Virry VR - An African Safari Review

Virtual Reality has continued to gain momentum and there is a major focus not only games, but also interactive application experiences. There is somewhat of a long list of these apps. Some are meant for relaxation purposes, others offer music experiences in new visual ways. Virry though, Virry offers to bring you on a Virtual Safari trip and it does quite an amazing job.

Fountain Digital Labs has partnered with the LEWA game reserve in Africa, to bring you an amazingly, up close experience with real animals, without leaving the comfort of your home. Using camera rigs that can capture recordings two centimeters from the lens, you will find yourself getting a first hand look at some earths most beautiful and ferocious animals.

Currently there are three modes to choose from, as described below:

-Live-Action Interactive Experiences. Shake your controller to tempt a lion with meat, feed an elephant, stalk a zebra, or share a mud bath with a rhino.

-Immersive Relaxation Experiences. Not ready to mingle with monkeys?Revel in the beauty of an African river. Calming sounds and sights will transport you to a new happy place.

-Live-streaming Experiences. HD cameras installed at LEWA Conservancy in Kenya, capture real animals as they live and play, 24/7.

Both my son and I, went onto to explore everything Virry has to offer and we were both quite fond of the experience. While Virtual Reality does not compare to the physical experience, Virry offers a fun, immersive and educational experience that every animal lover will enjoy.

While the game description says it used in 4k, the only 4k output you will see, is on a 4k television screen. PlayStation VR does output 4k, but Virry does appear to have the best resolution for PSVR, so far. Virry is smooth and a great way to get away for a while, without leaving at all.

You can purchase Virry in the PSN Store, in North America and Europe, for $9.99 USD. I highly recommend it, but buyer beware, this is actual footage and live viewing, you not like everything you see, when it's meal time, but hey, its nature!