Ubisoft E3 - 2018 recap

Ubisoft had a fairly decent show. It could have been better, but maybe I’m still disgruntled over the lackluster Square Enix brought to the floor. I don’t know if it's just me, but there just didn’t seem to be much excitement. Enough grumbling from me. Let's get to the recap!

So, we kicked things with Just Dance 2019. It wasn’t surprise to see JD19 at the show, but it wasn’t something that got me very excited to start. By all means, Just dance is a fun game, but it’s not something I get excited for. Sorry.

Trials Rising was announced during the show, with a release date of February 2019. It looks to be as fun as Trials Fusion. The presentation was exciting and hectic, so it liven up the show a little bit.

I have been really excited for Beyond Good and Evil 2. Treated with a nice trailer, I’m happy to say that our main character from the original title, Jade, will be taking up the roll once again. I cannot wait to play this game. If you have not played Beyond Good and Evil, you should really try and find a way to do so. It was a game before its time. That’s my personal opinion of course.

The Division 2 received a release date of march 15, 2019. The sequel will take place in Washington DC and will also be accompanied by raids that will feature 8 player co-op. The Division 2 will have three free “episodes” that will include stories, new areas and new activities to play. It seems the developers are really going all out to try and rebuild our trust with them on this title. It looks to be shaping up pretty well.

Skull and Bones had a new cinematic and gameplay demo at the show. Unfortunately the game was also delayed into 2019. I say unfortunately, but with so many great games already slated to drop in a few months, maybe a delay is a good thing?

Transference got some spotlight time, and the game looks to be rather creepy. It will be available to play in both standard console version and VR . This psychological thriller, has certainly garnered a lot of attention since the trailer dropped. I’ll keep my eyes on this while more info releases.

Starlink - Battle For Atlas, gets a release date of October 16th, 2018. It seems like a bad time to release this game, but I certainly hope it does well. I’ll check it out, for sure.

For Honor was announced to be getting a new game mode and characters on October 16th, 2018. For Honor: Marching Fire will have a new Chinese faction with 4 characters and bring the new game mode called breach. Exciting times for fans!

We got a look at Assassin's Creed Odyssey gameplay and it was pretty nice. I know a lot of fans were unhappy to hear that they would push out another AC game so soon, but I guess there’s no slowing down the AC train! I like the direction it has taken.

And to finish things up, we got to see some more The Crew 2 gameplay. I played through the closed beta, and I wasn’t really impressed. The steering was extremely tight and didn’t respond well. Maybe that will be fixed before the open beta releases or maybe I just stink at this particular game. These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Thanks for taking the time go through the E3 recap with me. While I will admit that we have seen much better shows in the past, I am thoroughly excited about most of the games we saw. I don’t know how I will get to them all, but I will. What are you most excited for?


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