Watch_Dogs Rumors Revealed

It has been several months since we learned anything new regarding the debut of Ubisoft’s latest IP Watch_Dogs, yet with a new rumor circulating around the game’s release (more on that in a moment), now is the time to get excited about Watch_Dogs, all over again. Here are some of the biggest rumors associated with the upcoming hacker thriller to get you excited for the release of Ubisoft’s next big franchise.

Watch_Dogs will be released in March
One of the biggest rumors for sure, it seems as if Watch_Dogs will be released within the next few months. Is it true? According to a leaked image from the February 2014 edition of the Official Xbox Magazine, an article states that Watch_Dogs will indeed be released in March. Is this a typo, or did OXM jump the gun in terms of the announcement of a release date? We’ll have to wait and hear from Ubisoft themselves.

The PS4 version of Watch_Dogs could be the most impressive next-gen version
That is, according to Jonathan Morin, creative director for Watch_Dogs. In an interview late last year, Morin had this to say:

"Right now the frame rate we're focusing on is a steady 30FPS, There's always a balance, especially for open world, between the simulation and the rest. I think for where we are, the most important thing is the steadiness and ensuring that it's always capped the same so when you play it, it feels right."

But that’s not all. When asked how the frame rate compared from version-to-version, Morin stated the following:

Both hit 30fps easy. I think Xbox One suffers a few dips from 60fps (hence the 30fps lock for console platforms). PS4 is pretty smooth. Definitive version.”

Watch_Dogs Rumors RevealedIt certainly sound like in terms of which console version of Watch_Dogs is worthy of your purchase, the PS4 version is certainly the version to get.

Watch_Dogs takes place in the same universe as the Assassin’s Creed universe
Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ubisoft slipped a Watch_Dogs Easter egg into their latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but the nod they give to Watch_Dogs is certainly interesting.

Minor spoiler alert, but there is are a few short scenes that tie both universes together. Below are a few quotes from these scenes (and no, they do not spoil anything:

Scene 1:
”We really should look into that security company from Chicago, they know what they’re doing.”

Scene 2:
Woman:”Have you ever been to Chicago?”

Man: ”Once. Well, Chicago Heights, actually. I drove through it.”

Woman:”I’m thinking about moving there after my visa runs out here.

Man: ”You American?

Woman: ”Yeah, I have a few friends working for Blume* down there, I think that sort of thing is more up my alley. Hardware, infrastructure, I’m just not happy here, not really.”

*Blume is the company that developed CTOs in the Watch_Dogs universe. There are also multiple documents that reference Blume scattered around the ‘modern setting’ of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

This begs the question: does the ‘modern setting’ in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag take place at the same time as the events in Watch_Dogs? The modern day aspect of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag takes place in France, meaning they wouldn’t be affected by cTOS like the U.S.

Are the Templars behind cTOS? Will we see an Assassin’s Creed and Watch_Dogs tie-in at some point? There’s a lot of interesting questions to be answered!

Ubisoft is developing a Watch_Dogs film, will arrive later in the decade
This isn’t necessarily a rumor as Ubisoft has stated they are scheduled to developer a Watch_Dogs film. However, what is rumored is whether or not the film will be released later in the decade. Ubisoft already has plans to release a Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed film (both of which have been in development for some time) in 2015, yet there is no official word on when the Watch_Dogs film is tentatively scheduled to be released.

And before your groan about more video game films, there is no need to fear. Ubisoft is maintain complete creative control on films associated with their IPs, meaning they are responsible for the creative direction of each film. In short, we will see viewing films based on Ubisoft IPs basically created by Ubisoft themselves.

Do you have any Watch_Dogs rumors you want to tell us about? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by Dusty W.
Insert Date: 1/21/2014

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Erm. Doesn't the modern day version of events in AC4 take place at the Canadian branch of Abstergo Entertainment, as opposed to France?

Watchdog's name change

Ubisoft recently put in a name change request for Watchdog's. I think it's going to be renamed to assassin's related.

It was a prank

That was actually a prank done by someone within Ubisoft. The name change wasn't legitimate - it's still going to be called Watch_Dogs.