What new technology would you like see on the PS4?



What about for example, when you play call of duty, you can buy a jacket/shirt so when you get shotten you feel a little like "spark", That would be AWESOME1!!!! :)


i know im gonna get flamed but i think we should be able to play the games like cod and battlefield with atleast steam guys. if microsoft wants in (which they should cuz its smart) i bet all would see massive sales increases

i would like to see backwards

i would like to see backwards compatibility for ps2 and ps3 on the ps4. if it dosnt have this than im going to settle for the xbox 720. they say it might not have backwards compatibility for ps2 because nowaday gamers dont like it and its out of date. but i have seen sale records and alot of gamers nowaday would enjoy it. i have over 5000 freinds who all agree that the ps4 should be able to play ps2 and its not because the ps2 dosnt have all the newer games but that the ps2 is fun to play and bring backs memories of childhood and the younger childhood of kids themselves. the ps2 has everything gamers like. and if not all ps4s have backwards compatibility for ps2 than they should make some for us who love ps2sand trust me you will get alot of buiesness. playstation is falling second to xbox so if you want to be number one bring back somthing that will bring in buyers and watch the votes go up. if you try to do this than when the xbox 720 comes out it will be second.

Voice control

I would love if the ps4 had full voice control