes on Hover bikes. These bikes went over both water and land, and the game developers always made sure to build their tracks around this. Broken highways would meet with volcanoes which would meet with a river, making for a great visual experience. No map was the same, and even if you lost you could always be entertained by the environment. Modern racing games with mixed environments like Motorstorm owe a hell of a lot to the Jet Moto series. Top 4 unexpected games Sony should release for the Playstation 4Another one would be perfect on the PS4, and would act as a tip of the cap to Playstation owners from the days of old.

2. Spyro
It has been a very long time since we've had a decent, solid Spyro game. The rights have been bought and sold a multitude of times and we've ended up with the Skylanders series. Now, the Skylanders series is great but it is marketed towards very young gamers. This means that those of us who bought the original Spyro game so long ago, those of us who supported the franchise in its early days have been left in the dirt. It's not likely to happen, but Activision really should make a Spyro game for the PS4 or next gen consoles that reminds us of the early games in the series. The games that made Spyro as a franchise so successful. This probably wouldn't be a PS4 exclusive but we at least deserve premium content for hosting the series through its early days back on the PS1.

1. Warhawk
Warhawk certainly does not fit in with the rest of the games in this list... but Warhawk doesn't have to. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Warhawk was a third person shooter released in 2007 for the PS3 based on an old PS1 game, in which players could drive tanks, APCs and cars. Most importantly, you could fly a plane called the Warhawk, whether it be to dogfight another pilot or to help take objectives with air-to-ground combat. The maps were incredible, the guns were really fun, and it was really easy to pick up and play. Player hosted servers were one of the best things about Warhawk. If you only liked ground combat, then pick a ground map and make the server ground only! If you only like air combat, then do the exact opposite. This, in addition to full clan support made Warhawk and truly amazing game. Despite being 6 years old, Warhawk still has a massive community. If Sony wanted, they could just release an updated version of the 2007 Warhawk for the PS4 and a bunch of people would buy it.

Warhawk was multiplayer only, but is that a bad thing? Hell no! Every console needs a solid, team based multiplayer game and Warhawk was exactly that for the PS3. While the sequel Starhawk was incredibly good, it didn't sell as well as Warhawk did due to lack of marketing on Sony's side. If they did release another game in the series, Sony has best make sure they market it properly.

Everyone has a different opinion on what franchises should return for the PS4.

These are my picks, what are yours?

Article by - Ben Corroon
Insert Date: 7/25/2013

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They should bring back crash bandicoot and spyro to the ps4, one of my most favorite ps1 games of all time

Those games

Have something that games of this generation are truly lacking in. The spirit of adventure, an arcade feel with a really deep connection to the character. Immersive without having stupidly good graphics. I miss them.

epic game...

Well i think that a new spyro whoud be epic cuz of reasons like Gateway to Glimmer was an epic adventure for me and a game that i whoud gladly play again in high def graphics.... :D


Warhawk 2 & Starhawk 1.5


I would like to see Spyro myself.... that was an awesome game in its day.

Spyro and Crash

Thats the two that everyone seems to want back from the PS1 era.

Bens article

Warhawk is hands down the best PS3 MP game ever made. Game is over 6 years old, and still has a very active community. Free now to PS3 Plus subscribers new players continue to find themselves bitten by the WH bug daily :P


Glad you liked it. I'm really happy with the resurgence of the game. More people need to paly it. It's still probably the best multiplayer game on the console. So much variety, such a strong community and damn fun!


Warhawk is an amazing game that was carefully designed to be fun to play. Tiny loading times, fastest matchmaking, and graceful mechanics that never got too gritty to slowdown the flow of the game. The simplicity of the overall map to grasp, yet the fine (and oft hidden details) made for interesting matchups and strategies. The patch adding the wrench and health restoration field as well as hero mode was a nice touch, and the expansions were incredible as well. Warhawk, and to a lesser extent, starhawk, really was the highlight of the last generation for me.

Colony Wars

Bring back Colony Wars for PS4 and I would be a very happy girl!


Bring back Tenchu, that was a awesome game.

PS1 + PS2

I'd really like to see a Red Faction reboot that was a straight up fast paced fps with destructible environments. Really enjoyed that game. I'd lose my mind if someone made a WAR OF THE MONSTERS reboot. While I'm happy it's available for digital download. I'd really like to see a modern take. I'd just hope they keep the B-Movie feel. Also I'd really like to see another hyper violent Blood Rayne reboot. And Road Rash would be fantastic. Maybe just as a downloadable title.

Megaman Legends!

The best PS1 game. Along with Tales of Destiny II (Tales of Eternia on PSP)

We need the big things

Hello everyone We all like the original games and epic too So i like to see most advanced storys and gaming experians , we need to step to the next level in single player ( not only graphical things ) The next big games i need to see is : 1- Shadow of the colossus 2 - Okami 3 - Black 4 - Warcraft I know that is more games like god of war , final fantasy ,,,, But i need those too