What Your PlayStation 4 Won't Do At Launch

Thanks to our friends at IGN, we have an interesting look at the features your PlayStation 4 won't have at launch. That's not to say these features aren't coming later, and we'll note which features will show up at a later time, but this list is just the start of what you won't be doing with your shiny new PS4 at launch.

You Won't Be Able To Listen To Music
At launch, the PlayStation 4 will not support MP3s or audio CDs nor will it include an audio visualizer. That means no more custom soundtracks in video games (a feature that will be missed in racing games especially) and IGN believes this is Sony pushing their Music Unlimited service.

However, Sony has heard the outcry from gamer's everywhere over the loss of this feature, not to mention the Xbox One still supporting it, and has pledged to add these features back in at a later time.

You Won't Be Able To Stream And Record How You Like
While the PlayStation 4 won't let you record gameplay clips to send to others, along with playing games live over the PlayStation Network, Sony has imposed restrictions on each service.

You will not be able to add voiceovers to saved gameplay recordings when using the PlayStation 4, nor will you be able to upload those gameplay clips to YouTube. As we mentioned earlier on the website, developers will also be able to restrict you from streaming or recording specific parts of a game in order to protect important plot details.

Sony has mentioned that YouTube support may be forthcoming, so there is still hope yet for all you avid Let's Play fans.

You Won't Be Playing The Games You Thought You Would
What Your PlayStation 4 Won't Do At LaunchAs mentioned on this website, both Watch Dogs and Driveclub, two of Sony's main launch games, have been delayed to Spring 2014. Both games were delayed due to the developers wanting to add extra polish to each game and, while we're sure both games will be even better due to it, their presence is missed at launch.

You Won't Be Using External Drives
Unlike the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 4 does not support external drives such as flash, or USB, drives. However, with a 500GB hard drive, you most likely won't run out of space for awhile. In the event that you do need extra space, you can replace the hard drive in the system yourself, similar to how you could do the same on the PlayStation 3.

You Won't Be Using Your Old Controller
Outside of the PlayStation Move, none of your old PS3 peripherals will work on the PlayStation 4. That collection of controllers, arcade sticks, headsets and other various accessories? You're going to have to rebuy them.

You Most Likely Won't Be Using Remote Play
Sony has just unveiled that Remote Play will not work over a 3G connection and will only work over Wi-Fi; to add to that, Remote Play only works best if it's over your own Wi-Fi network.

Wanted to play some PS4 games on your Vita while at Starbucks? Looks like you might be out of luck.

You Won't Be Reinventing Yourself
Sony has revealed in their FAQ that it is still not possible to change your PSN name on the PS4, a feature Microsoft has let players on the Xbox 360 do for years.

You Won't Be Watching Movies...
Unless you're connected to the Internet, as movie playback requires a one time online activation. If you don't have Internet access for your PS4, you must contact Sony to receive an activation disc, an unnecessary hurdle just to access the features of your console.

Likewise, without the Day 1 downloadable patch, you also won't be using Remote Play, the Share button, or a whole host of other PS4 features.

Will these limitations affect your enjoyment of the PS4? Are these issues enough to stop you from getting one at launch? Let us know in the comments, PS4 Experts readers!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/3/2013

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