Which game series do you want most on the PlayStation 4 in 2013?



Aliens versus Predator.


Chronicles of Valkyria

I would really like to see

I would really like to see MGS: Ground Zeros on PS4. It would be great if it came with the next installment of Metal Gear Online.

Killzone 4 would be cool to.

FF Versus XIII

I agree with both of these. Another top game for me would be FF Versus XIII as a launch title. That would be amazing... It should happen seeing as its been in development for ages and the time frame for another big name PS3 game is closing very quickly. Hopefully they rename the title though since the number XIII has been overdone with the already three titles available.


is poo

Why COD?


Because, sadly..

The majority of people are quite thick.




GTA Vice City 2

I want the world chico!

Great idea! Vice City on PS2 was epic! I'd love to sell drugs in an ice cream truck with Tommy Vercetti again! :D

cod.... tut tut.

We want to see exclusive game's that have made the ps3 worth having, like uncharted and killzone.. not your average cross platform shooter like cod!

Elder Scrolls

I agree! Elder Scrolls All the Way!!




Shouls definitley be on the list

Fallout 4

fallout 4 should be on the list


Disgaea 6






there should definantly be a new fallout added to its series!


Fallout 4


KINGDOM HEARTS! The whole reason I bought a PS3 in the first place -.-

they better come out with

they better come out with kingdom hearts 3 for the ps4, i also got a ps3 hoping it was gonna come out for it at some point -__-


i want to see fallout 4 and so on, i believe with the power of the system, fallout games could be even more realistic then they are now

Fable & Dragon Age

I know DA will be on the PS4 but I would be thrilled if Fable jumped over. I won't buy another Xbox (the customer service and quality are unacceptably bad) so I probably won't be playing the newest versions of Fable.



Valkyrie Profile

If they make Valkyrie Profile 3 it will be the best game on the PS4


Kingdom Hearts because the series is so amazing they neeeeeed to put it on ps4, PLEASE


I want to see Final Fantasy for sure, they are really the only games I play! Come on FFXV!!!!

A good Socom

How does no one put Socom on this. Granted all socoms sucked on ps3 but you still cant deny what socom did for console shooters. Every shooter now is just a cookie cut out of the one before it. We need a shooter that rewards teamwork and even the smallest bit of intelligence. ..not the unemployed drug dealer who plays all day.


Socom was the first ever online console game and the first online console shooter. It is the best tactical stealth game ever in my opinion. I believe Socom on PS2 had the best multiplayer experience. The only game that can compete with Socom is Metal Gear Solid. Call of Duty is one of those games that chooses mainstream popularity, advanced graphics, and money over real quality gaming. Socom has never been a game for "noobs" or "scrubs". It takes a vast amount of strategy and teamwork to complete objectives and defeat the enemy in single player and multiplayer modes. Call of Duty appeals to casual, noob, weak, and inexperienced gamers. That is why so many people love CoD and play CoD. Anybody can be good at CoD. Socom should not be overlooked so easily. It is a wonderful game. It can be played with "Run and Gun" tactics, although that style of play is not recommended. I wish Zipper made a quality Socom for the PS3, but maybe they or another company will produce a decent Socom for the PS3 and/or the PS4.

The Souls Series!

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were so amazing (and still are)! I can't wait to see what Dark Souls 3 would be like (since Dark Souls 2 is coming to this generation).

FIFA! <3

FIFA! <3

Playstation 4

It would be nice to have a black ops 2 vs call of duty to of the best games in one.Now how wouldnt pay for that?

BL2 vs. CoD...?

BL2 is the 9th Call of Duty game in the series... I'm confused...


Zone of the Enders 3. It's time to bring back ADA and stop the MGS madness.


I don't remember having to play halo on PS, ever! Plus im tired of playing COD all the time on PS!!!!

reply to Halo!!!!!!

Halo will never ever be on anything but xbox, sorry man but its not gonna happen.


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