Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

A world in turmoil, super destructive robots roam Earth and destroy everything in their path. Sure sounds like a recipe for gaming bliss but does Transformers break the typically disappointing movie game genre?

Fans of the popular Transformers franchise are sure to be happy with many aspects of the game but cut through the popular exterior and the game itself fails to deliver anything of real impact.

Four Wheels Or Two Feet?
You're able to control all of your favorite Transformer characters throughout the story including fan favorites Bumblebee, Iron Hide, Sideswipe and Ratchet, all with their own unique abilities and powers as well as some of the coolest vehicle skins seen in a video game. Unlike previous Transformer titles, you're able to transform into other forms at almost anytime of the game, adding some much needed variation to a stale combat system. Each Autobot has 3 unique transformation modes, all with separate abilities and uses, allowing the player to approach each fight however they please, offering a unique experience with each combat scene. As well as the normal Robot Mode, you can switch between Vehicle Mode and Battle Vehicle Mode. The vehicle modes add some nice depth to the combat, having to switch between the transformations in order to destroy aerial units or other specialist Decepticons but you're more than likely to discover a favorite and stick with it. Something I'm sure you're all wondering, yes you are able to transform between modes in mid flight/jump allowing you to replicate some of your favorite scenes from the movies and animated series.

Transformers Dark of the MoonAs with a lot of games that offer several genre's mixed into one, the shooting and combat system overall is very basic and the driving feels like an old Sega title where the road is moving instead of the vehicle. A few crazy jumps and explosions make some of the driving fun and the drift system allows anyone to take each corner like Colin McCrae but the lack of skill needed to use each mode soon becomes apparent and you end up just doing whatever gets you through the quickest.

An Autobot Is Never Alone
Although the game fails to deliver on many levels, it is full to the brim with nostalgia inducing moments. Bumblebee appears doomed as he's fighting to survive against impossible odds with dozens of Decepticons approaching his position, only for Optimus Prime to bellow that famous phrase "An Autobot is never alone" as he and several other Autobots dramatically appear from nowhere and destroy everything in a 10 mile radius. The voice of Optimus Prime guides you through each mission and it really drives you to save everyone and everything as his famous inspiring speeches get the child-like Autobots to come together and beat almost any odds.

The addition of real life characters and CGI in some of the cinematic scenes make the game really interesting but it does make it more enjoyable to watch as a series of very short movies rather than a video game which is probably not the effect the developers were hoping for.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Review

Transformers Fails To Hold Attention
Overall, the game is pretty much what you would expect from a title hoping to cash in from a movie franchise, outside of the Autobots personality and abilities, the game is stale and lacks any real ground breaking features. I would imagine hardcore fans would still find the characters appealing enough for a play-through but it's not a game I would recommend anyone to buy.

Article by - Blaine Smith

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