Which game series do you want most on the PlayStation 4 in 2013?


For real

jak and daxter. And as someone pointed out, a new tenchu. That would be a really welcome surprise.

Fallout for sure

All I can say is...return of the vault dweller.


I hope they bring back the fallout series other wise xbox for me again):


I hadn't thought about this until somone mentioned it in the comments. Kingdom hearts should definitely be on ps4.

Which game series do you want most on the PlayStation 4 in 2013?

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A new furture for the Galaxy, after reapers, and a story line for Ashley Williams like what she was doing in MASS EFFECT 2 behind the sence of Shepard, Like wise with James, Maybe how Liare recovered Shepard story, Javik war with the reapers,
Garrus as Arc Angle past and future after.

Naruto Shippuden

naruto is the ultimate fighting game in my expirience its awesome with the ps4 graphics the game would make the game incredible

Other option

The kingdom hearts series would be a great game for the PS4 because anyone can play it and its a lot of fun

Kingdom Hearts

I want to see Kingdom Hearts 3. I also want to see the other games ported to the console.


i really like all the call of duty games because they are fun and adicting. i have a ps3 now and im going to buy ps4. almost every day i play my ps3 and it says on call of duty blacks 90,500 peoplke are online so if you get a lot of people to buy ps4 i bet call of duty would be a big hit i am so excited for COD 4 and 3


Kingdom hearts III is a must!!! A new socom game from zipper!!!!!