Destiny: The Taken King Review

Bungies latest expansion for the Destiny franchise (The Taken King) has been available for several days now and it should come as no surprise that it's a major hit. Breaking a new record on Playstation consoles as the most the downloaded game on launch day, there's much more going on here than just some areas to explore.
Adding a new layer to the story line, TTK introduces a face to face with Oryx, father of Crota. While the new storyline is based on tracking Oryx down and ultimately having a rendezvous leading up to the TTK raid, it doesn’t provide much length in regards to time played. You can easily complete the TTK story in a few hours, even faster with a fireteam. While the short length may bother some, Destiny’s core player is a game grinder. Grinding for those exotic and legendary engrams, they are busy playing new strikes and on new maps playing the Crucible while they await the raid.

As an expansion there really isn’t much more to say about the story itself, but there certainly is a few other changes to the game that are notable. When Destiny first released your character leveled up to 20 based on xp then switched over to light level based on your gear. With the latest level raised to 40 you now level all the way up based on XP and your light level is still tallied through equipment. The light doesn’t only make you stronger, it also allows for players to be able to participate in things such as Nightfall or the TTK raid.
It seems all the items from year one are pretty much worthless to players that have been around a while. Not only have stats been readjusted for the expansion, but all those exotics many players were once proud of have been left with level 20 stats. While it's possible to upgrade them beyond a 160 attack, it doesn’t seem practical. Same goes with exotic armor, you’ll find a common chest piece leveled at 40 that will put your old exitoc to shame. whether you decide to break it all down or store it for memories, it seems safe to assume no one will be bringing their classics to a gunfight anytime soon.

There is apparently an extensive amount of armor and weapons that have been released, but you’ll have to play the grind in order to find everything you may want. Adding a new area to explore called the Dreadnaught which is the Ship of Oryx, it doesn’t compare to the planets in size, but it does offer patrol. There are a few new enemies and some not so new. The taken enemies are the same characters we’ve been fighting except they are under the control of Oryx and their abilities are altered. The Taken are actually pretty cool enemies though, while it seems like there should have been a new faction created, the Taken feel fresh. There is also a new subclass for each of the three guardians that grants each class a solar, arc and void variant.
While the graphics are still as gorgeous as ever, it's hard to justify the cost of this expansion. For the same price players received two expansions of the same size and a lot of Gamers have said they feel like they paid for a little DLC and a lot of updates. After court records became public in a case against Bungie/Activision that outlined that Destiny 2 (working title) was scheduled for release and not The Taken King. That leaves plenty of room to speculate on how much was really put into giving us TTK, but as the raid becomes available maybe it will all seem worth it in the end. Though players that have only just begun their quests to become legend are the ones that really get value here. For the same price of Destiny’s original release ($60.00 USD) players will get all three expansions along with the full basic title and is still a touchy subject for a lot of veteran players.
All in all The Taken King is fun and does add something new to the game, but my personal opinion is it should have been priced as at half of what they charged for it. Let us know what your thoughts are on the latest expansion and how you feel about the tag. Are expecting to see more added or an entire new title as originally planned? Once I manage to get through the raid later tonight, I’ll update with my second opinion once I can say I have played the entire release.